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Turning 27, I first picked up a pawn shop purchased camera in February 2002 and began shooting portraits and fashion based material as a weekend hobby. I enjoyed it so much that I quit my job as a construction worker and turned full time pro 8 weeks later, opening a studio and praying for work on a regular basis. I now continue to work full time as a fashion and portrait photographer and have shot layouts for major record labels like def jam, sony, etc. Advertising campaigns for chevy chase bank, The Learning Channel and have had images published in 6 different national magazines over the last 9 months. I have hired two full time employees and have been blessed enough to fill my schedule for months in advance. The bulk of my work is fashion and advertising photography and I can honestly say that this is a dream come true for me. Starting as a baseball player, turned construction worker, turned fashion photographer has been an interesting journey. I stopped uploading photos to betterphoto over the last nine months and recently came back across this site again in the last week. Ive yet to find a better website that inspires photographers and lovers of photography the way betterphoto does. I have noticed that after turning pro a few years ago that you tend to lose the excitement of creating images strictly for the love of imagery. At times this really becomes 'a job' and like any job, the pressure of succeeding and preserving your edge in a very competetive field sometimes overshadows the reason why I started taking photographs. Fun. Being able to share images with photographers of all levels revives that sense of 'hobby' for me. Thanks for allowing me to share. All my best. Roy Cox - Roy Cox Photography