* A New Start *

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* A New Start *

Jane Summa 1/17/2005 9:51:19 AM

Totally awesome shot & capture, Carolyn!! Fantastic use of effects & filters! I love this!!! #206278

Judy S. Fung 1/17/2005 11:17:13 AM

Lovely capture and effects, Carolyn! #1039469

Colette M. Metcalf 1/17/2005 2:01:10 PM

Wonderful shot, Carolyn!! #1039665

Leesa White 1/17/2005 6:16:22 PM

Wow, this is beautiful! #1040137

David Whitcher 1/17/2005 6:55:32 PM

Wow! Thank you for sharing this with us. Your hard work on PS paid off. #1040208

Carolyn J. Connolly 1/18/2005 4:33:56 AM

Thanks SO much, Jane, Judy, Colette, Leesa, and David, for your lovely and kind comments on this image of mine!!! It was SUCH a beautiful sunrise that morning... :) #1041683

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 1/26/2005 5:23:20 PM

This is so very beautiful. The sky color, clouds and their reflection, and the silhouette of the boats!! I hope to see some images from your recent travels. I will try to write back later today. If the computer is free, that is. Take care!!! #1065389

Carolyn J. Connolly 1/26/2005 6:46:17 PM

I REALLY appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to comment on this image of mine, Donna - it was a lovely surprise to hear from you!! :) SO glad you enjoyed 'A New Start' - sometimes you can just be in the right place at the right time (with your camera in hand, of course!!), can't you?!! ;)

Phil and I hope to be able to post some shots of our recent sojourn to Queensland to the BP site soon - once we catch our breath!! Looking forward to hearing from you later today/tonight(!) then - if you can get access to the computer, that is!! ;) Happy snapping, Donna!! :) #1065558

Leesa White 2/18/2005 4:57:39 PM

Congrats, Carolyn! It's beautiful everytime I see it! #1112279

Carolyn J. Connolly 2/19/2005 6:35:46 AM

Thanks SO much, Leesa! Your comments and congrat's are MOST appreciated! :-) #1116349

Gary H. Minish 2/19/2005 10:45:04 PM

This is beautiful, Carolyn! I like that it is very natural and real in color and intensity rather than the gross oversaturation that seems to be the trend now-a-days. An opportunity to see the beauty of nature just as your eyes saw it. Very well shot. Congratulations and good luck :-) #1119093

Donna W. Neal 2/20/2005 7:56:07 AM

Congratulations on a well deserved finalist Carolyn. This is so beautiful #1120141

Carolyn J. Connolly 2/20/2005 8:47:23 PM

Gary and Donna, thank you VERY much for your congratulations and kind words! Keep up the great work yourselves! :-) #1121354

Leesa White 2/21/2005 3:30:31 PM

Congrats on your Win! #1123505

Carolyn J. Connolly 2/21/2005 4:15:48 PM

MANY thanks, Leesa - this Second Place win for 'A New Start' is REALLY a pleasant surprise for me!! ;-) Thanks also for your continued support...it means a lot to me! :-) #1123728

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 2/21/2005 10:18:26 PM

Hi Carolyn!! I am so happy to see that this image has won!! It is truly beautiful and a well deserved win!! Excellent image!! Congratulations on your win!! #1124701

Carolyn J. Connolly 2/22/2005 12:40:08 AM

Hey, thanks heaps Donna - I really appreciate your kind words!! You're a real pal!! :-) [I started a note to you some time back...I will try and get it finished soon, I promise!! ;-) ] #1124796

Judy S. Fung 2/22/2005 1:14:15 AM

Congrats on your win, Carolyn! #1124840

Carolyn J. Connolly 2/22/2005 1:39:22 AM

You're so kind, Judy - thanks!! I wasn't expecting this, but I'm really happy about it!! :-) #1124860

Donna W. Neal 2/22/2005 4:14:36 AM

CONGRATULATIONS on your win....:) Carolyn - WTG #1125078

Deborah Sandidge 2/22/2005 5:15:55 PM

Congratulations, Carolyn! #1126782

Carolyn J. Connolly 2/22/2005 6:32:09 PM

Thank you ever so much for stopping by, and for the congrat's, Donna and Deborah!! :-) I see congrat's are also in order for you this time, Deborah - very well done!! :-) #1126980

