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When I was small , I played My Father Agfa camera in 1957 very exiting ...,i shot my Cat eating Rise soup with too much Kechup ...hahahaha ...she don't wan soup cause of too much Kechup hahaha.

Foto make me live , rememberance of all environtment I like or not .

I study Astronomy and my hobby Electonic and ham radio hahah many hobby is;t it?
But Fotografy always number 2 in my life after my wive hahaha.

My goal in foto .. difficult to say but I alway using cheep and minimize gear hahaha, and my friend said taht if using simple gear ..yo will got minim result ...hahaha that true? well depent in situasion I think ..

I have 2 children boy and girl ...and one beloved wive ..hahaha not reverse.

I have no pet right now but when I was 13 I have nice dog ..i call him Lassie but he die accident by unknow car who passing front my house

I like to make documentation in University, marching band , radio, and other ...but since 2003 I make some comitment to some body ..i forgot who is he hahaha making good foto especialy in woman model ...but only snap shot and fun only.

I always upload 3 or 4 foto daily to my foto community in Indonesia as this site is just for me to make happy than stress in my everyday job.
haha I am now still work in Japanesse indonesia company telecomunication ..

ok then thank for read my story

Julianto Soeroso