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I have always loved pictures--of any type. from collecting baseball cards, stamps, posters--all the way to my career as a Radiologist(which is heavily image oriented).
I have had some kind of camera since I was 10 yrs old.
From Kodak instamatics, Polaroids, manual SLRs and finally I went digital.
My first DSLR was a Canon Rebel XSi.
I now have a Rebel T3i. And I still own a Canon SLR Film Camera, which I may take for one day.
But I love Digital photography, viewing the image on the LCD and its histogram.I could easily shoot 100 images a day, 25 images on one subject.

I use Photoshop software for minor editing; I'm still learning some of the other functions.
I like B&W images for certain subjects, I'm now exploring effects like Sepia and cyanotype.
My favorite are macro/upclose, especially Flowers.
I Like architecture both modern and Pre War.
I believe that digital imaging is truly an art.
And I believe that using image editing software is An extention of the artistic process.

Dodging and burning were dark room techniques used by Ansel Adams.

And Ansel Adams was Truly an artist.