A Heron's Life

© Ken Smith

A Heron's Life

Deb Koskovich 12/1/2008 3:52:34 AM

Beautiful simple comp, very engaging. Great color treatment, Ken. #1044170

Carolyn M. Fletcher 12/1/2008 3:55:14 AM

He looks pretty content to me! I wish I could get closer to the ones around here. #6833253

Carolyn M. Fletcher 12/1/2008 3:55:22 AM

He looks pretty content to me! I wish I could get closer to the ones around here. #6833254

Brett Dolsen 12/1/2008 4:04:05 AM

Great colour tones and composition Ken!!Brett #6833280

Mary Timman 12/1/2008 4:06:00 AM

Fantastic capture. I love the light, reflection and colors! #6833288

Claudia Kuhn 12/1/2008 4:13:47 AM

Beautiful early morning light Ken, so still! #6833315

Jeff Robinson 12/1/2008 4:16:09 AM

Excellent comp, lighting and capture!! Very nice work Ken! Jeff #6833327

Linda D. Lester 12/1/2008 4:44:39 AM

Awesome....love the tones and reflection! Hope we see this again! #6833409

Nikki McDonald 12/1/2008 4:56:04 AM

Beautiful color, Ken, and I love the simplicity of the composition. #6833454

Judy V. Kennamer 12/1/2008 5:03:51 AM

Totally gorgeous Ken!!!! #6833488

Joy Rector 12/1/2008 5:14:16 AM

perfect #6833526

Usman M. Bajwa 12/1/2008 5:20:57 AM

Very well done, Ken. #6833560

Eivor Kuchta 12/1/2008 5:21:14 AM

Wonderful colors and composition, Ken! #6833562

Agnes Fegan 12/1/2008 5:23:38 AM

He does look relaxed...very pretty colors and reflections! #6833575

Nadya Johnson 12/1/2008 5:37:07 AM

So simple, so expressive! Love the light and colors here. Beautiful, Ken! #6833615

Dennis Flanagan 12/1/2008 6:00:06 AM

Flower Boy is turning into nature boy. Nicely done. #6833673

Anita Hogue 12/1/2008 6:44:03 AM

A W E S O M E!!!!! #6833859

Amy JACKSON 12/1/2008 6:46:12 AM

Beautiful image, Ken!!! #6833876

Liz blahh 12/1/2008 6:53:20 AM

Just beautiful! Love the light & color. #6833920

Shawn Jennings 12/1/2008 7:00:33 AM

Excellent! Love the simplicity of this! #6833960

Melissa G. Meiselman 12/1/2008 7:09:33 AM

I love the elegant simplicity of this beautiful shot taken with great light and color, Ken!! #6834009

William C. Raco 12/1/2008 7:34:28 AM

Beautiful colors, pose and composition
Excellent, Ken #6834128

Melissa Olsen 12/1/2008 8:02:35 AM

What can I say other than PERFECT! #6834225

Eli Boschetto 12/1/2008 8:17:25 AM

Fantastic comp, Ken! Excellent light and color! #6834283

janet williams 12/1/2008 8:28:27 AM

Awesome Ken. Love the tones ans the simplicity of the lone Heron and his reflection. #6834334

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 12/1/2008 9:04:53 AM

Ya know, Ken...sometimes you make me so dog gone MAD because you NEVER have a BAD photo!!!!! They are all PERFECT in EVERY way!!!!!

How's that for a back handed compliment??? hehehehe

♫ k #6834462

JO ANN CLEVELAND 12/1/2008 9:28:06 AM

Perfection, hey Kitty has a point here..

jo ann c. #6834549

Shelly A. Van Camp 12/1/2008 9:35:18 AM

Beautiful capture and colors, Ken! #6834588

Michelle Alton 12/1/2008 10:26:28 AM

Gorgeous color graces this serene composition, Ken. #6834788

Denny E. Barnes 12/1/2008 11:16:46 AM

Very beautiful image and color you've captured here, Ken! Beautifully done!!....Denny #6834997

Gina Cormier 12/1/2008 12:56:08 PM

Very nice comp and color Ken. #6835437

Cathy Barrows 12/1/2008 2:22:47 PM

fabulous #6835830

Hendrik Storme 12/1/2008 2:56:32 PM

WOW!!! Just great,love it Ken!!! #6835981

Dianna Murphy 12/1/2008 4:03:50 PM

Wonderful job Ken. #6836282

Renee Doyle 12/1/2008 5:15:14 PM

Love the colour tones and the simple composition!!! Beautiful Ken!! #6836605

Deborah C. Lewinson 12/1/2008 5:21:52 PM

Stunning!!! #6836653

Patti Coblentz 12/1/2008 6:23:15 PM

Very still, calm and quiet image with beautiful color tones1 Patti #6836904

Aleksandra Miesak 12/1/2008 6:38:44 PM

A very beautiful and simple image! Good luck with it! #6836963

David Phalen 12/1/2008 6:56:16 PM

Spectacular beauty with wonderful soft bands of color, reflection and clarity of the bird!! Not bad for a landscape photographer. LOL #6837056

A P 12/1/2008 11:30:20 PM

Beautiful light and tones, Ken #6837623

Stefania Barbier 12/2/2008 12:44:01 AM

Ken this is stunning and a winer in my book... the soft color, the reflection and the simplicity... WOW #6837918

Jeana Clark 12/2/2008 8:45:06 AM

Simply a Beautiful capture Ken!!!

