Dawn fisherman

© Graeme yew Chow

Dawn fisherman

Emily E. Bem 7/14/2007 7:42:38 AM

AMAZING! This is just stunning....I hope to see it again! #691126

Marthese A. Cassar 7/14/2007 8:01:26 AM

Beautiful shot and colour toning #4507705

Inge Linden 7/14/2007 8:04:31 AM

Great shot, really amazing! #4507713

Gail Vitikacs 7/14/2007 8:12:19 AM

One stunning capture! #4507729

Su Sana E. P 7/14/2007 8:31:44 AM

Great capture and excellent framing of this beautiful scene, Graeme!! #4507768

Mike D. Perez 7/14/2007 9:39:55 AM

Beautiful scene with great composition, Graeme! #4507985

Tamera S. Phillips 7/14/2007 6:43:59 PM

Just beautiful Graeme. I love the blue tones and composition. I predict a winner. #4509013

Dominick M. Dimacale 7/14/2007 10:58:59 PM

Juts so lovely image here Graeme...Dominick #4509425

Karen Bacon 7/16/2007 2:57:28 AM

Fantastic composition Graeme!Wonderful shades of blue! #4513005

Teguh Senoadji 7/17/2007 3:47:26 AM

Wonderful, well captured. #4517121

Raymond Pauly 7/18/2007 11:50:04 AM

Beautiful shot! #4523346

Min Htike Aung 7/18/2007 3:28:47 PM

very good picture I can see here! nice composition and colors. #4523945

Duane Carter 7/20/2007 1:55:43 PM

Awesome, absolutely AWESOME!!! Is this the river they built the large damn on, near the mouth? I seen a program about that and it was going to flood a lot of villages out. #4532363

Debbie Fleri 7/21/2007 8:28:24 AM

WoW...What a beautiful shot...: )

Color is so vivid,,,and the lantern is the cherry on top...: )

Perfect...: ) #4535305

Keith L. Clayton 7/22/2007 4:48:23 PM

Nicely done! Awesome image!! #4541061

Susan T. Evans 8/27/2007 1:56:57 PM

Congrats again Graeme #4705942

Mike D. Perez 8/27/2007 2:33:00 PM

I thought this was a Winner, Graeme! Congratulations! #4706240

Duane Carter 8/27/2007 3:09:58 PM

Congratulations Graeme, it's so beautiful, it's like being there!!!! #4706598

Jeff Robinson 8/27/2007 3:16:48 PM

Outstanding work Graeme; congrats on your Finalist!! Jeff #4706651

Jill Flynn 8/27/2007 9:49:30 PM

BEAUTIFUL .... one of my favorites of yours Graeme! You know how much I love this. Congratulations on all your finalists this month! #4709895

Su Sana E. P 8/28/2007 7:16:57 AM

Congratulations on this outstanding finalist, Graeme!! #4711449

Tarun Bose 8/28/2007 1:43:19 PM

Big congrats for your outstanding finalist. A sure winner Graeme. #4713152

Helen N. McHugh 8/28/2007 2:02:52 PM

Congratulations, Graeme, on this wonderful finalist! #4713255

Renee Doyle 8/28/2007 11:40:15 PM

Love this Graeme!!! Congratulations on another stunning finalist!

Cyn Valentine 8/29/2007 8:55:55 AM

Congratulations Graeme on a great win!!! #4718001

Mike D. Perez 8/29/2007 9:40:04 AM

Congratulations Graeme on a terrific Winner! #4718392

Christopher Budny 8/29/2007 10:41:24 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful Win, Graeme! #4718750

Sharon Day 8/29/2007 11:32:21 AM

Awesome shot, Graeme!!! Big congratulations on your win! #4719035

Revonda L. Gentry 8/29/2007 12:47:14 PM

Congratulations Graeme on this beautiful winner!! #4719367

Christine Czernin 8/29/2007 12:48:35 PM

Big congratulation, Graeme.
A wonderful picture, looks like a dream. #4719380

Tarun Bose 8/29/2007 12:54:32 PM

Big congrats Graeme for your second place winner. #4719422

Kay E. Mahoney 8/29/2007 1:05:39 PM

Congratulations on your second place winner. #4719534

Daniella Puente 8/29/2007 1:06:23 PM

Beautiful composition. Congrats! #4719541

Claudia Kuhn 8/29/2007 1:36:52 PM

Wonderful Graeme, congrats on your win! #4719724

Donna W. Neal 8/29/2007 3:20:41 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful winner! #4720189

