"American Dawg"

© Donna J. Taff

Paul Michko 7/24/2004 6:17:48 AM

I salute tis fine solder from the K9 squadron. LOL!!! Great shot, Donna. #151017

Charlene Bayerle 7/24/2004 6:27:36 AM

What a awesome shot Donna!!!!! Piranha should be very proud!!!! #667228

William C. Raco 7/24/2004 6:51:57 AM

Great shot, Donna!
Love the uniform ;-)

bill #667287

Allan L. Whitehead 7/24/2004 7:02:40 AM

Marvelous photograph, Donna, I love it all and her 'hat' is terrific. Very well done, my very dear friend - your good friend, Allan #667307

Colette M. Metcalf 7/24/2004 7:03:31 AM

Love it!!! #667311

Stephen Zacker 7/24/2004 7:12:39 AM

Very cute image and title Donna! :-) #667349

Susan T. Parady 7/24/2004 7:18:36 AM

Piranha must be a great sport to dress up like this. Terrfic shot, the background is wonderful for this. #667372

Michael Wehrman 7/24/2004 7:19:45 AM

Great image Donna #667378

Donna J. Taff 7/24/2004 7:25:50 AM

Thank's so much for the fine comment's, Paul, Charlene, Bill, Allan, Colette, Stephen , Susan and Mike!!!!! Piranha love's to play dress up with me. I have lot's of outfit's for her but the one she hate's is Santa Claus!!!!! #667392

Gail Vitikacs 7/24/2004 7:30:28 AM

You broke all of the rules of creativity with this treasure!!! I love this!!! Make cards of this....! #667402

Donna J. Taff 7/24/2004 7:32:54 AM

Thankyou soo much Gail, your kind word's mean so much to me!!!!! #667409

Wally Orlowsky 7/24/2004 7:46:11 AM

Great shot, Donna ... he seems to be standing at attention like a good soldier. #667443

Carolyn M. Fletcher 7/24/2004 8:19:06 AM

Wonderful!!! This is sooooooooo great! #667527

Karen Bacon 7/24/2004 8:58:04 AM

What agreat humorous shot Donna!That dog is adorable! #667616

Donna J. Taff 7/24/2004 8:58:25 AM

Thank's so much, Wally and Carolyn!!!! #667619

Shirley L. Carpenter 7/24/2004 10:13:53 AM

Excellent Donna!! Love it!!!!! #667769

Donna J. Taff 7/24/2004 11:53:21 AM

Thank's so much for the nice comment's, Karen and Shirley!!!! #667863

Jim Kinnunen 7/24/2004 8:14:17 PM

An absolutely fantastic image!! #668168

Donna J. Taff 7/25/2004 6:48:29 AM

Thankyou so much, Jim!!!! #668612

Mary K. Robison 8/9/2004 10:39:18 PM

Wonderful all the way around, Donna! Piranha is a cutie-patootie, and that hat ~ too much! It's a toss-up which is funnier: the arrangement of the hat, or her expression! #697262

Donna J. Taff 8/10/2004 4:03:38 AM

Thankyou so much, Maey!!!!!! #697663

Mary K. Robison 8/14/2004 1:23:58 AM

YEEESSSSSSS!! Am I surprised, Donna?
CONGRATULATIONS on you and Piranha-pooch making finalist! Best of luck next level with it! #707042

Ellen L. Zaslaw 8/14/2004 1:34:20 AM

WunderfuL !!! #707058

ilana peled 8/14/2004 1:55:38 AM

Congratulations Donna. #707102

Terry R. Hatfield 8/14/2004 3:38:05 AM

Congrats To You On Your Finalist Donna!! #707302

Karen Engelbreth 8/14/2004 3:49:08 AM

Cute image - congrats to you, Donna! #707324

Wally Orlowsky 8/14/2004 4:53:40 AM

Congratulations on this finalist, Donna! #707550

Darren K. Fisher 8/14/2004 5:40:10 AM

What a great portrait, so very well deserved Donna, congrats. #707740

Cindy Cone 8/14/2004 5:45:35 AM

Congrats on this great image, Donna! #707763

William C. Raco 8/14/2004 5:53:09 AM

Very cute!
Congratulations, Donna!

