Deep in the Woods

© Bojan Bencic

Deep in the Woods

Tammy M. Anderson level-deluxe 8/30/2012 9:28:20 AM

Great pov, tones and light, Bojan. No better place to be. #1483450

Robert R. Goodman level-deluxe 8/30/2012 11:08:12 AM

Hi Bojan,Awesome capture my friend.I would have to travel a very long ways to find a forest.Beautiful image!!!! #10299468

Dominick M. Dimacale level-deluxe 8/30/2012 11:25:56 AM

This is amazing, Bojan!

Dominick #10299496

Jeff Robinson level-deluxe 8/30/2012 11:28:36 AM

Outstanding capture and use of B&W!! #10299501

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 8/30/2012 12:37:01 PM

Thank you Tammy, Bobby, Dominick and Jeff. #10299640

Tiia Vissak level-deluxe 8/30/2012 12:50:35 PM

a wonderful b&w! #10299698

Marijana Fajgl level-deluxe 8/30/2012 3:32:31 PM

Fantastic capture, Bojan! Looks great in black and white! #10299972

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 8/31/2012 1:06:39 PM

Thanks Tiia and Marijana. #10301751

Lorna Shutter level-deluxe 9/2/2012 5:35:36 AM

There's something about this image that I really love, Bojan! It's fabulous ... an instant Fave for me! Hope we see it again! :) #10304973

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/2/2012 5:42:21 AM

Thank you Lorna. I love this one, too. #10304984

Karen Celella level-deluxe 9/13/2012 9:57:05 AM

Beautiful B&W, Bojan. #10321403

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/13/2012 10:06:41 AM

Thanks Karen. #10321419

lisa anderson level-deluxe 9/17/2012 3:46:33 AM

What a beautiful shot! #10326103

Tammy M. Anderson level-deluxe 9/17/2012 3:46:56 AM

Congrats on a wonderful POTD, Bojan. #10326104

Gord MacEachern level-deluxe 9/17/2012 3:48:30 AM

Big congrats on this well deserved POTD Bojan!! #10326106

Melinda F. Schneider level-deluxe 9/17/2012 3:53:55 AM

Wow; this is really special! Huge congratulations to you, Bojan!! #10326114

Tiia Vissak level-deluxe 9/17/2012 4:07:50 AM

Congratulations! #10326120

Ellen Hodges level-deluxe 9/17/2012 4:08:00 AM

Huge congrats on a wonderful POTD, Bojan!! #10326121

Joy Rector level-deluxe 9/17/2012 4:10:40 AM

congrats on the POTD #10326125

Usman M. Bajwa level-deluxe 9/17/2012 4:22:50 AM

Wow pov, Bojan. CONGRATZ on the POTD!

UB. #10326134

Richard M. Waas level-deluxe 9/17/2012 4:46:28 AM

Congrats on your POTD!! #10326152

Errick L. Cameron level-deluxe 9/17/2012 4:46:46 AM

Awesome! Superb control! #10326154

Anita Hogue 9/17/2012 5:01:03 AM

Gorgeous POTD! Congratulation Bojan! #10326183

Eivor Kuchta 9/17/2012 5:16:49 AM

Great POV and a wonderful composition, Bojan! Congratulations on your POTD! #10326204

Marilyn Cornwell level-deluxe 9/17/2012 5:20:33 AM

Congratulations on a beautiful POTD! #10326208

Johnnie Ann Gaskill level-deluxe 9/17/2012 5:29:27 AM

Congratulations on this very dramatic, eye-catching, memorable photo! #10326218

Katarina Mansson 9/17/2012 5:51:57 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful POTD Bojan! #10326249

Jill Odice level-deluxe 9/17/2012 5:58:05 AM

Mysterious and dramatic B/W! Congrats on your POTD Bojan! #10326257

Stefania Barbier level-deluxe 9/17/2012 6:02:49 AM

gorgeous POTD, congrats! #10326263

Terry Cervi level-deluxe 9/17/2012 6:10:31 AM

Congrats on your fantastic POTD, Bojan! #10326270

Lorna Shutter 9/17/2012 6:10:53 AM

Looks like my wish came true! So happy to see this one again, Bojan! It's such a special image! I'm sure we'll see it again before the end of the month! CONGRATULATIONS on your EFP & POTD Awards!!!!! :) Photobucket #10326272

