Lesson #4

Colette M. Metcalf 1/1/2004 5:20:48 AM

Wonderful, Bill!!!! #83940

Kathleen Clemons 1/1/2004 5:28:11 AM

Love the way you've composed this one, Bill, and the lighting is delightful. ;) #314202

William C. Raco 1/1/2004 5:32:54 AM

Thank you, Colette and Kathleen.
Wishing you both a 'delightful' New Year!

bill #314207

Joy Brown 1/1/2004 5:40:44 AM

Gorgeous!!! #314211

Robert Mann 1/1/2004 5:54:08 AM

Beautiful colors, like the swirl very much...excellent lighting, Bill! RoB #314215

Stephen Zacker 1/1/2004 5:54:28 AM

Very Nice Bill. You are getting better at this each time! #314216

Brenda W. LaFleur 1/1/2004 5:58:10 AM

Bill this is lovely. The reflected light is perfect. Well done, my friend!! #314220

Claudia Kuhn 1/1/2004 6:02:33 AM

Nice spiral in this one. Guess I missed #3 yesterday! #314225

Carolyn M. Fletcher 1/1/2004 6:06:51 AM

Dang, boy, you just keep doing better all the time!! Wonderful!! #314229

Patricia A. Kuniega 1/1/2004 6:14:45 AM

It makes quite an artistic statement Bill! Reminds me of a nautilus. The glow and illumination from the lighting are sublime. Happy New Year to you too! #314236

William C. Raco 1/1/2004 6:19:12 AM

Thanks again, everyone.
It's been fun and a challenge to photograph these roses.
It's not as easy as some of you make it look.
Thank you for the great friendship over the past year.
I'm looking forward to seeing all your work progress in the coming year.

bill #314245

Rick Riddle 1/1/2004 6:29:18 AM

Nicely Done William. #314263

Gary O`Dell 1/1/2004 6:34:41 AM

Very nicely done Bill...Gary O #314270

Susan T. Parady 1/1/2004 6:39:02 AM

Wonderful color, composition, and lighting. You sure are a quick study! #314280

Shirley L. Carpenter 1/1/2004 7:30:10 AM

Excellent macro Bill!!!!!Really Beautiful!!!!!! #314326

Darren K. Fisher 1/1/2004 7:39:24 AM

The last one already? You just started!!! Well of course orange being my favorite color I really like this one. But it is the lighting that takes it over the top. Great job Bill. #314335

Ronald Balthazor 1/1/2004 7:48:28 AM

Very well done, Bill. #314348

Greg McCroskery 1/1/2004 8:37:43 AM

The lighting, composition, and color make this a real winner -- very well done! P.S. Thanks for the comment on my infrared image -- I need to do more. Your gallery is wonderful!!
God Bless,
Greg #314387

Leanne M.E. Boyd 1/1/2004 8:52:12 AM

Beautiful Bill, I like the colour and swirl! #314397

Susan T. Evans 1/1/2004 11:28:31 AM

Awesome shot Bill, love the color, the swirl, the compostion!!! lighting! #314545

Susie Peek-Swint 1/1/2004 3:18:27 PM

This is great Bill -- love the lighting! #314660

Kathleen F. Greer 1/1/2004 4:42:54 PM

I missed a lot of the series, but I can give you A++++++++++++++++ on this one!! #314706

Judith G. Secco 1/1/2004 6:53:17 PM

So sorry I missed the others, Bill. This is gorgeous.
Judy #314790

Evy Johansen 1/1/2004 11:50:07 PM

So soft and beautiful, Bill! #314922

Lee Ann Sahagun - Poling 1/2/2004 6:47:56 AM

I'm lost in this swirl... just gorgeous! #315276

William C. Raco 1/2/2004 6:58:30 AM

You folks are wonderful.
Even I have to admit, I learned a lot this week.
It's one of the great things about BP, that the experts are so willing to help the novices.
Just as important, is the encouragement and support of everyone.
It's going to be a great New Year!

bill #315299

Karen Engelbreth 1/2/2004 1:16:55 PM

Wonderful image, Bill! #315852

Jean Papo 2/5/2004 5:20:48 PM

Fabulous, Bill! Love it! #363570

Jim Miotke 2/10/2004 7:08:38 PM

This is a really gorgeous study of light and color, Bill. Beautiful composition, too - with the swirling subject. But I have to ask, were you using your tripod for this macro shot?