~J~ #6839601

Jacqualyn A. Volker 12/2/2008 7:21:45 PM

Very nice capture Ken! Love the POV and coloring!! *S* #6841955

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 12/5/2008 11:36:07 AM

Artistic and beautiful Ken! #6855655

Darren K. Fisher 12/5/2008 6:38:29 PM

Nicely composed and I really like the colors reflecting in the water. #6856905

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 12/6/2008 12:33:51 AM

I'm so happy to see this as a POTD Ken, a huge congratulations!!! #6857687

Katarina Mansson 12/6/2008 12:35:10 AM

What a fantastic capture! Love the color bands, light, calmness, composition, colors...everything. Congratulations Ken! #6857691

Alex T. Mizuno 12/6/2008 12:37:33 AM

Beautiful work Ken! Congratulations on POTD!!! #6857699

Pat Gamwell 12/6/2008 12:42:54 AM

Incredible work, Ken! Congrats on POTD! #6857715

Colleen Farrell 12/6/2008 1:05:15 AM

Great capture! Congrats on another POTD, Ken! #6857803

Siete Meeter 12/6/2008 1:23:42 AM

Fantastic capture. I love the light, reflection and colors! Congrats on POTD!


Susie Peek-Swint 12/6/2008 1:37:57 AM

Stunning capture and composition Ken ~ many congrats on this beautiful POTD! #6857875

Stefania Barbier 12/6/2008 1:37:57 AM


Susan Jane Allen 12/6/2008 1:45:22 AM

Lovely capture! Congrats on you POTD! #6857891

Les Rhoades 12/6/2008 1:59:33 AM

Congrats on "another"POTD selection #6857904

Renee Doyle 12/6/2008 2:06:11 AM

WTG CB!!! You are on a roll!! Congratulations on another wonderful POTD! #6857908

Tressie Davis 12/6/2008 3:11:34 AM

Congrats on POTD, this is a gorgeous image! #6857976

Deborah C. Lewinson 12/6/2008 3:24:56 AM

Congratulations on your POTD, Ken, for this exceptional image!

Debby #6858025

Anita Hogue 12/6/2008 4:02:15 AM

Yep, think I should be a judge! I picked this one the day you entered. Congratulations and Awesome! #6858160

Usman M. Bajwa 12/6/2008 4:09:27 AM

Congrats. ken on this lovely POTD.

UB. #6858175

Michelle Alton 12/6/2008 4:18:25 AM

This is probably the most creative and beautiful heron shot I've seen, Ken. Congratulations on it being selected for POTD and for its future honors! #6858201

Hendrik Storme 12/6/2008 5:01:42 AM

WOW again,great POTD!!!Congratulations Ken! #6858321

William C. Raco 12/6/2008 5:03:25 AM

Congratulations, Ken! #6858325

JO ANN CLEVELAND 12/6/2008 5:13:52 AM

Congratulations friend! Great POTD, NOW...go for the Gold!

jo ann c. #6858354

Steven W. Lepak 12/6/2008 5:27:48 AM

Bravo Ken! Congrats on this stunning POTD! Keep up the great work. Best Regards, Steven #6858396

Amy JACKSON 12/6/2008 5:31:50 AM

Congratulations on your POTD, Ken!!! :) #6858415

Kathleen K. Parker 12/6/2008 5:36:29 AM

Serenely beautiful. I wish I lived there sometimes! Congrats on the POTD, Ken!
kk #6858432

Kara L. Hendricks 12/6/2008 5:49:07 AM

Congrats to you Ken for this MOST deserving POTD!! #6858463

Guy D. Biechele 12/6/2008 5:49:41 AM

Fabulous artistic shot! Congratulations on your POTD. #6858465

David Phalen 12/6/2008 5:51:21 AM

BIG Congrats on a spectacular POTD!! #6858473

Judy V. Kennamer 12/6/2008 5:52:14 AM

Congrats on this marvelous POTD Ken!!! #6858477

Mary Timman 12/6/2008 6:00:36 AM

Simply gorgeous POTD , Congratulations Ken! #6858508

Cathy Barrows 12/6/2008 6:13:04 AM

you are on a roll with POTD's...wtg...just beautiful #6858556

Melissa Olsen 12/6/2008 6:18:31 AM

I knew we would see this one again, Congrats! #6858582

Kaye Burazin 12/6/2008 6:27:55 AM

Simplicity at it's finest! Good for you! #6858603

Eivor Kuchta 12/6/2008 6:28:38 AM

Congratulations on your POTD, Ken! #6858605

Cheryl E. Molennor 12/6/2008 6:36:25 AM

WOW just amazing! #6858620

Gail Vitikacs 12/6/2008 6:49:42 AM

You are on a roll with these POTDs Ken!!! CONGRATULATIONS! It is a beauty! #6858648