bill #707820

Claudia Kuhn 8/14/2004 6:07:59 AM

Congrats Donna! #707918

Jennifer Rennison 8/14/2004 7:57:24 AM

Wonderful!! Congratulations, Donna! #708438

Deborah Sandidge 8/14/2004 8:08:59 AM

Adorable and so creative, congrats to you, Donna! #708501

Jim Kinnunen 8/14/2004 8:20:59 AM

Congrats and good luck! #708558

Susan T. Evans 8/14/2004 8:34:58 AM

Congrats Donna, terrific image , well deserved! #708661

Kelly Abernathy 8/14/2004 8:47:48 AM

Congratulations! -K #708757

Donna J. Taff 8/14/2004 9:08:48 AM

Thankyou so much for the congrat's, Mary , Ellen , Ilana , Terry, Karen, Wally ,Darren, Cindy, Bill, Claudia, Jennifer, Deborah, Jim, Susan, and K.!!!!!!! I feel quite honored right now! #708839

Tammy McAllister 8/14/2004 9:46:38 AM

Just adorable Donna...congratulations.
Tammy #709079

Brenda W. LaFleur 8/14/2004 10:38:54 AM

Congrats, Donna! Nice job with your little soldier :) #709352

Murry Grigsby 8/14/2004 10:50:04 AM

Congrats Donna! #709377

Karen Beri 8/14/2004 11:05:15 AM

Congratulations Donna on this great photo! #709439

Donna J. Taff 8/14/2004 11:06:09 AM

Thankyou so much for the congrat's, Tammy, Brenda, Murry and Karen!!!! #709445

Kathleen Clemons 8/14/2004 1:04:15 PM

Congrats, Donna. #710006

Colette M. Metcalf 8/14/2004 2:32:12 PM

Congratulations, Donna!!! #710277

Allan L. Whitehead 8/14/2004 2:39:30 PM

Donna, congratulations on reaching the finals with this wonderful photograph. It is very richly deserved, my dear friend - your friend, Allan

ps - I'm sure it was greatly advantaged by the 'hat', eh… - 'A', … #710298

Janet Detota 8/14/2004 5:08:56 PM

Too cute, Donna! Very creative, too! Congratulations and good luck next round!! #710603

Isabel L 8/15/2004 1:05:16 AM

Awww cute Donna!! Congrats on this photograph! #711291

Karen Beri 8/15/2004 1:22:07 AM

Congratulations on your win Donna!!!! #711318

Colette M. Metcalf 8/15/2004 3:39:03 AM

Way to go, Donna!! Congratulations!! #711444

Patricia A. Kuniega 8/15/2004 3:55:54 AM

The cutest shot! Congratulations on such a super win Donna! I think you owe this little soldier a special meal! : ) #711465

Cathy Gregor 8/15/2004 5:30:26 AM

Such a cute shot! Congratulations.
-cathy #711673

Allan L. Whitehead 8/15/2004 5:38:54 AM

Donna, CONGRATULATIONS on this win, eh… Very well done, again, my very dear friend, this is well deserved - your dear friend, Allan #711707

