Autumn at Speedwell Lake

© Deborah C. Lewinson

Autumn at Speedwell Lake

Wally Orlowsky 10/26/2004 4:25:43 AM

Awesome colors and great composition, Deborah. Is that the ruins of an old mill? I will have to get up that way sometime soon (I used to live in the Paterson area). #182136

Kathleen Clemons 10/26/2004 4:28:16 AM

Absolutely gorgeous, Deborah! #869952

Wayne Brasch 10/26/2004 4:32:59 AM

Tis a beautiful image full of wonderful colours Deborah. I am amazed at the pretty autumns in your part of the world. #869959

Tom Andersen 10/26/2004 4:37:54 AM

Beautiful colors, Debby! I've spent a lot of time in northwestern NJ but never came across this wonderful sight. #869971

Paul Michko 10/26/2004 4:38:27 AM

Terrific compostion and scene, Deborah. #869975

Kasia Elser 10/26/2004 4:54:07 AM

Beautiful shot! #870019

Colette M. Metcalf 10/26/2004 5:07:52 AM

Beautiful image and awesome colors, Debby!! #870056

Charlene Bayerle 10/26/2004 5:59:18 AM

Just gorgeous Debby....nicely composed!!! #870133

Casey A. Hanson 10/26/2004 6:18:00 AM

Beautiful composition and colors, Debby!
Awesome image :0) #870204

Darren K. Fisher 10/26/2004 6:19:56 AM

OH WOW Look at those beautiful colors and composition. Which you have captured all so very well. Awesome job Debby. #870216

Kelly Heaton 10/26/2004 6:23:18 AM

Just Beautiful! #870232

Donna J. Taff 10/26/2004 6:26:51 AM

Very beautiful, Debby!!!! #870249

Shirley L. Carpenter 10/26/2004 7:25:14 AM

Beautiful image, colors and composition Deborah!!!! #870455

Karen Engelbreth 10/26/2004 7:40:31 AM

Beautiful image, Deborah!

S J 10/26/2004 8:49:17 AM

Awesome image, Deborah! Very good composition and great perspective on this! Very nicely done! #870608

Dan Holm 10/26/2004 11:54:58 AM

Magnificent, Debby!! This should be on a calender! Excellent job on this! #870859

Terry R. Hatfield 10/26/2004 6:12:21 PM

Hi Debby,Your Catching Some Great Fall Colors,I Like The Addition Of The Falls And The Old Structure Nicely Done:-) #871342

Jennifer Rennison 10/26/2004 6:14:18 PM

Wonderful composition and such beautiful colors you've captured! Excellent image, Deborah! #871348

Deborah C. Lewinson 10/26/2004 6:44:00 PM

Thank you Wally, Kathleen, Wayne, Tom, Paul, Kasia, Colette, Char, Casey, Darren, Kelly, Donna, Shirley, Karen, Sanjay, Dan, Terry, Jennifer for your terrific comments. I truly appreciate your positive words!

Debby #871416

Leonard Pierce 10/26/2004 7:03:51 PM

Another fantastic image Debby!!! The stone structures, the dam, and that beautiful background all fit together so well!! Great job! #871443

Deborah C. Lewinson 10/26/2004 8:01:55 PM

Thank you, Len, I really appreciate your descriptive comments!

Debby #871545

Stanley J. Contrades 10/27/2004 12:18:03 AM

Your last three shots and this one would make a stunning collection as a panel, Deborah! They are all worthy of being used as calendar material! Just a fabulous display of colors and reflections, and this one has the added feature of the waterfall and structure!!
Stan #871683

Laura Berman 10/27/2004 9:40:10 AM

Such a gorgeous image Debby! Yoou've really got everything working just perfectly here--the clarity, DOF, colour and composition are all top notch! #872650

Mata Patan 10/27/2004 1:26:34 PM

Very nice photo and very nice place, I live in Italy and it's nice to see the Autumn season of the opposite part of the world! well done Debby! #873047

Kathryn (Love) Scheet 10/27/2004 1:37:53 PM

awesome image! #873070

Deborah C. Lewinson 10/27/2004 9:02:34 PM

Thank you Stan, Laura, Mata, and Kathryn, your marvelous comments are greatly appreciated!

Debby #873736

Steve Casey 10/28/2004 4:05:00 AM

Beautiful shot, Deborah. Really good clarity too.
Nice work! #874072

Janet Detota 10/28/2004 5:52:05 AM

Beautifully composed and captured!! #874313

Sharon Day 10/28/2004 10:41:29 PM

Gorgeous shot, Debby!!! I love the entire composition. You have many wonderful fall photos in your gallery! #875989

Deborah C. Lewinson 10/29/2004 5:15:38 AM

Thank you Steve, Janet, and Sharon, I really appreciate your terrific comments!