Ann Lyssenko level-deluxe 9/17/2012 6:37:13 AM

Wonderful misty mood Bojan! The B&W choice is perfect! Ann #10326294

Lydia Williams level-deluxe 9/17/2012 6:41:23 AM

Awesome image, Bojan! #10326301

Susan D. Royce level-deluxe 9/17/2012 6:52:19 AM

Beautiful and surreal . . . congratulations on a stunning POTD, Bojan! #10326313

Mariann Kovats level-deluxe 9/17/2012 6:58:58 AM

Fantastic POTD! Congratulations! #10326316

Lindley Johnson level-deluxe 9/17/2012 7:24:35 AM

Beautiful light and black and white tones, and a fantastic POV. Congratulations on your very dramatic POTD, Bojan! #10326348

Nancy L. Green level-deluxe 9/17/2012 8:11:36 AM

CONGRATULATIONS Bojan on this wonderful POTD!!! <>< #10326387

Kay Beausoleil level-deluxe 9/17/2012 8:19:07 AM

Breathtaking. Congratulations on your POTD for this splendid image, Bojan! #10326395

Phyllis A. Houghton level-deluxe 9/17/2012 8:44:13 AM

CONGRATULATIONS on this wonderful POTD, Bojan!! #10326422

David Resnikoff level-deluxe 9/17/2012 8:51:06 AM



Awesome POTD

David R #10326433

Daniella Puente level-deluxe 9/17/2012 9:07:54 AM

Bojan congrats! the photo is amazing, love every detail about it... #10326459

Val Feldman level-deluxe 9/17/2012 10:24:40 AM

How beautiful...Superb b/w work! Congratulations on an outstanding POTD, Bojan, and hope we have the pleasure of seeing this stunning capture one more time! (Fingers crossed!) #10326517

Marijana Fajgl level-deluxe 9/17/2012 12:02:12 PM

I am glad to see this one as a photo of the day, it is amazing. Big congratulations, Bojan! #10326628

Rony Sagy 9/17/2012 12:44:00 PM

Congratulations Bojan on this fantastic POTD. Excellent B&W work. #10326658

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/17/2012 1:05:07 PM

Thanks. Glad you like it. #10326674

Janet McNeil level-deluxe 9/17/2012 1:31:15 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful POTD!! #10326707

Renee Doyle level-deluxe 9/17/2012 1:45:43 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful POTD Bojan!! #10326720

Jeff Robinson level-deluxe 9/17/2012 2:12:30 PM

Congrats Bojan on this Well Deserved POTD!! #10326756

frank w. degenhardt level-deluxe 9/17/2012 2:23:28 PM

A most beautiful black and white, stunning. Congratulations on the POTD my friend. Well deserved for this gorgeous work of art. #10326768

Sky Pate 9/17/2012 2:28:13 PM

BREATHTAKING image! Well deserved POTD!! #10326776

Dan Holm level-deluxe 9/17/2012 3:04:03 PM

Beautiful dramatic and a really outstanding image, Bojan! Congrats on your well deserved POTD! #10326818

Phyllis H. Burchett 9/17/2012 5:50:49 PM

Wonderful Bojan, congrats on your POTD!

Evy Johansen level-deluxe 9/17/2012 7:01:48 PM

Stunning!!! Big congratulations on your POTD, Bojan! #10327077

Robert K. Bemus level-deluxe 9/17/2012 10:15:45 PM

Congratulations on your stunning POTD, Bojan!! #10327189

Mary K. Robison 9/18/2012 1:42:55 AM

Congratulations on your POTD, Bojan! Beautiful b&w scene! #10327251

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/18/2012 8:57:04 AM

Thank you. #10327755

Andre Larose 9/19/2012 3:43:54 AM

Wonderful B/W! Congratulations on your POTD :) #10328811

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/19/2012 8:37:08 AM

Thanks Sabrina and André. #10329161

Ujjwal Mukherjee level-deluxe 9/21/2012 4:47:24 AM

Congratulations on your excellent POTD,Bojan!! #10331462

Julie Burnett 9/21/2012 5:37:46 AM

STUNNING, Bojan!! Congratulations on this well deserved POTD!! #10331551

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/21/2012 8:08:45 AM

Thank you Ujjwal and Julie. #10331690

Lorna Shutter 9/24/2012 9:38:40 AM

I knew we'd see this one again!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your Finalist Award, Bojan!!!!! Now let's see it ONE MORE TIME!!! :)

JO ANN CLEVELAND 9/24/2012 10:00:15 AM

Congrats on this great finalist Bojan!

jo ann c. #10335799

Marijana Fajgl level-deluxe 9/24/2012 10:39:09 AM

big congratulations on your amazing finalist, Bojan! #10335965

Tammy M. Anderson level-deluxe 9/24/2012 10:55:56 AM

Congrats on your wonderful finalist. #10336031

Lydia Williams level-deluxe 9/24/2012 11:50:42 AM

So grand to see the finalist award on this too! Congratulations, Bojan! #10336262