Cathy T. Vettes 8/15/2004 5:59:22 AM

Congradulations on your win Donna !!! #711780

Ed Isaacs 8/15/2004 6:05:55 AM

Congratulations, Donna. #711809

Cindy Cone 8/15/2004 6:09:34 AM

Congrats, Donna! #711822

Joy Brown 8/15/2004 6:20:05 AM

Congratulations on this awesome image, Donna! #711862

Deborah Sandidge 8/15/2004 7:22:55 AM

Big congrats to you, Donna and to your cute little pooch! :o) #712059

Susan T. Evans 8/15/2004 8:38:06 AM

Congrats Donna on your well deserved win! #712163

Jim Kinnunen 8/15/2004 8:54:19 AM

Congratulations on a great wining image!!! #712240

Wally Orlowsky 8/15/2004 9:31:23 AM

Congrats on this well-deserved win, Donna! #712328

ilana peled 8/15/2004 9:34:43 AM

Congratulations Donna. #712334

Jim Kinnunen 8/15/2004 9:34:44 AM

Congratulations on creating a fantastic wining image!!! #712335

Michael Wehrman 8/15/2004 10:12:07 AM

Congrats Donna way to go #712374

Donna J. Taff 8/15/2004 11:41:39 AM

Thank's to everyone for the congratulation's!!!!! I appreciate it very much. #712546

Janet Detota 8/15/2004 12:00:58 PM

Congrats on your win, Donna!! #712611

Dale Ann Cubbage 8/15/2004 12:01:45 PM

Congrats to you and your puppy Donna! this is too cute! #712615

Donna J. Taff 8/15/2004 1:28:31 PM

Thank's so much, Janet and Dale Ann!!!!! #712823

Murry Grigsby 8/15/2004 1:54:07 PM

Congratulations on your win Donna! #712893

Robin L. Wehrman 8/15/2004 1:56:06 PM

Excellent shot and a perfect capture and love the unform. Congratulations on your win Donna! Sorry I missed this one Robin. #712896

William C. Raco 8/15/2004 2:17:28 PM

Great job, Donna

bill #712955

Karen Bacon 8/15/2004 2:43:29 PM

Congratulations Donna on your win!That dog is just tooooooooooo cute!! #713023

Paul Michko 8/15/2004 4:03:04 PM

Congratulations, Donna. Excellent winner. #713148

Mary K. Robison 8/15/2004 4:13:30 PM

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on the win I have been waiting to see! Thrilled for you, Lady! #713177

Terry R. Hatfield 8/15/2004 4:54:28 PM

Congratulations To You Donna On Your Win An Excellent Image:-) #713270

Donna J. Taff 8/15/2004 5:41:56 PM

Thankyou so much for the congratulation's everyone!!!! I am so happy to have won second place and so is my little Piranha!!!!! #713313

Evy Johansen 8/15/2004 6:51:12 PM

Wonderful image! Many congratulations on your well deserved win, Donna!! #713440

Donna J. Taff 8/15/2004 7:59:16 PM

Thankyou so much, Evy, I appreciate all of these congrat's so much!!!!!!! #713485

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 8/15/2004 9:07:35 PM

Hi Donna!! Wow this is so cute!! I am so very happy for your win. Love this image, and value your work. Well done. #713562

Diane Addonizio 8/15/2004 9:23:46 PM

Congratulations! #713581

Donna W. Neal 8/16/2004 4:45:55 AM

How cute is this one Donna. Congratulations on this win! #714056

Heather L. Jacks 8/16/2004 4:57:15 AM

Congratulations! A wonderful image! #714082

Gail Vitikacs 8/16/2004 6:57:44 AM

Fabulous win!! #714508

Janice Forrest 8/16/2004 8:55:37 AM

Way to go Donna! #714877

Donna J. Taff 8/16/2004 9:50:19 AM

Thank's so much for the congratulation's, Donna P. , Diane ,Donna N. , Heather, Gail and Janice!!!!!! #714979

Mette Vendelboe Allison 8/16/2004 10:19:49 AM

Big congrats from me, Donna:-)Thank you for all your kind supportive comments! I cherish them! #715070

