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I am currently 45 years old, wife to a wonderfully supportive husband and a stay-at-home mom with backgrounds in metallurgy and pastry design. I have four daughters and two grandchildren who make the journey of parenting and grandmotherhood exciting and special.

Interest in photography eluded me until May 2001 when I purchased a digital camera (Canon G1) to replace an obsolete SLR. The instant gratification and ability to take unlimited photos (deleting undesirables along the way) without processing costs is very exciting to me.

Since I have discovered photo competitions, such as Betterphoto, which showcase the inspiring works of fine photographers, I am actively seeking excellence in this endeavor. I am always amazed at the lengths I go to for "the shot".

The relationship between beholder and photographer is an intimate and special one. Without beholders, photography would not exist. Thank you for being part of that special relationship with me.