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My ancestors come from Scotland, and I live in Brisbane Queensland Australia.
Scotland will always be close to my heart, I have a passion for the country of my former ancestors.

I am a single guy who has one major goal in life, to represent certain aspects of photography, or go where others fear not to go with it. This will take time to develop as well as gaining experience in many areas.

I got started firstly on Canon G5 and quit recently had the opportunity to upgrade to Canon 300D SLR.

Two great Cameras I am very happy with. Alot of great people have helped me along the way and I would like to thank them as well.

Alot of good shops on ebay to buy your stuff from, would like to give a big shout out to Bagadonunts, Elroys Corner, great bloke and his wife,both have gone the extra mile for me to obtain high quality equipment.

My parents have been very supportive of my ideas, and my elderly father has always encouraged me to go for the best in what I do, but as Winston Churchill stated to a college group in a speech once, " Never Give Up, Never Give Up.

I love to travel and recently completed my second tour to the land of my ancestors Scotland.

My future trips will include New Zealand, Austria, Scotland/ St Petersburg.

Due to a eye complaint which equals to a problem within my eye I have had to withdraw from getting to serious at photography, it is a sad time, but I am making my way threw it.