And thanks about the comments about BP. I agree - one of my favorite things is how helpful and encouraging our community is here. #370992

William C. Raco 2/11/2004 2:36:12 AM

Wow, thank you for the very generous compliment.
Yes, I did use a tripod.
I use a Velbon Max most of the time.
It's quite light and easily configurable.
Thanks again, Jim.

bill #371133

Ellen Peach 2/15/2004 12:44:04 PM

I told you you were good at flowers too....way to go my multi-talented friend, congrats and good luck in the finals! #377841

Kathleen Clemons 2/15/2004 12:45:33 PM

I am just DELIGHTED to see this in the finals, my friend. Best wishes! #377852

Robert Mann 2/15/2004 12:52:56 PM

Great work on this, bill! love the rich colors! Congrats on your finalist selection and good luck! RoB #377916

Carolyn M. Fletcher 2/15/2004 1:09:09 PM

Glad to see this Bill! Congrats! #378064

Patricia A. Kuniega 2/15/2004 1:29:10 PM

Um... who said it couldn't be done?!? Not me!!!! Congratulations Bill for such a super flower entry! Good luck! #378191

William C. Raco 2/15/2004 1:35:01 PM

You are absolutely right, Patricia!
I thank you, especially,for all your encouragement.
Thanks to everyone for your support!
It's much appreciated!

bill #378234

Karen Engelbreth 2/15/2004 1:55:57 PM

Congrats bill!! #378387

Leanne M.E. Boyd 2/15/2004 2:02:43 PM

Congratulations!!! #378442

Susan T. Parady 2/15/2004 2:20:58 PM

Congrats Bill! #378594

Murry Grigsby 2/15/2004 2:21:47 PM

Congrats and good luck with this beauty Bill!! #378599

Colleen Braun 2/15/2004 2:30:02 PM

Lesson #4 paid off, congratulations... #378648

Kathleen F. Greer 2/15/2004 2:46:05 PM

Congrats Bill!! #378744

Stephen Zacker 2/15/2004 2:50:24 PM

Congrats Bill on a well deserved Beautiful, Creative image! #378760

Stanley J. Contrades 2/15/2004 3:28:42 PM

Way to go, Bill, and keep shooting them, you'll love every minute of it! Very well executed. Big Congrats, and much good luck!
Stan #378866

Nobu Nagase 2/15/2004 3:49:25 PM

Congratulations, Bill!!!
Love it!!! :) #378940

Ron Goldman 2/15/2004 3:50:13 PM

Congratulations Bill! #378941

Greg McCroskery 2/15/2004 5:41:04 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful finalist image -- very well done!
God Bless,
Greg #379330

Lee Ann Sahagun - Poling 2/15/2004 5:42:54 PM

This is a beautiful swirl of color - congratulations! #379334

Rick Riddle 2/15/2004 6:01:03 PM

Congrats William. #379384

Susan T. Evans 2/15/2004 6:33:36 PM


Mary-Ella Bowles 2/15/2004 9:15:27 PM

This looks so much like a Georgia O'Keefe painting - it's astonishing! Congratulations William, on this exquisitely beautiful photo Finalist. Well done, and good luck!! #379728

Kathleen R. Struckle 2/15/2004 9:16:56 PM

Congrats William!! Well deserved!!! Kathy S. #379731

Kathleen R. Struckle 2/15/2004 9:17:00 PM

Congrats William!! Well deserved!!! Kathy S. #379732

Brenda W. LaFleur 2/15/2004 9:47:33 PM

Congrats to you, Bill. I'm so glad to see that all those flower lessons paid off! Good luck! #379783

Jean Papo 2/15/2004 10:11:26 PM

Congratulations, Bill! Agree - Well deserved! Beautiful image!!! #379835

Evy Johansen 2/16/2004 2:57:06 AM

Hi Bill,
Many congratulations and good luck with this beauty! #380180

Judith G. Secco 2/16/2004 7:14:52 AM

Beautiful image, Bill. Congratulations!
Judy #380924

Gary O`Dell 2/16/2004 7:14:58 AM

Excellent Image Bill Congratulations..Gary O #380925

Carol Brill 2/16/2004 1:49:21 PM

Bill, Congratulations and best of luck! #381728

Peggy Wolff 2/16/2004 5:19:25 PM

Oh wow! The lighing and curves on this are amazing! #382050

Damian P. Gadal 2/16/2004 7:55:44 PM

Well done - Congrats Bill! #382212

Mette Vendelboe Allison 2/17/2004 1:22:51 AM

Great photo, congrats and good luck, Bill! #382459

Kathleen N. Nelson 2/17/2004 2:32:48 AM

Congratulations, Bill. This photo is so interesting and gorgeous that I can't stop looking at it. #382482

Carolyn M. Fletcher 2/17/2004 3:28:49 AM

Apparantly lessons 1, 2 and 3 paid off! Congrats, Bill!!!! #382520

Kathleen Clemons 2/17/2004 3:36:53 AM

I am just delighted to see this win, Bill! HUGE congratulations to you! :) #382530

Joyce Baldassarre 2/17/2004 3:53:00 AM

YEA BILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! #382560

Theresa McCloskey 2/17/2004 4:03:37 AM

congratulations William :-) #382579

Allan L. Whitehead 2/17/2004 4:31:40 AM

Congratulations Bill. There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said, except that I love how the contours of this piece lead ones eye from the out lying area to the center. It almost as spell binding as a hypnotist's wheel. Well done Bill, and richly deserved - Allan #382620

Claudia Kuhn 2/17/2004 4:33:11 AM

You're sure a fast learner with those flowers Bill! Many congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #382622

