Ronnie Smith 11/2/2001 7:13:35 PM

Hi, Shirley. I'm from Toronto, Canada. I like this shot a lot. #1533

Glenn Theal 11/2/2001 11:23:52 PM

Hi, Shirley,

I too like this shot. However, I find the moon to be too bright and too sharp when compared to the rest of the image. It just doesn't seem to fit quite right.

I would like to see the image without the moon, or I would like to see it with the moon fogged or blurred and some of the contrast/brightness removed.

Glenn #2314

Shirley D. Cross-Taylor 11/3/2001 8:24:57 PM

Thank you both. Glenn, this is the way the moon looked... there has been no digital manipulation, other than resizing for this venue. Remember, the full moon sets at the same time the sun rises and the moon is reflecting the light of the sun. #2340

Guy D. Biechele 11/3/2001 11:37:07 PM

FANTASTIC!! The range of blues, the textures in the surf, and the wisps of clouds across the moon. What a reward for an early riser! (With your skill). +Guy #2352

Jaap Zuidersma 11/4/2001 10:21:59 AM


What strikes me about this picture is the continuance of the wave patern in the clouds that drift in front of the moon. It's almost as if the big wave in front and some of the smaler ones in the back are reflected on the moon. About the sharpness af the moon, well nature presents itself in its own way.

I wonder what you can do whith a late night shot (smile). #2366

Shirley D. Cross-Taylor 11/4/2001 3:50:53 PM

Thank you Guy and Jaap, for your enthusiastic comments. #2371

Laura Johnson 11/7/2001 7:17:28 AM

B E A U T I F U L !!!! #2428

Shirley D. Cross-Taylor 11/7/2001 4:53:40 PM

Thank you so very much, Laura. #2444

Brian Wiehn 11/10/2001 12:23:46 AM

I really like this shot. I also like the way the moon is sharp it balances out the texture of waves at the bottom of the shot. Again a fantastic shot. #2515

Shirley D. Cross-Taylor 11/10/2001 2:12:57 AM

Thank you very much, Brian. #2518

Chuck 11/14/2001 11:13:01 AM

What was it Laura said ? oh yes.

B E A U T I F U L !!!!

D I T T O, D I T T O, D I T T O !

Chuck #2661

Sue B 11/25/2001 10:08:20 AM

First of all, I'd be proud to have taken this photograph. Secondly, I see there are different opinions about the moon; I have to agree with Glenn that the moon tries to take over the picture and distracts from those beautiful waves. I know you said that was how the moon looked, with no digital manipulation, so here's my question. Did it look like that "in person" or could it have brightened up with the camera's exposure? I think it's a wonderful photo, but esp in the larger view of the picture, I blocked out the moon with my hand to see the waves better. (This "discussion" is mostly for my own sake - how to expose the moon to keep it muted - can it be done?) #3058

Shirley D. Cross-Taylor 11/25/2001 5:37:32 PM

Hi Sue. Yes, it would be possible to artificially mute the moon, perhaps with a graduated neutral density filter, but why would you want to? The moon is the SUBJECT of the photo. If I wanted only the wave patterns, that is what I would have taken. The bright, golden, setting moon is what makes this photo special. If you were taking a sunset, would you want to MUTE the sun...not really, you might want to even your exposure. so that the foreground does not black out. However, this photo has a perfectly exposed foreground, so that is not a problem here.

Shirley #3084

Ronnie Smith 11/25/2001 6:31:49 PM

Hi again Shirley. I'm Ronnie from Toronto, Canada. Your first response - your 100% right. Don't touch it - looks beautiful, it adds contrast, my dear. #3086

Shirley D. Cross-Taylor 11/25/2001 6:39:22 PM

Thank you, Ronnie! #3087

Sue B 11/26/2001 8:09:01 AM

Hi Shirley - Thanks for the idea of using a graduated filter! They say that art is subjective; possibly my reaction to your photo came from living where I do. I see the moon all the time, and never get to see waves! Also had an insight when you asked if I would want to mute the sun in a picture of a sunset, and my response was "yes, probably" as I would be more interested in the lighting in the surrounding clouds. My question wasn't meant to insult your picture - like I said, I'd be proud to have taken it. I was just wanting to learn more about how to achieve different effects with different exposures. #3107

Shirley D. Cross-Taylor 11/26/2001 6:50:53 PM

Thank you, Sue... I'm not insulted. #3134

Charisse Baldoria 12/10/2001 10:54:33 PM

I do like this photo very much to the point that it's been my computer wallpaper for about a month now. I think it's perfectly lovely; to me, the moonshine is a pleasant unexpected accent. it may be brighter than the rest and may nudge your sense of balance a little bit; but like other unexpected gestures, like in Beethoven's music, for example, it jars you a little bit and makes the artwork more interesting. the treatment of this little element just completely changes the meaning of the entire work, compared to if it had not been thus treated. if there were no such moonlight and only smooth waves, the picture will have a different character altogether--maybe lacking in tension, in my opinion. #3725

Crystal Sadler 12/11/2001 12:45:10 AM

Very nice!
Bravo Zulu!