-Debby #876583

Lucia De Giovanni 11/3/2004 8:47:57 PM

This is outstanding Debby! Just wonderful! #889120

Deborah C. Lewinson 11/4/2004 3:36:31 AM

Thank you for visiting, Lucia. I appreciate you splendid comment!

-Debby #889459

Wally Orlowsky 11/15/2004 5:03:13 PM

Congratulations on this finalist, Deborah! #911943

Tom Andersen 11/15/2004 5:06:56 PM

Congratulations, Debby! #911966

Terry R. Hatfield 11/15/2004 5:37:51 PM

Congratulations On Your Finalist Debby:-) #912344

Janet Detota 11/15/2004 5:41:43 PM

Congratulations, Deborah, and good luck next round!! #912406

Ed Heaton 11/15/2004 5:42:47 PM

Hey Debby,
Congratulations On Your Finalist ;-) #912427

Dale Gast 11/15/2004 5:53:09 PM

Congratulations, Debby!!! #912605

Diane Addonizio 11/15/2004 5:55:03 PM

Congratulations! #912637

Wendy M. Amdahl 11/15/2004 6:21:30 PM

Congratulations Deborah! #913027

William C. Raco 11/15/2004 6:22:03 PM

Congratulations, Debbie
This is beautiful!


cj patterson 11/15/2004 7:10:28 PM

Congrats Debby!!! I hope to see this one again!!!! #913698

Debra Booth 11/15/2004 7:18:56 PM

Great composition and capture of colors, Debby! Congrats!! #913784

Darren K. Fisher 11/15/2004 7:42:03 PM

This image is just like a breath of fresh air. Ahhhhhh. Congratulations!!! #914064

Kelly Abernathy 11/15/2004 8:01:06 PM

Terrific Debby! Congratulations! -K #914219

Carol Brill 11/15/2004 8:44:58 PM

Debby, congratulations and best of luck! #914552

Jennifer Rennison 11/15/2004 9:23:26 PM

Congratulations, Deborah! #914722

Deborah C. Lewinson 11/16/2004 4:40:00 AM

Thank you so much Wally, tom, Janet, Ed, Dale, Diane, Wendy, Bill, Carol P, Debra, Darren, K, Carol B, and Jennifer for your kind words and tremendous support!

-Debby #915678

Anette Linnea Rasmussen 11/16/2004 4:56:58 AM

Beautiful shot Debby!
Congrats on your finalist!

Best wishes Linnea #915793

Kelly Heaton 11/16/2004 4:57:45 AM

Congratulations On Your Finalist! #915799

Donna W. Neal 11/16/2004 6:10:52 AM

Congratulations and Good Luck on this gorgeous image Debby #916282

Cathy Barrows 11/16/2004 6:21:29 AM

Congrats!...beautiful #916378

Laura Berman 11/16/2004 6:30:40 AM

Congrats on this your finalists for this wonderful photo--I can't say I'm surprised to see it getting noticed! #916435

Robert Goodman 11/16/2004 6:36:53 AM

Congratulations,Deborah.On all your finalist,very well done!!!!! #916476

Karen Bacon 11/16/2004 8:15:27 AM

Congratulations Deborah!! #916968

Karen Engelbreth 11/16/2004 8:25:42 AM

Congratulations, Debby! #917004

Colette M. Metcalf 11/16/2004 1:30:42 PM

Congrats Debby!!! #917870

Anette Linnea Rasmussen 11/17/2004 12:33:49 AM

Beautiful Debby!
Congrats on your win!

