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I have recently discovered my passion for photography. I am only a kid (just turned 14--yay!) but I still take photography seriously. If you can give me any pointers it would be greatly appreciated. Photography is awesome!!! I have also come to like Photoshop alot since we used it in computer class. As you can tell from my photos, I am a complete beginner so any criticism is welcomed!! Most of the time when I'm taking pictures I just pester my friends until they pose for me or point and shoot on the streets! My friends always know that when they come to my house they're in for a photoshoot (they've become very good at modeling as you can tell lol) Sometimes I take my camera to school and see if there's anything interesting there. I have three dogs--a St. Bernard, a bulldog mix, and a terrier mix, and they're often the objects of my photos as well. I hope you enjoy viewing my photos and please leave comments so I can get as much feedback as possible! Thanks!