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Welcome to Marilyn Cornwell Photography. I explore two worlds - the magic and wonder of the natural world of plants, gardens and flowers and the abstract world of every day decays in the urban environment.

My garden photography mission is to capture a garden's atmosphere, spirit, and beauty - to create evocative images that preserve garden memories. My own garden has been an inspiration in this journey. The garden flows naturally into the parkland bordering Mimico Creek in Toronto. IIts central feature is an antique conservatory greenhouse originally located in Forest Hill. Christopher Campbell, well-known landscape architect, created the garden design, complete with structures, including the Poet's House tool shed and the central pergola surrounded by interconnected circular paths.

I have been wonderfully supported by Betterphoto and its offerings. I credit Betterphoto courses and instructors, such as Kerry Drager, with developing my skills. The contest and the colleaguial community has helped me develop discipline and participation, not to mention the fun and excitement of the daily contest, where I can see such amazing work and learn from it all the time. I am most appreciative of the kind and considerate comments of Betterphoto members. Each Betterphoto member has impeccable etiquette here. Finally, it's through Betterphoto's great web services that I've effortlessly created a professional website and keep it up-to-date every day.

The second website that has served me wonderfully is redbubble, where images can be directly purchased. The redbubble community showed me the extensive range of art being created today, and I have added abstract images to my portfolio. I thank the wonderful photographers and artists of redbubble for their inspiring work that has encouraged me on this journey.