Best wishes Linnea #919296

Dan Holm 11/17/2004 12:42:28 AM

Alright, Debby!! CONGRATULATIONS on your WIN!!! #919330

Kathleen Clemons 11/17/2004 4:00:16 AM

Congrats on your win, Debby! #919742

Wally Orlowsky 11/17/2004 4:03:37 AM

Congratulations of this beautiful winner, Deborah! #919759

Steve Casey 11/17/2004 4:03:56 AM

Congratulations on your win, Deborah! This is a wonderful shot. #919760

Cathy Gregor 11/17/2004 4:08:50 AM

Congratulations on your win, Debby!
-cathy #919785

Alan L. Borror 11/17/2004 4:40:39 AM

Congratulations on your win, Deborah! #919880

S J 11/17/2004 4:56:28 AM

Congratulations, Deborah!! A well deserved WIN!!!! #919939

Diane Addonizio 11/17/2004 5:27:09 AM

Congratulations, Deborah! #920057

Robert Goodman 11/17/2004 6:32:22 AM

Congratulations,Deborah.Well done!!!! #920288

Sharon Day 11/17/2004 6:32:24 AM

Congratulations, Debby!!! Beautiful photo!!! #920289

Gloria B. Wood 11/17/2004 7:41:44 AM

Congrats Debby...this is wonderful! #920502

Susan T. Evans 11/17/2004 8:14:52 AM

congrats Deb, this is terrific. #920589

Terry R. Hatfield 11/17/2004 9:54:46 AM

Congratulations On Your Win Debbie, Very Nice Image And Well Deserved:-) #920804

Deborah C. Lewinson 11/17/2004 10:20:59 AM

WOW, thank you all so very much for your congratulations and support!

Thank you, Linnea, Kelly, Donna, Kathy, Laura, Robin, Karen B, Karen E, Colette, Dan, Kathleen, Wally, Steve, Cathy, Alan, Sanjay, Diane, Robert, Sharon, Gloria, Susan, and Terry, you all are superb photographers and your kind words are greatly appreciated!

Debby #920862

Allan L. Whitehead 11/17/2004 1:23:18 PM

Debby, congratulations on this wonderful win, it is very richly deserved, my dear friend - your good friend, Allan #921345

Dale Gast 11/17/2004 1:57:01 PM

Congratulations, Debby! This is wonderful!!! #921428

Stanley J. Contrades 11/17/2004 1:57:19 PM

Fabulous, Debby, and CONGRATULATIONS on your win with this gorgeous scene!
Much Aloha,
Stan #921429

Wendy M. Amdahl 11/17/2004 2:21:49 PM

Beautiful image equals one great win! Congrats again Debby! #921495

Kelly Abernathy 11/17/2004 3:53:54 PM

Way to go Debby! Congrats on your win! -K #921791

Jennifer Rennison 11/17/2004 4:51:35 PM

Congratulations on your win, Deborah! #921954

Mary K. Robison 11/17/2004 5:18:37 PM

Congratulations on a well-deserved win, Deborah! #922013

Stephen Zacker 11/17/2004 6:39:04 PM

Fantastic fall scenic and colors. Congratulations Deborah! #922222

William C. Raco 11/17/2004 7:15:36 PM

Beautiful work, Debby!
Congratulations and best wishes

bill #922309

Deborah C. Lewinson 11/17/2004 7:28:38 PM

Thank you Allan, Dale, Stan, Wendy, K, Jennifer, Mary, Stephen, and Bill, I appreciate your terrific comments!!!

You make winning even more special!

-Debby #922329

Colette M. Metcalf 11/17/2004 7:49:25 PM

Congratulations on your win, Debby!!!! #922360

Deborah C. Lewinson 11/17/2004 7:55:59 PM

Many thanks, Colette!!

Debby #922369

Jonna Bergström 11/17/2004 11:55:58 PM

Congratulations, Deborah!!! #922579

Debra Booth 11/18/2004 4:33:45 AM

Congratulations, Debby!! #923015

Corry Berghout 11/18/2004 4:34:33 AM

Congratulations Debby. #923019

Deborah C. Lewinson 11/18/2004 5:05:31 PM

Thank you Jonna, Debra, and Corry for your kind words. Looking forward to viewing more of your beautiful images at BP.

Debby #924305

Pamela C.M Lammersen 1/31/2005 8:14:35 AM

hello Debby
I just saw your image and it is very impressive, I was hoping to get some great autumn colours last year but our autumn was kind of 'poopie' so I didnt have too much luck.
a lovely image .. great work
-Pamela #1075008

Life Expressions 2/2/2006 8:27:33 PM

Absolutely gorgeous Debby! Love it! #2370752

Steven E. Ray 7/18/2007 2:43:08 PM

You are certainly one of the better photographer on BetterPhoto :) Each one is outstanding. I really enjoy mills and such, and this capture is breathtaking! #4523827

Carol Teal 5/24/2011 1:20:08 AM

Stunning color and wonderful comp! Congrats on the win! #9424967

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Speedwell Lake is in Northwest NJ. This autumn is particularly spectacular, probably due to a wet summer and wind free fall. This image was cropped slightly to eliminate a fisherman who could have been identified. The colors are real, no adjustments have been made.

Uploaded on 10/26/2004 4:23:05 AM

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