Big House

Carolyn J. Connolly level-classic 7/29/2011 5:05:36 PM

I love this B&W image, Bobby! It certainly fits the MT! Excellent capture!

Phil #1396991

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 7/29/2011 5:09:28 PM

AWESOME B&W shot, Bobby Ray! :-) k #9566900

Phillip R. Connolly level-classic 7/29/2011 5:11:54 PM

Bobby, you may have worked out by now that I hadn't logged out of Carolyn's page before the previous remarks! ;)

Phil #9566930

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 7/29/2011 5:25:42 PM

Thank you Phil and Kitty,I just noticed that. #9567027

Tammy M. Anderson level-classic 7/29/2011 5:32:08 PM

Outstanding B/W capture, Bobby. Beautiful location, perspective and light. #9567064

Anita Hogue 7/29/2011 5:43:29 PM

Truly wonderful capture, Bobby! #9567128

Kay E. Mahoney level-classic 7/29/2011 6:03:26 PM

Nice capture, Bobby. Love the b&W. #9567227

Mary Timman 7/29/2011 6:04:24 PM

That place must be a site to see! Would love to roam around there.
Fabulous capture of it and love the B&W, makes it more dramatic. #9567231

Ron McEwan 7/29/2011 7:14:45 PM

Outstanding Bobby, like the pov here doing this in B&W makes for a great MT entry #9567454

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 7/29/2011 8:32:29 PM

Thank you Tammy,Anita,Kay,Mary and Ron. #9567678

Bojan Bencic level-classic 7/30/2011 3:36:01 AM

Fantastic perspective, Bobby. Love it in B&W. #9568366

Kirsten Kiki Kjaer level-classic 7/30/2011 4:02:45 AM

This is just SUPER in B&W, Bobby. WOW to the perspective and composition. And that sky is gorgeous. Beautiful image. #9568402

Jeff Robinson level-classic 7/30/2011 5:28:11 AM

Excellent perspective, tones and capture! #9568603

Monnie Ryan level-classic 7/30/2011 5:33:56 AM

Now that's a unique place! Looks awesome in B&W, Bobby! #9568626

Joy Rector level-classic 7/30/2011 5:36:36 AM

love it #9568639

Stephen Zacker level-classic 7/30/2011 7:07:56 AM

Dramatic in B & W #9568876

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 7/30/2011 7:10:13 AM

Thank you Bojan,Kirsten,Jeff,Monnie,Joy and Stephen. #9568883

Mary Dimitriw level-classic 7/30/2011 8:02:40 AM

Stunning in black and white the POV and that sky. Have a great weekend, I'm playing catch up here. ;) #9569095

Liz blahh level-classic 7/30/2011 8:05:47 AM

Beautifully capture, Gotta go there soon! #9569110

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 7/30/2011 8:08:12 AM

Thank you Mary and Liz. #9569120

Patrick Rouzes level-classic 7/30/2011 8:19:21 AM

Looks somewhat like a space station, Bobby! Wonderful tones, clarity, pov, sky & mood captured here! Would not mind visitng that place! #9569162

Nancy L. Green level-classic 7/30/2011 9:05:58 AM

LOVE the wonderful POV and comp on this beautifully done B+W, VERY well done!! <>< #9569261

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 7/30/2011 10:22:27 AM

Thank you Patrick and Nancy. #9569437

Karen Slagle level-classic 7/30/2011 11:20:45 AM

Beautiful image Bobby. I love these old pueblos. #9569501

Marijana Fajgl level-classic 7/30/2011 12:51:49 PM

Amazing black and white, Bobby! Love it! #9569626

John Connolly level-classic 7/30/2011 1:35:44 PM

A wonderful momument and capture Bobby! This is a great image for this months theme! #9569709

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 7/30/2011 3:23:38 PM

Thank you Karen,Marijana and John. #9570003

Carol L. Fowler 7/30/2011 3:57:30 PM

Wonderful capture! Glad that it can be preserved. (Is this near where the UFOs land out there in the desert) #9570068