Laurie Daily 8/29/2007 3:48:00 PM

Congrats Graeme on this beautiful winner! #4720328

Cheryl E. Molennor 8/29/2007 4:52:29 PM

Excellent image! #4720611

Cheryl E. Molennor 8/29/2007 4:52:43 PM

Excellent image! Congratulations!!!! #4720612

Susan T. Evans 8/29/2007 5:48:41 PM

Awesome work Graeme, congrats on your winner #4720794

Su Sana E. P 8/29/2007 6:08:53 PM

Oh dear, huge Congratulations on this outstanding Winner!! Wtg, Graeme!! #4720844

Renee Doyle 8/29/2007 7:46:43 PM

So thrilled for you Graeme!!! Congratulations!!

Eugenio Diaz 8/29/2007 7:54:23 PM

Congratulations Graeme on your second place winner. Well deserved!
Eugenio #4721357

Janine Russell 8/29/2007 9:59:40 PM

Graeme, great color, composition and lighting; big congratulations on your Second Place Win! #4721763

Jill Flynn 8/30/2007 11:58:38 AM

A big congratulations on your win Graeme! A timeless and beautiful piece of work! #4724657

Karen Engelbreth 8/30/2007 12:23:03 PM

Big congrats on your win, Graeme! #4724744

Michael S. Baker 8/30/2007 5:39:37 PM

Congrats, Graeme. Another great shot!!
Mike B- #4725761

Lynne Morris 8/31/2007 11:04:06 PM

Beautiful image Graeme, and huge congratulations. #4730338

Regina L. Rickert 9/1/2007 6:17:14 AM

Congratulations on this stunning winner and all of your beautiful finalists this month! #4731593

Karen Bacon 9/1/2007 1:33:21 PM

A big congratulations on this stunning winner Graeme! #4733058

Lisa J. Boulden 9/1/2007 9:11:30 PM

Serene and dream-like.
Beautiful, Graeme!
--lisa #4734564

Kristi A. Howson 9/2/2007 8:06:41 PM

Congratulations Graeme on this stunning winner! #4738134

Mike D. Perez 9/28/2007 12:28:55 AM

A Double Winner, Graeme! Congratulations! #4855775

Su Sana E. P 9/28/2007 12:31:22 AM

Congratulations on this stunning POTD, Graeme!! #4855779

Bill Houghton 9/28/2007 12:31:32 AM

This is so beautiful Graeme. Congratulations. Bill

My Photo Gallery:

Bill Houghton Photography #4855780

Alex T. Mizuno 9/28/2007 12:34:11 AM

What an image Graeme! No single word can summarize the beauty of this image. Congratulations on both Second Place and POD!! #4855788

Anna Diederich 9/28/2007 1:46:56 AM

Congrats on your POTD!! #4855990

Derek D. Dafoe 9/28/2007 1:56:42 AM

Great image!! Congrats on POTD!! #4856007

James Misener 9/28/2007 2:23:17 AM

incredible image and color
definitely deserves the awards you received #4856034

Karen Engelbreth 9/28/2007 2:35:41 AM

Congrats on your POTD, Graeme!! #4856042

Joy Rector 9/28/2007 2:41:05 AM

congrats on the POTD #4856053

Barbara Mason 9/28/2007 2:50:25 AM

Graeme Congratulations on your wonderful POTD !!! #4856091

Clair Dunn 9/28/2007 3:24:33 AM

So many comments, I feel you don't need mine--but the quietness of the image is overwhelming (if that's not an oxymoron!).
Thank you.

Josselyne Klecanda 9/28/2007 3:25:37 AM

Amazingly stunning. #4856186

Laurie Daily 9/28/2007 3:29:23 AM

Congrtatulations, Graeme on this stunning POTD. So glad to see it once again! #4856194

Anita Bower 9/28/2007 4:02:09 AM

Gorgeous! #4856328

Cyn Valentine 9/28/2007 4:52:36 AM

Congratulations Graeme..beautiful POTD! #4856567

Deon 9/28/2007 5:25:52 AM

Congratulations on your POTD and Your win. This is an amazing capture. Excellent. #4856696

Sharon Day 9/28/2007 5:27:38 AM

This is one of my favorite shots, Graeme! Congratulations on your POTD! #4856707

herb 9/28/2007 5:28:17 AM

Anything I could say about this photo would be neither contructive or criticism. Beautiful moment! #4856714

Evy Johansen 9/28/2007 5:35:54 AM

BIG congratulations on your very beautiful POTD, Graeme!! #4856744

Jim Britt 9/28/2007 5:50:05 AM

The blues are fantastic. Where was this taken?