Kelly Abernathy 8/16/2004 11:01:32 AM

Way to go Donna! Congratulations on your win! -K #715190

Donna J. Taff 8/16/2004 6:14:41 PM

Thankyou so much for the congratulation'w, Mette and K.!!!!!!! #715986

Susana Matos 8/17/2004 1:58:04 PM

Congratulations! Very cute and greatly done!
Cheers from Portugal, Su #717634

Donna J. Taff 8/17/2004 4:51:01 PM

Thankyou so much, Susana, for the congratulation's!!!!!!! #717922

Diane Dupuis 8/19/2004 5:24:39 PM

Adorable! Congrats! #721812

Donna J. Taff 8/19/2004 6:25:01 PM

Thank's so much, Diane!!!!!! #722125

Carol Brill 8/20/2004 8:51:59 PM

A belated congratulations on this fine work, Donna! #724822

Donna J. Taff 8/21/2004 2:24:46 PM

Thankyou very much, Carol!!!!!!! #726470

Stephen Zacker 8/22/2004 6:50:30 AM

Very cute and well done. Congratulations Donna! #727404

Donna J. Taff 8/22/2004 9:47:45 AM

Thankyou very much, Stephen!!!!!! #727815

Anette Linnea Rasmussen 8/23/2004 8:48:48 AM

Great job, Donna! Very well done!
Congrats on your win!

Many regards
Linnea #729839

Amanda Price 8/23/2004 9:46:04 AM

lol! Great job, Donna! Love your dog's name!! #729966

Donna J. Taff 8/23/2004 9:55:03 AM

Thankyou so much for the congrat's, Linnea and Amanda!!!!! Amanda, Piranha got her name because she can be really mean when she's eating and you try to get her food!!!!!! #729981

Amanda Price 8/23/2004 9:59:28 AM

Ah...very fitting then! I'll have to tell my dad. He get a chuckle out of it! We once had a dog named 'Tootie'. It was short for her registered name 'Dayspring's Rude Attitude', but she lived up to her name in more ways than one! ;) #729989

Donna J. Taff 8/23/2004 4:42:17 PM

Amanda isn't it funny how much we love our pet's. they all have their own personalitie's. My little Piranha sleep's with me; she think's she's human or else she think's I;m a dog!!! #730568

Peggy Wolff 9/3/2004 7:43:06 AM

I just saw this for the first time Donna, congratulations on your win! Very creative dog portrait! #753526

Rita Richter 9/3/2004 8:04:12 AM

Nice shot Donna and congrats! #753598

Donna J. Taff 9/3/2004 10:53:43 AM

Thank's so much on the kind word's, Peggy and Rita!!!!! #753917

Kathleen K. Parker 9/8/2004 8:44:34 AM

Congratulations on the American Dawg. I just saw that....anyway, I think it is superb.
Kathleen #762433

Donna J. Taff 9/8/2004 6:11:01 PM

Thankyou very much, Kathleen!!!!! #763523

Roger D. Meador 9/13/2004 4:48:13 PM

Just saw this, it is GREAT. #774341

Donna J. Taff 9/13/2004 4:53:34 PM

Thankyou very much, Roger!!!!! #774362

Amanda E. Radovic 9/26/2004 3:01:13 PM

she looks to cute to be mean - but then again, food IS food!! Great pic and congrats. #806442

Donna J. Taff 9/26/2004 4:56:01 PM

Thank's for commenting on my photo, American Dawg, Amanda!!!! She's only mean when she's eating and then it's every dog for herself!!!!! #806608

Liandra Barry 6/11/2005 12:48:57 PM

Dear Piranha, I think you're absolutely gorgeous in that uniform. Please tell your mama that she took a great picture and I love the composition. It is a winner indeed. Love, Liandra PS: woof woof... woof! #1458705

Donna J. Taff 6/11/2005 5:25:00 PM

Piaranha say's to tell you thank you very much for the great comment and I thank you too, Liandra!!! #1459295

Susie Peek-Swint 9/14/2005 3:13:29 PM

Don't know how I missed this beauty ~ wonderful capture of your dog with his lovely sparkling eyes ~ a well-deserved win Donna! #1837972

Donna J. Taff 9/14/2005 8:16:03 PM

thankyou soo much for the wonderful coment, Susan!!! #1838937

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Yhis is my dog Piranha. I thought I'd set her up to be a soldier. Camera was set on motion and normal.

Uploaded on 7/24/2004 6:14:04 AM

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