zoom it in

Lydia R. Gillis 3/31/2006 1:37:34 PM

So colorful and pretty...and vibrant! I really like how you make it seem like the mini-umbrellas were moving, or so that's what it seems like to me. Very creative! #418542

Ray Clarke 3/31/2006 1:52:44 PM

Very creative shot Sylvia! Lovely colourful composition!!!(R) #2595225

Judy S. Fung 3/31/2006 2:08:17 PM

Great colors and composition, Sylvia! #2595255

Nadya Johnson 3/31/2006 5:16:17 PM

Outstanding capture, Sylvia! Excellent work! #2595539

Dominique Declerck 3/31/2006 6:31:03 PM

Beau tableau moderne!!! #2595695

Pamela Shane 3/31/2006 6:38:50 PM

Good in camera effects Sylvia!! Very vibrant colors. :) #2595710

Pat Gamwell 3/31/2006 7:15:47 PM

Cool shot, Sylvia! Fantastic in-camera work! Very colorful & fun! #2595763

Stefan G 3/31/2006 8:07:40 PM

Very nice cheerful image, Sylvia! #2595882

Jamil Saliba 4/1/2006 12:13:03 PM

WOW Sylvia this one is the prettiest , very beautiful , colorful , and BRILLIANT CREATIVE and I LOVE THIS SOOOO MUCH #2597716

Amalia Sylvia Arriaga Salinas 4/1/2006 12:14:18 PM

Very pretty and creative job Sylvia!,
Amalia #2597718

Sylvia Rossler 4/1/2006 12:37:07 PM

Thank you Lydia, Ray, Judy, Nadya, Dominique, Pam, Pat, Stefan, Jamil and Amalia :O) #2597770

Terry L. Ellis 4/1/2006 12:39:36 PM

Fanciful, delightful and colorful, Sylvia! Beautiful job! #2597780

Sylvia Rossler 4/1/2006 12:41:00 PM

Thank you Terry :o) #2597789

Hendrik Storme 4/1/2006 1:59:01 PM

WOW love it, GREAT SHOT!!! My favorit Sylvia!!! #2598019

Sylvia Rossler 4/1/2006 2:00:52 PM

Thank you Hendrik :O) #2598027

Emile Abbott 4/1/2006 4:03:20 PM

catching up with your incredible gallery, Sylvia. Love them all but this is very unique. Love in camera effects and your post processing is phenominal #2598297

Laurence Saliba 4/1/2006 7:40:27 PM

Great work Sylvia!!! Very artistic!!! #2598725

Sylvia Rossler 4/2/2006 12:35:11 AM

Thank you Emile and Laurence :O) #2599137

Nicole Kessel 4/3/2006 8:04:42 PM

BEAUTIFUL! #2605618

Kerby Pfrangle 4/3/2006 8:07:51 PM

very pretty design and pattern. Lovely to view. Colors are outstanding. #2605623

Sylvia Rossler 4/3/2006 9:46:02 PM

Thank you Nicole and Kerby :o) #2605768

Shelly A. Van Camp 4/4/2006 9:30:49 AM

Very cool design and colors....love the effects as well. #2607908

Sylvia Rossler 4/4/2006 11:58:09 AM

Thank you Shelly :O) #2608372

ALLEN O. HOWARD 4/5/2006 4:14:26 PM

Excellent color's, texture's and effect Sylvia! #2612785

Sylvia Rossler 4/5/2006 9:44:29 PM

Thank you Allen :o) #2613648

Karen Engelbreth 4/25/2006 12:16:34 PM

Congratulation Sylvia :0) #2685531

Pat Gamwell 4/25/2006 12:17:29 PM

CONGRATS, my friend! Well deserved. #2685543

Ray Clarke 4/25/2006 12:30:10 PM

Congratulations Sylvia,well done #2685759

Nicole Kessel 4/25/2006 12:45:05 PM

Congratulations Sylvia, on your gorgeous finalist! #2686020

ALLEN O. HOWARD 4/25/2006 12:50:58 PM

I knew it! Congratulation's! #2686129

Lynne Morris 4/25/2006 12:52:42 PM

Congratulatons Sylvia, well done! #2686164

Jenny Bosmans 4/25/2006 1:15:49 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist, Sylvia!! #2686485

Terry L. Ellis 4/25/2006 1:32:38 PM

Congratulations, Sylvia, on your fabulous finalist! There's more!!! #2686753

Laurence Saliba 4/25/2006 1:39:59 PM

CONGRATULATIONS Sylvia!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!! #2686849

