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Cameras are my magic eyes. My Nikons go everywhere with me.

You know, I think being a photographer changes the way a person sees life. All of a sudden, even the most ordinary things take on special significance. Everything has a unique essence which I hope to capture!

In Feb. 2008 I moved back to my hometown New Orleans, LA where I have lived most of my life. After Hurricane Katrina I relocated to Atlanta for 1 1/2 years and met a number of photographers who are members of I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet such nice people and to live in this pretty area. But it was time to return home.

Let me tell you a little about my photography related experiences. I have served as a contract venue photographer for AOL-Time Warner, Live Help Support for, and a virtual tour/still photographer for VR National. I photograph special events (weddings, parties, etc.), produce fine art images, shoot panoramic digital photographs for virtual tours of hotels, restaurants, and large rentals, and would love to photograph more areas outside of the USA. I am also currently employed as the New Orleans City Guide Writer for and teach a photography class at my church.

In 1997, I realized that life is to be lived doing the things I have/had been so blessed to receive. Overall, I seek to improve my skills in every thing I do. To learn something new each day is one of my goals.

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