Joe Terni 2/22/2005 7:16:19 PM

Delightful shot Carolyn from the other side of Australia.Well deserved.I just love these early mornings depicted in your shot.Congrats. #1127099

Carolyn J. Connolly 2/22/2005 7:50:52 PM

Glad you enjoy our NSW eastern seaboard sunrises and early morning shots, Joe...and especially 'A New Start', I guess!! ;-) Phil and I consider it a real privilege to live near beautiful Lake Macquarie, and on this part of the coast of NSW... One of these days before TOO long we want to visit WA though! :-) I took a look through your gallery, Joe - you have some GREAT shots in there!! Keep up the great work, and thanks VERY much for the congratulations! :-) #1127158

Kristi A. Howson 2/26/2005 11:58:28 PM

Beautiful lighting and reflections Carolyn. Congratulations on this winner!!!!! #1136040

Carolyn J. Connolly 2/27/2005 7:49:06 AM

Kristi - thank you very much for your feedback and congrat's...I'm so glad you like 'A New Start'! You too have many wonderful images in your gallery, Kristi - keep up the great work! :-) #1136811

robert burks 3/4/2005 5:21:33 AM

very nice with the clouds, I like the contrasts and the colors...very well done! #1147091

Carolyn J. Connolly 3/4/2005 11:56:21 PM

Thanks very much for the great comment, Robert! Glad you like this image - I do too! ;-) The clouds were really something else that morning... :-)

Welcome to our BetterPhoto community - both Phil and I enjoy the experience very much, and we're sure you will too! There is always SO much to learn about this 'hobby', whether we enjoy photography for 'pleasure' or 'business' (or a combination of the two!)... We also feel that there is SO much to be gained by viewing other's work, and by receiving constructive critiques of our own work!

We took a look at your gallery Robert - they are great shots! I notice that you are very new to cameras (Phil owns a Canon PowerShot A85!), and photography in general, but you are doing a great job, and we admire your goals! All the best in your career, and, keep up the great work with your photography! :-) #1148945

Alton I. Vance 3/12/2005 11:40:04 AM

This is very nice work. Congradulations on your award, Carolyn. #1167027

Carolyn J. Connolly 3/13/2005 6:53:48 AM

Alton, thank you very much! Your kind remarks mean a lot to me...especially when seeing the standard of YOUR wonderful gallery images!! I see that you also received a most deserved Second Place win with 'Canyon Solitude' recently - very well done indeed!! Do you live in or nearby the Arizona/Utah area? What a photographer's paradise those canyons and desert areas are!! The Lake Macquarie area of New South Wales in which we live is far from a desert, but is still very 'photogenic'! :-)

How are you liking being part of the BetterPhoto community, Alton? Phil and I enjoy it very much... All the best with your photographic exploits, and keep up the great work! Thanks once again for taking the time to provide me valuable feedback! :-) #1168826

Howie Nordström 3/13/2005 8:33:55 AM

Beautiful work! In looking through your gallery it appears that I've found a style to follow. I'm just starting out but it seems that I like taking very similar shots as you do, however not as well - just yet. :) #1169056

Carolyn J. Connolly 3/13/2005 7:21:05 PM

A big welcome to our BetterPhoto community, Howie! Phil and I trust you enjoy your general photographic experience - here on BP, and with your camera, as much as we both have for quite some time now! It is a great hobby, or line of business, to be involved in... By the way, what camera are you using?

Thanks so much for your positive feedback on my 'A New Start', and my other gallery images! So glad that they are inspiring to you, and I'm sure that very soon you will be taking many wonderful photographs of your own! As you can see from my gallery shots I have a fairly varied taste in subject matter, and I will be very interested to see some of your images appear in your gallery shortly!

I'm sure it has not escaped your attention when viewing my gallery that Phil and I are fortunate enough to live near beautiful Lake Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia! What country do you live in Howie, and are you near the water, too? ALL the best with your photography from now on...and thank you once again for your very kind comment on my gallery images! :-) #1170227

Howie Nordström 3/14/2005 2:57:26 AM

I’m really looking forward to being a part of BP. No doubt all the learning here will furnish photographic results. Right now it's a hobby but I'd sure love to combine my love for the outdoors with the freedom of photography. (That is to say that I don't want to be stuck indoors at some 9-5 job when I could be creating income while capturing the heart warming beauty and freedom of nature.) I’ve never considered myself to have an eye or any creative knack, but there’s always been the little internal camera – with voice over – trying to figure out how to capture the feeling of a site.