Jamil Saliba 4/25/2006 1:53:26 PM

Many congrats on such a lovely creative Finalist Sylvia best luck next round , remember I loved this one #2687018

Barbara Helgason 4/25/2006 1:56:43 PM

Congratulations again Sylvia, WTG!! #2687066

Sylvia Rossler 4/25/2006 2:07:55 PM

Thank you Karen, Pat, Ray and Audrey, Nicole, Allen, Lynne, Jenny, Terry, Laurence, Jamil and Barbara :O) #2687223

Kay Beausoleil 4/25/2006 2:24:55 PM

Félicitations, Sylvia, pour votre Finalist et pour cette belle création délicate! #2687400

Rachel Scott-Renouf 4/25/2006 2:58:40 PM

Congrats!!!!! #2687864

Hendrik Storme 4/25/2006 3:08:07 PM

Big congrats Sylvia!!!!! #2687973

Jill Odice 4/25/2006 3:28:52 PM

Congrats on your finalists Sylvia! This is lovely!!! #2688141

Wendy Stevenson 4/25/2006 3:45:38 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist Sylvia! What a festival of colour!!! #2688319

Jill Flynn 4/25/2006 4:08:02 PM

A big congratulations on your colorful and beautiful finalist Sylvia! #2688494

Steven Gunnerson 4/25/2006 4:13:29 PM

Congratulations on your finalist!!! #2688548

Kay E. Mahoney 4/25/2006 4:24:10 PM

Congratulations Sylvia. Good luck in the next round. #2688674

Kathleen K. Parker 4/25/2006 4:29:50 PM

Congratulations,Sylvia!! This is wonderful!!
kk #2688750

Marsha S. Smith 4/25/2006 4:34:20 PM

Congratulations, Sylvia - this is a beauty! #2688795

Bridgette B 4/25/2006 4:39:33 PM

Congratulations Sylvia!!!!! #2688849

Gail Vitikacs 4/25/2006 6:01:51 PM

Such a beauty...CONGRATULATIONS! #2689536

Claudia Kuhn 4/25/2006 6:19:10 PM

Creative and colorful, congrats Sylvia!! #2689692

Gail Vitikacs 4/25/2006 6:34:11 PM

Such a beauty...CONGRATULATIONS! #2689794

Sharon Day 4/25/2006 7:23:25 PM

Congratulations, Sylvia!! Good luck next round! #2690112

Nobu Nagase 4/25/2006 7:36:49 PM

Many congrats, Sylvia, on this beautiful finalist image!!! #2690190

Dominique Declerck 4/25/2006 9:19:53 PM

..largement mérité!!! félicitations, Sylvia!!! #2690716

Brian Lobdell 4/25/2006 9:29:28 PM

Big congratulations to you Sylvia! Love your concept and the great colors...they almost look like flower blossoms! Great finalist! #2690760

Rakesh Syal 4/25/2006 11:35:56 PM

Great job on this super finalist and soon will see the gold too, Sylvia!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! #2691263

Su Sana E. P 4/25/2006 11:47:26 PM

Congratulations on this Dynamic Finalist, Sylvia!! #2691320

Leanne M.E. Boyd 4/26/2006 12:52:21 AM

Wow, this is fantastic! Congrats on your finalist! #2691533

Luigi Di Serio 4/26/2006 5:48:38 AM

Thos umbrella a cool, especially in a nice cold drink! But not as cool as this image. Congrats #2692642

Emile Abbott 4/26/2006 8:44:55 AM

Another fabulous finalist, Sylvia. This should be a winner my friend. #2693294

Mary N C. Taitt 4/26/2006 10:46:57 AM

Fabulous finalist, this looks like a big winner to me, great work, congratulations, good luck in the next round! Mary :-) #2693731

Sylvia Rossler 4/26/2006 11:34:00 AM

Thank you Kay, Rachel, Hendrik, Jill, Steven, Kay, Kathleen, Marsha, Bridgette, Gail, Sharon, Nobi, Dominique, Brian, Rakesh, Susan, Leanne, Luigi, Emile and Mary :O) Thank you all so very much !!! I must admit this one is my favourite of my finalists and I really hope it is going to make it :O) #2693876

Photographer 4/26/2006 2:21:43 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful finalist Sylvia ! #2694600

Silvia Nunes 4/26/2006 2:22:40 PM

Congratulatons Sylvia, well done!
Bravo Sylvia tu l as bien meriter!! #2694602

Sylvia Rossler 4/26/2006 2:25:48 PM

Thank you Reine :o)