Great job. Congrats on POTD. #4856803

Robert A. Farmer 9/28/2007 5:57:29 AM

I would like to add my approval on capturing such a great image. It was a wise decision to keep it in the portrait layout vs. landscape layout. It added greatly to the feel of the photo.

I am envious, more so that you got to experience such a beautiful terrain first hand! Congrats on the POTD! #4856841

Emily E. Bem 9/28/2007 6:37:01 AM


Congrats to you! What a beautiful image! #4856991

JO ANN CLEVELAND 9/28/2007 6:46:58 AM

Fantastic image, well deserved win and POTD!

joann c. #4857031

Cindy K. Bracken 9/28/2007 6:49:06 AM

What a stunning image! Congratulations on this well-deserved POTD!

The Shuttermom Photographer's Community #4857041

Erica Murphy 9/28/2007 7:00:47 AM

Congratulations on your lovely finalist AND POTD!!! Gorgeous image!

Erica #4857089

Tim G. Stout 9/28/2007 7:06:54 AM

Absolutely stunning image. Congratulations! #4857110

Alexis Yobbagy 9/28/2007 7:37:33 AM

Congratulations on your POTD!!! This is a beauty!!! #4857246

Kathleen Brennan 9/28/2007 7:50:24 AM

such a beautiful image, Graeme! I love it! Congratulations. #4857317

Don Chen 9/28/2007 8:14:15 AM

Purely beautiful!

Jean E. Hildebrant 9/28/2007 9:35:01 AM

Congratulations!!! This is perfection! I love the colors and compositon and just everything about it! Reminds me of japanese woodblock prints. #4857578

Jill Flynn 9/28/2007 9:59:36 AM

Great to see this here Graeme. You've captured it beautifully! Congratulations on your POTD! #4857651

RC Fritz 9/28/2007 10:15:17 AM

Beautiful image, Graeme. Congratulations! #4857708

Daniel P. Miller 9/28/2007 10:38:11 AM

Wow! Well deserved winner, Graeme. The lantern on the front of the boat is like an exclamation point on an already amazing image. #4857815

Susan T. Evans 9/28/2007 10:39:35 AM

Congrats on POTD Graeme!!!! Terrific capture!!!! #4857825

Sandra Freyler 9/28/2007 12:55:13 PM

Congrats on POTD, Graeme! :) Well deserved! #4858260

James E. Coleman 9/28/2007 12:57:46 PM

I agree with Robert, both on the vertical take and that you get to view such a beautiful shot!!

Jim #4858269

Patricia Ronan 9/28/2007 2:00:49 PM

Beautiful image,congrats on your win and POTD:) #4858467

Jeff Robinson 9/28/2007 3:26:55 PM

Congrats Graeme on your well deserved Win and POTD! Jeff #4858705

Cheryl E. Molennor 9/28/2007 3:37:30 PM

Awesome!! Great potd! Congratulations Graeme! #4858724

Michele Salce 9/28/2007 3:52:49 PM

Stunning, stunning capture! Congrats on your POTD! Wow - Michele #4858741

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 9/28/2007 4:38:25 PM

Such a beautiful potd and winning image!! Congratulations! #4858825

Gary Pond 9/28/2007 4:41:48 PM

I absolutely love this shot. Amazing. #4858832

Milan Banik 9/29/2007 1:16:28 AM

superb potd,congrates #4859689

Luhut Napitupulu 9/29/2007 1:41:11 AM

Congratulations Graeme, your picture is superb, excellent shot!!

Deborah Sandidge 10/1/2007 5:59:43 AM

Congratulations on this exceptional winning image and POTD, Graeme! Really wonderful and expressive capture! ~ Deb #4868590

Helen N. McHugh 10/2/2007 1:30:50 AM

Congratulations ,Graeme, on this wonderful POTD! It really is a stunning capture! #4871994

Stacy Lankford 12/1/2007 5:24:02 AM

Fantastic image! #5155174

Shelly A. Van Camp 9/26/2008 5:39:07 PM

This is so beautiful! Love this!! #6517537

Danny B. Head 7/13/2010 12:09:28 PM

Love this! Outstanding! #8758503

Mary-Ella Bowles 3/9/2016 11:04:40 AM

Incredibly beautiful and evocative. I was there many years ago, and the beauty of the landscape nearly blew my mind. Well done!! #11444378

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