Donna R. Wageman 12/6/2008 6:57:21 AM

So peaceful and serene. Stupendous!
Congratulations................. #6858675

Sandy Powers 12/6/2008 7:05:32 AM

Oh YES! Ken! This is the finest of the finest art! Breathtaking, and "my" kind of photography.


Nikki McDonald 12/6/2008 7:06:43 AM

Wonderful POTD! Congratulations, Ken. #6858712

Jeana Clark 12/6/2008 7:08:18 AM


~J~ #6858721

Darryl Wilkinson 12/6/2008 7:31:04 AM

You da Man, Ken! Congratulations!! #6858805

Lori Carlson 12/6/2008 7:31:50 AM

This is incredibly gorgeous, Ken!! Hope you have a perfect spot to display this in your home cuz it's amazing!!! Well done and big congrats to you!!! :0) #6858808

A P 12/6/2008 7:37:47 AM

Congratulations on this stunning POTD, Ken #6858826

Mitch Spence 12/6/2008 8:18:33 AM

Congratulations on the POTD, Ken. It's a beautiful image. #6858986

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 12/6/2008 8:18:43 AM

I knew this would show up again...and most likely again and again!!!!! LOLOL
Congratulations, Ken!!!!! :-) ♫ k #6858987

john dunne 12/6/2008 9:19:10 AM

Spectacular. #6859156

Linda D. Lester 12/6/2008 9:37:19 AM

I knew we would see this again but didn't think this soon! Great job!!!! #6859213

Holly Hitchcock 12/6/2008 10:10:50 AM

Gorgeous POTD, Ken. As usual you have captured nature at its most beautiful... #6859338

Philippe Vieux-Jeanton 12/6/2008 10:14:36 AM

Magnifique image.. Congratulations, Ken! #6859345

Lisa J. Boulden 12/6/2008 11:29:03 AM

Congratz on this wonderful potd!
~Lisa #6859578

Gord MacEachern 12/6/2008 11:29:26 AM

Very calm serene image, great shot! #6859580

Helen Dittrich 12/6/2008 12:47:34 PM

stunning photo, love the colors and the serenity. #6859825

Joy Rector 12/6/2008 12:51:59 PM

congrats on the POTD #6859850

ronda chatelle 12/6/2008 1:28:32 PM

SPECTACULAR image Ken! A quick favorite for me! Congratulations! #6860055

Cheryl Meisel 12/6/2008 1:43:10 PM

Very pretty. I do so enjoy sometimes images like this with the subject in peace by it's self :)
BIG CONGRATS on your wins with this.
Cherylm #6860103

John Connolly 12/6/2008 1:47:42 PM

An outstanding image Ken, Congratulations on your POTD!

A bit of coincedense about our herons today! #6860124

Shelly A. Van Camp 12/6/2008 1:53:37 PM

How much do you pay them to get all these PORD'S? LOL Great capture and congrats on the POTD (Again) :) #6860139

Jeff Robinson 12/6/2008 2:43:01 PM

Congrats Ken on this outstanding POTD!! Jeff #6860273

Dr Silly 12/6/2008 5:34:54 PM

Beautiful Ken, congrats on the POTD. :O)

Nancy L. Green 12/6/2008 6:04:51 PM

CONGRATULATIONS Ken on this wonderful POTD, WTG!!! <>< #6860727

Shirley A. Kinney 12/6/2008 6:47:24 PM

So simple, yet so awesomely beautiful, Ken. Congrats on your POTD. Well deserved. #6860807

Kathy L. Clark 12/6/2008 8:32:16 PM

Very beautiful Ken, congrats on your awesome POTD. #6860967

Carla Metzler 12/7/2008 3:28:41 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful POTD! #6861636

Evy Johansen 12/7/2008 3:44:06 AM

Beautiful and elegant!!! Big congratulations on your wonderful POTD, Ken!! #6861683

Ed Heaton 12/7/2008 6:22:54 AM

Excellent work Ken and congrats on POTD! #6862071

Corinne M. Thompson 12/7/2008 11:29:10 AM

Congrats on your POTD Ken, fabulous work! #6863111

Denny E. Barnes 12/7/2008 4:49:27 PM

Big congratulations on your POTD, Ken!! It's a very beautiful image!!....Denny #6864111