Ellen Hodges level-classic 7/30/2011 7:15:48 PM

Very wildly beautiful, Bobby!! Absolutely fantastic capture!! #9570459

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 7/30/2011 8:50:07 PM

Thank you Carol and Ellen. #9570554

Wm Nosal 8/1/2011 5:06:01 AM

Wonderful Shot, Bobby!
Great POV #9573497

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/1/2011 12:14:48 PM

Thank you Wm. #9574444

Emile Abbott level-classic 8/1/2011 1:41:54 PM

Love the perspective on this Bobby and nice conversion to grayscale. #9574603

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/1/2011 2:24:21 PM

Thank you Emile. #9574700

Heather Loewenhardt level-classic 8/1/2011 2:27:07 PM

That sky is amazing Bobby! I like the perspective, the contrasted tones and all that glorious texture. Wonderful leading line too. Hope to see this one again. #9574719

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/1/2011 2:31:34 PM

Thank you Heather. #9574741

Tammy Espino level-classic 8/1/2011 6:37:07 PM

Wow :) #9575279

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/1/2011 9:29:31 PM

Thank you Tammy. #9575568

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/2/2011 10:17:58 AM

Thank you Sabrina. #9576961

Karen Celella level-classic 8/2/2011 11:18:55 AM

Wonderful B&W tones, Bobby. #9577045

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/2/2011 12:02:29 PM

Thank you Karen. #9577130

Patti Coblentz level-classic 8/2/2011 2:10:06 PM

Fantastic light, tones, and dof, Bobby...what an interesting structure! #9577325

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/2/2011 2:14:22 PM

Thank you Patricia. #9577336

Cassie L. Woodlee level-classic 8/4/2011 5:07:13 AM

WOW love this!!! FANTASTIC!!

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/4/2011 6:06:47 AM

Thank you Cassie. #9581271

Avril Young level-classic 8/5/2011 5:44:12 AM

stunning black and white, love the sky and dof...Fantastic capture bobby... #9583409

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/5/2011 8:07:32 AM

Thank you Avril. #9583626

Freddy Bland 8/6/2011 2:01:54 PM

What a grand black and white this is Bobby!! Has a wonderful feel to it!! #9586314

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/6/2011 2:15:06 PM

Thank you Freddy. #9586349

Phyllis H. Burchett level-classic 8/7/2011 7:31:15 AM

Hey Bobby, cool shot of this awesome place....were the Owl's still there? There were two up in the rafters last year when we were there. I'll be in AZ in October, would love to meet you! #9587523

Ray Thoms level-classic 8/7/2011 6:23:39 PM

Great image excellent in B/W...amazing building and looks like a dream to photograph! #9588670

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/7/2011 7:05:03 PM

Thank you Phyllis and Ray.Yes they are Phyllis.That would be great my friend,a few other people are coming out in Oct. #9588790

Mary K. Robison level-classic 8/8/2011 6:43:05 AM

This B&W image is such a cool MT entry for July, Bobby! The light and pov are fantastic! #9589908

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/8/2011 10:03:13 AM

Thank you Mary. #9590273

Candice C. Calhoun level-classic 8/10/2011 7:56:10 AM

A true winner, Bobby...perfect in every way! LOVE your low pov, the amazing depth and presenting it in bw brings out its timeless quality! Hope we see this one again!