Merci Silvia :o) XOX #2694607

Judy S. Fung 4/26/2006 4:48:59 PM

Congrats, Sylvia! #2695067

Corinne M. Thompson 4/26/2006 10:45:49 PM

Beautiful image and creativity...Congratulations on your Finalist! #2695934

Stefan G 4/26/2006 11:27:02 PM

Congratulations on your finalist, Sylvia! Creatively done! #2696047

Sylvia Rossler 4/27/2006 11:11:30 AM

Thank you Judy, Corinne and Stefan :O) #2698197

Barbara Helgason 4/28/2006 2:10:53 PM

Sylvia, YOU WON!!! CONGRATULATIONS, way to go! Beautiful, beautiful image!! Wow, congratulations again, I am soooooo happy for you!!! #2702515

Kay E. Mahoney 4/28/2006 2:11:22 PM

Congratulations on your first place winner. Way to go. #2702518

Kerby Pfrangle 4/28/2006 2:16:32 PM

Congratulations on your first place winner. I am happy for you.

Beautiful image. Kerby #2702545

William C. Raco 4/28/2006 2:19:00 PM

Beautiful work, Sylvia

Bill #2702563

Laurence Saliba 4/28/2006 2:23:45 PM

CONGRATS Sylvia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for you!!!! #2702596

Hendrik Storme 4/28/2006 2:26:24 PM

Big congrats Sylvia!!! It was my favorit;) #2702611

Sylvia Rossler 4/28/2006 2:30:34 PM

I can't believe it !! This is amazing :O)

Thank you sooo much Barbara, Kay, Kerby, Bill, Laurence and Hendrik :O) :o) :o) #2702636

Pat Gamwell 4/28/2006 2:36:03 PM

YaaaaaHoooooooo! BIG CONGRATS, my friend! Excellent entry! #2702668

Judy S. Fung 4/28/2006 2:57:33 PM

Congrats on your win, Sylvia!! #2702758

William Moore 4/28/2006 3:01:00 PM

way to go sylvia #2702778

Christopher Budny 4/28/2006 3:02:01 PM

Way to go, Sylvia! Congratulations! #2702784

Terry L. Ellis 4/28/2006 3:03:09 PM

Awesome, Sylvia! Congratulations on your fantastic first place win! #2702792

Lynne Morris 4/28/2006 3:03:45 PM

Way to go Sylvia a well deserved win, congratulations! #2702797

Jessica Jenney 4/28/2006 3:14:14 PM

Congratulations on your winning image, Sylvia! #2702853

Sylvia Rossler 4/28/2006 3:18:35 PM

Thank you Pat :o) Judy :O) William :O) Chris :o) Terry :O) Lynne :o) and Jessica :O) Thank you so much :O)
I feel this is going to be another sleepless night :O) Thanks God they post it on weekend :O) #2702881

Jim Kinnunen 4/28/2006 3:24:12 PM

Congratulations on this splendidly done winning image, Sylvia!!!! #2702908

Darryl Wilkinson 4/28/2006 3:26:58 PM

Sylvia, CONGRATULATIONS on your WIN! #2702920

Cathy Barrows 4/28/2006 3:48:29 PM

Congrats on your 1st Place Win.... beautiful #2703016

Sylvia Rossler 4/28/2006 4:19:57 PM

Thank you Jim, Darryl and Cathy :O) You guys really made my day :O)

Well I seems like I talked to fast about that sleepless night..loll..my head almost crashed on my keyboard ...Off to bed..Have a great day (night, afternoon,evening..loll) #2703123

Susana Ms Heide 4/28/2006 4:23:03 PM

What a fantatic choice for a 1st place win! Congratulations to you Sylvia!! #2703136

Jill M. Flusemann 4/28/2006 4:25:16 PM

Congratulations Sylvia on your first place win! #2703146

Mary Clarke 4/28/2006 4:30:43 PM

Many congratulations on this fantastic winner Sylvia #2703170

Larry Lawhead 4/28/2006 4:40:48 PM

Congratulations on the great 1st Plce winner!