To answer your questions: Thus far I've used a Canon G2- strictly auto. However, since moving to the middle of Sweden (Östersund) and experiencing how incredibly beautiful it is here my interest in photo has risen and I'm now playing with more camera features. I'm planning to get the new Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D here in Europe) and take some BP courses. (BTW, I’ve posted a few questions in the Q&A forum: “Newbie and question about filters, etc”..) I'm right next door to a rather large lake that has thus far supplied a number of photo-ops. The Swedish mountains aren't far away either. Check out www.metta.nu/mettafoto to see what I've managed thus far. (Even though those pics are offsite, any feedback/critique is welcome. My email address is located at that site. Courage to post here will come after my first course. :) )

Thanks for the welcome and the inspiration! #1170620

Bill Houghton 4/1/2005 11:01:03 AM

This is a beautiful view Carolyn. I love the sky. This one should have won first place.
Bill #1222053

Laura Clay-Ballard 4/23/2005 2:29:44 PM

Incredible image, Carolyn. I love everything about it. #1284524

Carolyn J. Connolly 4/24/2005 8:21:30 AM

Bill and Laura, thank you very much for the kind remarks about this image of mine! So glad you like it... :-) #1286765

Kerby Pfrangle 5/12/2005 8:36:33 AM


This totally awesome. Love the colors, the comp, lighting.

Love everything about this image.

Totally wonderful.

Kerby #1343676

Wayne Nolting 6/28/2005 8:06:07 PM

The dispersed clouds made a terrific reflection on the water. I can see why this was a winner. Congratulations! #1533270

Carolyn J. Connolly 6/29/2005 10:15:09 PM

Kerby and Wayne, thanks a lot for your great comments on this image!! [Sorry to have been so long in responding to your comment, Kerby!! ;o) ] :o)

It really was a sensational sunrise that morning, with the dispersed cloud dotted all over the sky, and, ESPECIALLY radiating out from the rising sun!! Of course, with being able to take this shot over the water of the Lake, I was fortunate enough to capture the reflection as well!! :o)

Thanks again, Kerby and Wayne - keep up the GREAT work with your photography too, won't you?! :o) #1537683

Alex Ringer 12/26/2005 8:47:19 AM

No wonder you've chosen this image for your avatar. Dreamy sunset. I'd invite you to upload it and similar to www.enchantedceiling.com , my favorite sky site. #2223896

Carolyn J. Connolly 12/27/2005 9:57:28 PM

Thanks, Alex - I REALLY appreciate your comment on this image...and on others in my gallery!! I LOVE the photo's of your cats in your gallery, too - they're GREAT!! :o)

This is actually a sunRISE capture...and, the other similar image in my gallery (that I also received a Second Place win for) is actually the one that I used for my mini-pic!! ;o)

I took a look at the 'enchanted ceiling' site you quoted, Alex - thanks!! Some VERY interesting AND nice images there!! Happy New Year to ALL!! :o) #2228202

Kathi A. Poulsen 3/10/2006 12:21:59 AM

Your sunrises have been some of my all time favorites. You have captured them so perfectly & the reflections are awesome!!! Your style is so lovely. #2516633

Nemil B. Chabebe 6/2/2006 8:44:23 AM

Congratulations on this winning, a little late I know. This is my favorite of all of your georgeous sunsets photos. I love the clouds formation and the reflections, the composition is magnificent. #2844769

Susan M. Hembree 1/8/2008 4:05:58 AM

It's a gorgeous image, Carolyn. Congratulations for the inclusion in today's Snapshot gallery. #5308274

Pauline M. Tims 3/25/2008 3:05:25 PM

Congratulations Carolyn!! a very beautiful image #5697088

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A gorgeous summer sunrise in January 2004 - taken overlooking Lake Macquarie at Wangi Wangi, NSW Australia... Some adjustments made using PS CS - Curves, Brightness & Contrast, Hue, Saturation & Lightness, Shadow-Highlight, Unsharp Mask, Colour Balance, & filtered with Neat Image... Taken 1/1000 sec @ f7.0, ISO 64, & 38mm digital focal length...

Uploaded on 1/17/2005 9:28:23 AM

BetterPhoto.com All Time Best Photo Contest Winner
BetterPhoto.com Photo Contest SECOND PLACE Winner

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