Dennis Flanagan 12/8/2008 4:12:37 PM

You're on a roll. #6868530

Michael Umbreit 12/8/2008 8:15:20 PM

Ken - Congratulations on your POTD! Stunning! - Mike #6869483

Deborah C. Hajek 12/18/2008 8:47:35 PM

So beautiful in its simplicity. Awesome colors. #6910053

Linda D. Lester 1/21/2009 5:02:52 PM

Love it....Congratulations on your finalist.....good luck in the next round! :) #7062643

Anita Hogue 1/21/2009 5:19:58 PM

I love this image too! Congratulations! #7062869

Shawn Jennings 1/21/2009 5:28:54 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful finalist, Ken! #7062995

Courtenay Vanderbilt 1/21/2009 5:34:34 PM

Congratulations Ken! #7063055

Gail Vitikacs 1/21/2009 6:35:47 PM

This is an image that keeps on giving Congratulations! #7063793

Sandy Powers 1/21/2009 7:05:32 PM

Ohhhh yes! I knew we'd be seeing this one again! Congratulations Ken! This is one of my favorite photos EVER!


Alex T. Mizuno 1/21/2009 7:13:25 PM

Such a beauty in simplicity! Congratulations on your Finalist Ken!! #7064191

Cathy Barrows 1/21/2009 7:28:47 PM

Congrats on your finalist...love it #7064349

A P 1/21/2009 7:30:40 PM

Congratz again Ken #7064369

Kathy L. Clark 1/21/2009 8:04:07 PM

Congrats Ken on your beautiful finalist #7064665

Usman M. Bajwa 1/21/2009 8:08:24 PM

WTG, Congrats. on this stunning Finalist.

UB. #7064714

Kristi A. Howson 1/21/2009 8:25:26 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful Finalist and best of luck in the next round! Love the mood here Ken! #7064833

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/21/2009 8:53:16 PM

A Beauty...Congrats and best of luck! #7065052

Kaye Burazin 1/21/2009 9:02:52 PM

Three is a lucky number. Congrats and good luck my friend. #7065129

mark grandoni 1/21/2009 10:19:27 PM

Beautiful Artwork Ken.

Best Of Luck! #7065509

Renee Doyle 1/21/2009 11:22:35 PM

This is a beauty Ken!! Big congratulations to you! #7065878

Tammy Scott 1/22/2009 4:36:22 AM

Beautiful tones on this awesome image! Congratulations! #7067145

JO ANN CLEVELAND 1/22/2009 6:17:01 AM

Love it Ken....Congratulations on your finalist and go for the gold!

jo ann c. #7067600

Agnes Fegan 1/22/2009 10:22:29 AM

Congrats Ken! #7068561

Stefania Barbier 1/22/2009 12:09:18 PM

We will see a gold here.... this is absolutely spectacular... another huge congrats Ken!!! #7069218

Margaret R. Barry 1/22/2009 3:24:51 PM

Congratulations on this fantastic finalist, Ken! #7070061

Sam Britt 1/22/2009 5:00:11 PM

Congratulations, terrific finalist, Ken! #7070522

Eivor Kuchta 1/23/2009 10:05:56 AM

Congratulations on your finalist, Ken! #7073654

Deborah C. Lewinson 1/23/2009 2:26:51 PM

Congratulations, Ken! #7074723

Hendrik Storme 1/24/2009 1:00:41 PM

Congratulations on this great finalist Ken!!! #7080096

Linda Blair 1/24/2009 3:22:11 PM

Congratulations Ken!!!!! #7080764

Jeana Clark 1/24/2009 10:20:35 PM

POTD and now finalist...
It's Excellent Ken!!!!

~J~ #7082141

Patti Coblentz 1/24/2009 10:27:36 PM

Congratulations, Ken!!
Patti #7082149

Mary Beth Aiello 1/25/2009 12:21:44 PM

Just beautiful, Ken. Congrats on this outstanding finalist. #7084738

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 1/25/2009 4:56:23 PM


HUGE CONGRATS on your finalist and POTD Ken!


Colleen Farrell 1/27/2009 10:37:55 PM

Awesome! Congratulations on your POTD and finalist, Ken! #7096536

John Connolly 10/20/2009 4:02:26 PM

A fabulous shot Ken, Congratulations on your POTD! #8054274

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Just kicking back, waiting for a fish to surface!

F7.1, 1/400th sec, ISO 640, 400mm zoom.

Exif: F Number: 7.1, Exposure Bias Value: 0.67, ExposureTime: 1/400 seconds, Flash: did not fire, compulsory flash mode, ISO: 640, FocalLength: 400.00 mm, Model: Canon EOS 30D

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