Gord MacEachern level-deluxe 9/24/2012 12:06:02 PM

Big congrats on your wonderful finalists Bojan!! #10336323

Stefania Barbier level-deluxe 9/24/2012 12:23:43 PM

congratulations on your gorgeous finalist!!! #10336377

Nancy Marie Ricketts 9/24/2012 1:23:07 PM

Congratulations, Bojan, on this awesome finalist!! #10336842

Robert R. Goodman level-deluxe 9/24/2012 1:37:22 PM

Big Congratulations on your beautiful finalist,Bojan!!!! #10336936

The Judges at level-deluxe 9/24/2012 2:55:11 PM

Beautiful B/W image of this forest. #10337423

Wm Nosal 9/24/2012 3:03:16 PM

Awesome Image Bojan!
Congratulations #10337463

R. J. Laudenbacher level-deluxe 9/24/2012 4:57:36 PM

No surprise here, Bojan. Congrats on this well deserved Finalist. I hope to see it with the gold. #10338023

Phyllis H. Burchett level-deluxe 9/24/2012 5:34:25 PM

Congrats on this wonderful finalist! #10338244

Renee Doyle level-deluxe 9/24/2012 5:40:41 PM

Beautiful Bojan! Congratulations!! #10338265

Howard Eisenberg level-deluxe 9/24/2012 5:41:35 PM

Awesome work Bojan. Congrats on the finalist. #10338270

Patrick Rouzes level-deluxe 9/24/2012 6:30:25 PM

CONGRATS & good luck on this amazing finalist, BOjan!

Carla Capra level-deluxe 9/24/2012 7:47:37 PM

Beautiful and congratulations. #10338954

Renata Gusciora 9/25/2012 5:47:33 AM

Big congratulations on your fabulous finalist,Bojan!!!:-) #10339859

David Resnikoff level-deluxe 9/25/2012 5:49:21 AM


Well done Amigo.

Now for the Golden Ribbon

David R #10339866

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/25/2012 6:10:01 AM

Thank you, dear friends. #10339913

Lindley Johnson level-deluxe 9/25/2012 7:17:08 AM

Congratulations on your stunning finalist, Bojan! #10340046

Debra R. Harder 9/25/2012 7:27:41 AM

This is truly outstanding, Bojan! Huge congratulations on your finalist and POTD! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS!!! #10340084

Kirsten Kiki Kjaer level-deluxe 9/25/2012 7:50:41 AM

So magical, Bojan. Congratulations on both your wonderful finalists!! #10340184

frank w. degenhardt level-deluxe 9/25/2012 1:01:44 PM

I know I will be congratulating you soon on being a Winner, for now my friend, Congratulations on the Finalist. Way to go. #10340959

Joannie Bertucci level-deluxe 9/25/2012 3:15:49 PM

I've never seen an enchanted forest in b&w Bojan! :-) Wonderful tones and contrasts! Congrats on your "enchanting" finalist! #10341149

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/26/2012 7:32:55 AM

Thanks. #10342204

Jessica Jenney level-deluxe 9/26/2012 7:49:51 AM

Congrats, Bojan on your fantastic finalist! #10342227

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/26/2012 12:37:52 PM

Thank you Jessica. #10342514

Monika Sapek level-deluxe 9/26/2012 4:07:22 PM

Beautiful B&W work! Love your pov here. Congrats, Bojan! #10342655

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/27/2012 3:16:32 AM

Thanks Monika. #10343151

Merna L. Nobile 9/27/2012 12:41:08 PM

I heard the good news…and could not be happier for you! CONGRATULATIONS, Merna #10343752

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/27/2012 1:09:24 PM

Thank you Merna. #10343805

Richard D. Love 9/27/2012 3:46:19 PM

Congratulations, Bojan. Gorgeous, moody B&W!

Rick #10344022

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/28/2012 8:31:04 AM

Thanks Richard. #10344912

isabel C. Zepeda level-deluxe 9/28/2012 3:23:04 PM


Doble congratulation, picture of the day and a finalist,that is just perfec.

Ysa... #10345402

Donna La Mattino Pagakis level-deluxe 9/28/2012 9:04:39 PM

A magical finalist and POTD Bojan!!! Congratulations!!!!! #10345761

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/29/2012 4:13:58 AM

Thank you Isabel and Donna. #10346034

Ann H. Belus level-deluxe 9/29/2012 5:18:03 PM

Absolutely fantastic mood created here, Bojan! CONGRATULATIONS! #10346758

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 9/30/2012 3:50:45 AM

Thanks Ann. #10347129

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Sunday morning in Maksimir Park, Zagreb

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