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I have been a photographer since 4-H when I was 12 in 1973, taking photos with my mother's 1910 Kodak Browning camera. Moved up to Kodak 110 color camera after a couple years. I progressed though a couple 35mm film cameras up until the advent of the digital camera.

My first digital camera was the RICOH RDC-1 in 1995. It had a 768 x 480 pixel CCD and cost $1,500. From there, I have progressed to the Canon D60, 10D, 20D, 30D, 5D now 5D Mark III. I carry a large arsenal of quality lens, filters, flashes and bounces with me at dedicated shoots. I now carry a Canon PowerShot G12 Digital Camera for unexpected opportunities. Many professionals who prefer Canon products will carry the G12 because it is small and provides outstanding results.

I use my photography more for stock photos to be used with print and websites. I don't have that many "pretty" and "artsy" photos that BetterPhoto seems to gravitate toward. My long-standing membership is with where the seasoned pros lurk (not me). They are more about commercial level agency design then home-grown visual aesthetics. I joined here to expand my artistic side.

My business consumes much of my time, therefore contributions to this endeavor will be intermittent. My business site is It contains some photo and video samples along with my website portfolio which caters to mostly corporate clients.

Thank you for perusing by my bio :)