Errick L. Cameron 4/28/2006 4:43:17 PM

Way to go!!!!!!!!!! #2703224

Photographer 4/28/2006 5:05:57 PM

Congratulations on your First place win Sylvia! #2703314

Goshka G. 4/28/2006 5:23:03 PM

Big congrats, Sylvia, on this colorful win!! #2703348

Renee Doyle 4/28/2006 5:30:30 PM

Many congratulations on this wonderful First Place Win Sylvia!!!!! #2703371

Gail Vitikacs 4/28/2006 5:40:01 PM

AWESOME!!!! WOW! Way to go! #2703411

Kay Beausoleil 4/28/2006 5:47:05 PM

Bravo, Sylvia!!! Félicitations pour ce beau et mérité premier prix! #2703435

Su Sana E. P 4/28/2006 6:07:39 PM

Hi Sylvia! Congratulations on this well deserving First place Win!! #2703506

Nobu Nagase 4/28/2006 6:19:50 PM

Congratulations, Sylvia, on this fabulous 1st place win!!!
Bravo!!! #2703544

Evy Johansen 4/28/2006 6:21:47 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful and well deserved win, Sylvia!! #2703557

Melissa A. Mannon 4/28/2006 6:44:13 PM

very beautiful! congratulations Sylvia! #2703650

Jill Flynn 4/28/2006 7:03:02 PM

Congratulations on your FIRST PLACE WIN Sylvia! #2703729

Claudia Kuhn 4/28/2006 7:30:34 PM

Big congrats on your first place win Sylvia!!! Wonderful image #2703802

She-She Killough 4/28/2006 8:08:11 PM

AWESOME IMAGE! Congratulations on your first place win Slyvia!! #2703908

Chris Macer 4/28/2006 9:12:05 PM

Congrats on your beautiful win, Slyvia! :) #2704044

Pamela Shane 4/28/2006 9:20:57 PM

So HAPPY for your 1st place win Sylvia!
Outstanding, & congratulations!!!! :) #2704064

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 4/28/2006 10:30:17 PM

Congratulations on your win! Well done! #2704095

Dominique Declerck 4/28/2006 11:06:18 PM

Chapeau bas, Maître Sylvia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Félicitations!!!!!!!!! #2704141

Sylvia Rossler 4/29/2006 1:05:04 AM

Thank you Susana , Jill, Mary, Larry, Errick, Reine, Goshka, Renee, Gail, Kay, Susan, Nobi, Evy, Melissa, Jill, Claudia, She-She, Chris, Pam, Donna and Dominique :O)

Thank you sooo very much :O) You can't believe what your wonderful comments mean to me :O)

Loll , merci Dominique, deux photos ne font pas encore un maitre :o) #2704389

Glenn E. Urquhart 4/29/2006 3:28:21 AM

Beautiful Composition! Congratulations on your winning photo, Sylvia! Well deserved! Cheers, Glenn.


Kathleen K. Parker 4/29/2006 3:30:04 AM

A wonderful winning photo, Sylvia. I love this so much. I am happy to see that it got a big big win!!
kk #2704535

Anna Diederich 4/29/2006 3:48:52 AM

Many congrats to you Sylvia! This is a fabulous shot!

Anna #2704559

Diane Dupuis 4/29/2006 4:21:58 AM

Congrats on your well deserved win!! Great job! #2704619

Robert K. Bemus 4/29/2006 8:08:28 AM

Congratulations on this huge win - very well deserved!!! #2705281

KHAWLA Haddad 4/29/2006 8:20:39 AM

Congratulations on your First place win,Sylvia!!! #2705322

Jamil Saliba 4/29/2006 9:41:52 AM


Jenny Bosmans 4/29/2006 1:07:16 PM

Big Congratulations on this Super First Place Winner, Sylvia!!
(I'm catching up). #2706002

Sylvia Rossler 4/29/2006 1:23:08 PM

Thank you Glenn, Kathleen, Anna, Diane, Robert, Kelly, Jamil and Jenny :O) :o) :O)

Thank you soo much :O) ;o) #2706074

Margot Petrowski 4/29/2006 2:12:15 PM

Awesome...CONGRATS!!! #2706170

Sylvia Rossler 4/29/2006 3:22:17 PM

Thanks Margot :O) #2706390

Corinne M. Thompson 4/29/2006 4:54:05 PM

Congrats on your First Place Win! #2706542

Sylvia Rossler 4/30/2006 12:14:28 AM

Thank you Corinne :O) #2707359

Rakesh Syal 4/30/2006 2:02:01 AM

WOW!!! My heartiest congratulations on this teriffic win, Sylvia!!! #2707490

Colette M. Metcalf 4/30/2006 2:45:10 AM


Lorraine A. Cook 4/30/2006 8:17:26 AM

Congratulations on your first place win, Sylvia!!!!<:)) #2708608

Janine White 4/30/2006 7:46:54 PM

Brilliant image.
Congratulations on your first place.