Shirley D. Cross-Taylor 12/11/2001 4:35:00 PM

Thank you so much, Charisse. Such wonderful compliments! And thank you, Crystal!
Shirley #3774

David D 12/11/2001 9:57:00 PM

Hi Shirley,
This is one of the greatest picture as I see at this site. Did you try shot as Horizontal format at that time. If you did, how does it look? I feel that it might looks better.
Over all it is a perfect picture.
David #3790

Shirley D. Cross-Taylor 12/13/2001 1:19:54 AM

Thank you, David. Yes, I did several shots of this, both vertical and horizontal. As the moon went down, it began to look like a UFO.

Shirley #3841

Marie 12/13/2001 7:20:28 PM

Hi Shirley, I think your photo is outstanding. I am brand new to 35mm photography and hope to be able to take some photos of this calibre soon.
Marie #3872

Shirley D. Cross-Taylor 12/13/2001 8:24:47 PM

Thank you, Marie.

Shirley #3876

David D 12/15/2001 2:49:18 AM

Hi Shirley,
It's me, David D again.
That is not too good, Moon become a UFO! The reason I was interesting in a horizontal format is that it must have more spaces for the ocean part. Since you took the exposure reading by the Moon, (as I saw from your pic.) In a horizontal format picture, a part of image would be darker, while another part of picture where the wart directly under the Moon would be brighter. And may be you got some Moon light refection there. So it would have more contrast and more texture. Well, here I am assuming that in the horizontal picture you would put the Moon at the corner of the picture, instead of at the center.
Accidentally, today I just saw your another picture, which is a portrait of a woman in the blue lights. I looked photographer's name, It was your name again! It seems to me that your works are very outstanding at this web site, as far as I concern. (By the way, I only visited this web site twice. But twice, your pictures made my eyes stop there. Great Job!!!)


Shirley D. Cross-Taylor 12/15/2001 5:01:42 PM

Hi David, nice to hear from you again, and Thank you! Actually, in my horizontal photos, I try NOT to center the is much more interesting off-center. And by the time the moon has set this low, you cannot see a light trail on the water, and the faint sunlight from the rising sun (which shows on the waves) counters the moonlight. When the is higher, and before the sun comes up, you can see the light trail. Also, it makes no difference in the exposure whether the photo is vertical or horizontal, because I meter what is best for the entire photo. #3935

David D 12/16/2001 12:14:14 PM

Hi Shirley,
It is interesting to talk you, and glad to hear from you.
I think we have a similar thought about the horizontal format image in terms of composition. AS I said í░I am assuming you would put the Moon at the CORNER of the image, INSTEAD OF at the centerí▒. Too bad it did not work out. I doní»t photograph landscape picture very much. (Almost 5 years from now, I havení»t shot any landscape). But when I did at that time, I prefer use horizontal format or square format. For only one reason ---- MARKETING. And vertical or square formats for portrait most of time. (Most of my portraits are studio work). As a piece of artwork I like to use square format for the image. It makes the image look much more elegant. Well, this is my personal preference only.
David D #3960

Geoffrey T. Wallace 12/17/2001 6:29:49 PM

Hi Shirley:

I think the moon makes the picture much stronger. I too tried cropping it out with my hands and the picture loses a lot of its interest that way. Its a wonderful image. #3986

Shirley D. Cross-Taylor 12/18/2001 12:16:32 AM

Thank you, Geoff.
Shirley #4002

Janett Gomez 1/16/2002 3:21:13 AM

What a beautiful picture! All I can say is it takes my breath away... #4766

Shirley D. Cross-Taylor 1/16/2002 5:18:15 PM

Thank you very much, Janett!

Shirley #4785

Dee Wooten

WOW! That moon just pops out of that picture with all of those beautiful blue hues surrounding it. I LOVE IT!! That's incredible! #120859

Shirley D. Cross-Taylor

Thank you very much, Dee! #121037

Dee Basinger 1/4/2004 7:25:04 AM

I wouldn't change a thing. It's a fantastic photo, worthy of gallery consideration. #317905

Dee Wooten 1/4/2004 9:26:16 AM

One more thing...If I were standing on that beach at the same time you took the picture, it's the moon I would be gazing at. Of course you want to capture on film what captures your eye. If we all saw things the same way, we wouldn't have such a beautiful variety of pictures to share with others. I enjoy them all, but some really captivate me as yours did. #318106

Shirley D. Cross-Taylor 1/4/2004 3:24:58 PM

Wow. Thank you so very much, Dee. #318474

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The full moon setting on the Pacific at sunrise. Taken from the balcony of our motel room. Nikon N90, Nikon 70-210 zoom. Elitechrome 100.

Uploaded on 11/2/2001 6:11:42 PM

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