ccc #9595021

Daniella Puente level-classic 8/10/2011 11:55:39 AM

Great angle and love the bw tone! #9595360

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/10/2011 1:22:18 PM

Thank you Candice and Daniella. #9595594

Bojan Bencic level-classic 8/25/2011 12:56:14 PM

Just great. Congratulations on your finalist, Bobby. #9627492

Phyllis H. Burchett level-classic 8/25/2011 1:02:52 PM

H U G E congrats Bobby on this fabulous finalist! #9627511

Freddy Bland 8/25/2011 1:33:55 PM

Congratulations, Bobby!!! Happy to see Finalist on this beauty!! #9627654

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 8/25/2011 1:36:45 PM

WTG on this wonderful finalist, Bobby Ray! :-) k #9627672

Nancy L. Green level-classic 8/25/2011 1:50:44 PM

CONGRATULATIONS Bobby, WTG!!! <>< #9627775

Jeff Robinson level-classic 8/25/2011 1:56:49 PM

Congrats Bobby on this Outstanding Finalist!! #9627840

Phyllis A. Houghton level-classic 8/25/2011 2:04:53 PM

Congratulations on your finalist Bobby! (: (: (: #9627912

Wm Nosal 8/25/2011 2:13:12 PM

Congratulations, Bobby! #9627987

Liz blahh 8/25/2011 2:17:29 PM

WTG! Congrats! #9628031

Danny B. Head level-classic 8/25/2011 2:19:00 PM

Cool image! Congrats! #9628045

Reynaldo D. Reyes level-classic 8/25/2011 2:22:55 PM

Congrats on your finalist Bobby! #9628078

Carol Eade level-classic 8/25/2011 2:24:14 PM

Beautiful image, Bobby, congratulations on your finalist! #9628095

Anita Hogue 8/25/2011 2:30:35 PM

Another fantastic finalist! Congratulations again! #9628158

Patrick Rouzes level-classic 8/25/2011 3:22:48 PM

WTG, Bobby- Congratulations & good luck! #9628436

Terry Cervi level-classic 8/25/2011 3:37:56 PM

WTG, Bobby! Congrats on this well deserved finalist my friend! #9628539

Terry Cervi level-classic 8/25/2011 3:37:56 PM

WTG, Bobby! Congrats on this well deserved finalist my friend! #9628540

Eivor Kuchta 8/25/2011 3:51:55 PM

Well done, Bobby! Congratulations on your finalist, and good luck in the next round! #9628656

Tammy M. Anderson level-classic 8/25/2011 5:03:09 PM

Congrats again, Bobby. WTG! #9629447

Karen Celella level-classic 8/25/2011 5:09:17 PM

Congratulations on your wonderful finalist, Bobby! #9629503

Mary Timman level-classic 8/25/2011 5:56:19 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist Bobby! Good Luck on the next round! #9629864

Karen Slagle level-classic 8/25/2011 6:02:16 PM

Congrats on your fabulous finalist, Bobby. #9629922

Daniella Puente level-classic 8/25/2011 6:17:33 PM

This is so great! congrats Bobby :) #9630088

Tamara K. Walker level-classic 8/25/2011 6:30:02 PM

Wonderful pov and tones, congratulations. #9630210

Tammy Espino level-classic 8/25/2011 7:08:58 PM

Whoooooooo whoooooooo you got two, congrats!! #9630606

Avril Young level-classic 8/25/2011 7:43:50 PM

wow, congrats, best of luck for the next round Bobby.. #9630847

Gina Cormier level-classic 8/25/2011 10:49:38 PM

Congrats on another beautiful image! #9631629

Marijana Fajgl level-classic 8/26/2011 4:24:20 AM

Big congratulations on your amazing finalist, Bobby! #9632209

R. J. Laudenbacher level-classic 8/26/2011 4:42:16 AM

Love your POV on this Bobby. A big congrats to your on your finalist! #9632274

JO ANN CLEVELAND level-classic 8/26/2011 7:53:22 AM

Congrats on this super finalist Bobby!

jo ann c. #9632947

Emile Abbott level-classic 8/26/2011 8:47:32 AM

Great month Bobby and congratulations yet again on another stunning finalist, my friend. WTG #9633254

Kirsten Kiki Kjaer level-classic 8/26/2011 8:52:14 AM

I'm so glad to see this beautiful image again, Bobby. Congratulations. #9633280

David M. Montero 8/26/2011 9:09:56 AM

Congratulations on your Finalist selection Bobby!!! #9633387

Patti Coblentz level-classic 8/26/2011 10:01:27 AM

A super image and finalist, Bobby...big congratulations!! #9633625

Lorna Shutter level-classic 8/26/2011 6:26:45 PM

Woo Hoo!!! I just came across this other Finalist! Awesome capture, Bobby!!! WTG!!! CONGRATULATIONS once again, my friend!!!!! :) Photobucket #9635457

Mary Dimitriw level-classic 8/26/2011 8:07:22 PM

Awesome Finalist Bobby!! A huge congrats. #9635762

Merna L. Nobile 9/7/2011 10:30:31 PM

Great photographers are not great because of their technique; they are great because of their passion.
Congratulations for your achievement, August, 25, 2011. Merna

Boyd L. Alexander 9/22/2011 10:48:15 AM

Congratulations on a terrific Finalist Bobby!! Good luck in the next round!!! #9685258

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MT.Casa Grande Ruins.Casa Grande Ruins National Monument preserves an Ancient Sonoran Desert People's farming community and "Great House." Created as the nationís first archeological reserve in 1892, the site was declared a National Monument in 1918.Casa Grande was abandoned in 1450 AD.

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