Janine. #2710105

Sylvia Rossler 4/30/2006 8:10:23 PM

Thank you Rakesh, Colette, Lorraine and Janine :O) #2710170

Donna W. Neal 5/1/2006 4:47:58 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful winner Sylvia #2711243

Sylvia Rossler 5/1/2006 5:48:04 AM

Thank you Donna :o) #2711485

Monika Sapek 5/1/2006 7:17:57 AM

Many congratulations on your First Place Win with this colorful and creative work, Sylvia!

Sylvia Rossler 5/1/2006 8:27:08 AM

Thank you Monika :O) #2712073

Wendy Stevenson 5/1/2006 12:47:10 PM

Congratulations on this well deserved FIRST PLACE win Sylvia!!! This is such a fun, colourful great image!! and extremely well done!! WTG!! #2712973

Sylvia Rossler 5/1/2006 2:22:20 PM

Thank you Wendy :o) #2713327

Dr Silly 5/1/2006 5:26:18 PM

Don't know how I missed this. Congratulations on you first place for this beautiful photo. :o)

Sylvia Rossler 5/2/2006 5:38:33 AM

Thank you Doc Silly :O) #2715437

Charlene Taylor 5/2/2006 7:12:03 AM

Congratulations Sylvia! This is definitely a 1st PLACE picture! Love it! #2715810

Brenda Johnson 5/2/2006 7:18:36 AM

This is very pretty Sylvia , Congratulations #2715848

Cathy M. Gromball 5/2/2006 9:24:44 AM

Congratulations on your First Place win, Sylvia! Very cool!

Cathy :) #2716462

Sylvia Rossler 5/2/2006 10:46:23 AM

Thank you Charlene, Brenda and Cathy :o) :o) :o) #2716747

Els De Winter 5/3/2006 5:16:34 AM

Very creative, Sylvia ! Beautiful colors. Congratulations on your win! Well deserved! #2719581

Sylvia Rossler 5/3/2006 5:22:31 AM

Thank you Els :O) #2719592

Thomas Lam 5/8/2006 5:54:55 PM

Very colorful and creative. I think I am getting dizzy ;)

/thomas #2740168

Sylvia Rossler 5/8/2006 9:15:19 PM

Thank you Thomas :o) #2740721

john dunne 5/10/2006 5:01:22 PM

oh sylvia I hadnt noticed. Well done. Two in a row. #2748710

MIchael Chavarria 5/10/2006 6:53:06 PM

Amazing #2748951

Sylvia Rossler 5/10/2006 9:38:21 PM

Thank you John and Michael :O) #2749363

Emile Abbott 5/11/2006 8:11:56 AM

Just knew this was a winner, Sylvia. Big congratulations my friend. #2751314

Sylvia Rossler 5/11/2006 2:35:21 PM

Thank you so much Emile :O) #2752654

Keith L. Clayton 5/17/2006 5:30:08 PM

Really nice!! #2778059

Sylvia Rossler 5/18/2006 1:36:10 PM

Thank you Keith :O) #2782196

Bill Wyatt 7/26/2006 3:38:00 AM

Very creative and beautiful. I love the colors and effects! Congratulations, Sylvia! #3082512

Sylvia Rossler 7/27/2006 1:27:40 PM

Thank you Bill :o) #3091104

Erica Murphy 8/30/2006 7:30:31 PM

I have never had to scroll down so far to leave comments before. For obvious reasons too, this is an outstanding FIRST PLACE photo!!! Easy to see why it won. Congratulations!!

Erica #3246958

Sylvia Rossler 9/3/2006 3:01:11 PM

Thank you Erica :O) #3262190

JO ANN CLEVELAND 5/27/2007 6:25:53 PM

Ohhh Sylvia! You have such a brilliant, breative mind! Your skills as a photographer are excellent, but that imagination and great eye sets you apart from the masses! lol

jo ann c. #4337220

Sylvia Rossler 6/5/2007 2:03:12 PM

Thank you Jo Ann :o) :o) :o) #4368882

Joseph M. Muench 3/9/2009 7:25:41 AM

Very cool...very unique!
-Joe #7262157

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Zoom-in of asian umbrellas placed on a mirror and backlighted by a single spot.

Little adjustment in sharpness and crop in PSE4.

Bulb-mode - f/22 - iso 100 - on tripod - no flash - with sigma 18-50 dc. (cat. S.E. 310306)


POTD on Shutterbugs on 23/11/06

Uploaded on 3/31/2006 1:06:01 PM

BetterPhoto.com All Time Best Photo Contest Finalist
BetterPhoto.com Photo Contest FIRST PLACE Winner

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