Dottie Shepherd 2/17/2004 5:00:15 AM

Congratulation, Bill!!! #382689

Kasia Elser 2/17/2004 5:06:22 AM

Congrats Bill! #382709

Judith G. Secco 2/17/2004 5:31:31 AM

Congratulations Bill, wonderful image here.
Judy #382746

Robert Mann 2/17/2004 5:47:35 AM

Congrats on your win, bill!!! RoB #382792

Peggy Wolff 2/17/2004 6:10:43 AM

Congratulations on your win Bill! This seemed to be a no brainer win to me! #382861

Charlene Bayerle 2/17/2004 6:11:03 AM

Congratulations Bill!!!! #382865

Francis Cailles 2/17/2004 6:13:23 AM

boy...that was a loooooong trip to get down here!

Congratulations, Bill. This is a beauty!!..not surprised at all that it won. Geeezz...you win just about every month, don't you? #382881

Susan T. Parady 2/17/2004 6:20:25 AM

Four lessons to a winner? You REALLY are a quick study! Congratulations on your win!!! #382906

Gary O`Dell 2/17/2004 6:24:53 AM

Congratulations on your Win Bill..Gary O #382920

Gene Spears 2/17/2004 6:47:05 AM

well deserved - congratulations Bill!! #382970

June Marie Sobrito 2/17/2004 6:47:43 AM

Beautiful! Congratulations on your win!! #382974

Ellen Peach 2/17/2004 7:04:05 AM

Congrats on your 2nd place win, Bill*~* #383000

Bernard B. Travers 2/17/2004 7:11:16 AM

Great one, Bill. Congratulations, man. #383018

Patricia Marroquin 2/17/2004 7:30:59 AM

Bill, sorry I missed your series the first time around. This is stunning. So happy for you! Congratulations on your win! :-) #383062

Robin L. Wehrman 2/17/2004 7:48:28 AM

Congratulations, William! Beautiful image! #383102

Jean Papo 2/17/2004 7:57:33 AM

Congratulations, Bill, on your most well deserveed win!!! #383121

Janice Forrest 2/17/2004 9:06:57 AM

Congratulations Bill! Beautiful image. I'll fire the canon once more for you. #383250

Stanley J. Contrades 2/17/2004 10:12:23 AM

And the beat goes on! Good work comes up with good things! Congratulations once again, Bill.
Stan #383324

Brenda W. LaFleur 2/17/2004 10:39:49 AM

Way to go, Bill. A second place!! Congrats. #383373

Stephen Zacker 2/17/2004 11:28:09 AM

CONGRATS Bill! #383444

Ganeshwar Prasad 2/17/2004 1:43:21 PM

Congrats Bill!!

Well deserved #383714

Murry Grigsby 2/17/2004 2:15:35 PM

Congrats Bill on your great image and win!! #383761

Greg McCroskery 2/17/2004 3:10:53 PM

I get the sense that I'm not the only one that likes this image! Congratulations on a well deserved win!
God Bless,
Greg #383844

William C. Raco 2/17/2004 5:22:51 PM

Wow, you guys and gals are all great!!
Thank you so much.
It's wonderful to win, but it's even better having all of you to celebrate with me.
Thanks for all the encouragement and support!

bill #383955

Rick Riddle 2/17/2004 5:47:55 PM

Congrats William on your Win. #383978

Paula Showen 2/17/2004 8:01:09 PM

WOW, Bill...OUTSTANDING image! Well deserved! Congratulations! #384115

Evy Johansen 2/17/2004 9:30:19 PM

Many congratulations on your win, Bill! Very well derserved!! #384161

Gabriela Cunha 2/18/2004 3:21:06 AM

congratulations, Bill!

:) gy #384276

Colette M. Metcalf 2/18/2004 3:36:09 AM

Congrats to you, Bill!!! #384291

Leanne M.E. Boyd 2/18/2004 11:27:27 AM

Congrats Bill!!!! #385169

Susan T. Evans 2/18/2004 8:11:56 PM

A big congrats Bill!!!! this is wonderful and well deserved! #385684

William C. Raco 2/18/2004 8:16:47 PM

Wow....... you are all so kind.
Thank you sooooo much for all the generous comments.
Best wishes for all of you.....

bill #385688

Darren K. Fisher 2/24/2004 8:22:23 PM

Way to go Bill, your quick lessons really paid off. #395010

Zak D. Larabee 3/9/2004 12:34:38 PM

Congratulations Bill!!! I love the swirls! #415872

Lisa Clark 12/24/2004 6:26:53 AM

Hi, I just saw this for the first time today! Stunning photography. A worthy winner. #994645

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Ok, Last in this series. Dedicated to all those that have offered assistnace, encouragement and tips. This was taken at 1/4 second, macro mode, F-2.0 with natural light, and strong reflected light from below.

Uploaded on 1/1/2004 5:13:51 AM

BetterPhoto.com Photo Contest SECOND PLACE Winner

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