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I use photography to help me produce my paintings.
I'm a watercolour artist and photographs are the first stage in the process of image layout and preliminary composition.
During the last 30 years I've produced hundreds of paintings and many of them have been published as "Limited Edition" prints. Favourite subjects range from Town Scenes, through agricultural themes with Shire horses, Land Rovers and Tractors and now my main subject matter is cows.
Most people love Cow Pictures especially farmers and country people, so that is currently my niche market, do a Google search for Cow Pictures and you'll find me at the top.
I used film cameras all through the 1980's and 90's, but with the advent of digital cameras, life is much easier and less expensive.
My first digital was the Konica Digital Revio KD-500Z - 5MegaPixs the images were OK if the light was perfect and the subject didn't move about. My second camera which I still use is the Canon 300D - but my latest and favorite is the Canon Rebel XTi/400D.
I hope to be adding pics to my betterphoto gallery on a regular basis. Selling photos is my latest aim in image creation, there are greeting card companies and jigsaw companies out there just waiting for the right images, however they are produced, whether they are scanned paintings, digital photographs, or totally created with Photoshop.
It's great to be a part of the Betterphoto family, and this is where I hope to learn much.