Sunlit Summers

© Susan Fox

Sunlit Summers

Alexis Yobbagy 9/10/2007 2:57:15 PM

BEAUTIFUL composition!!! Lovely tones and details and great work with the light!!! #735200

Darby Struchtemeyer 9/10/2007 3:03:07 PM

Beautiful! #4773859

Susie Peek-Swint 9/10/2007 3:03:38 PM

Lovely dreamy image Susan ~ you make a great model! #4773863

Jeff Robinson 9/10/2007 3:05:34 PM

Terrific composition and color; nice work Susan! Jeff #4773875

Dr Silly 9/10/2007 3:10:22 PM

beautiful, love the colors. :O)

Tammy Bergström 9/10/2007 3:11:44 PM

What a lovely summerphoto.... a memory to keep for ever! #4773904

Sharon King 9/10/2007 3:16:35 PM

This has such a great feel to it, what a wonderful image! #4773920

Amber Kennedy 9/10/2007 3:41:03 PM

Super great image! #4773967

Emily E. Bem 9/10/2007 3:45:33 PM

I'm just gonna say it...

YOUR WORK KICKS SERIOUS BUM!!!! Woman, you make me jealous...LOL! :)))) I'm sure we will see this again! #4773983

Michelle L. Frick 9/10/2007 4:19:03 PM

Incredibly beautiful Susan! I'm so impressed that this is a SP!! WOW! Love the setting, your light, the mood, all of it- just fabulous!! #4774104

Datha Y. Thompson 9/10/2007 5:12:13 PM

GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I LOVE what Emily wrote!!! Its true!!!!! :0) #4774341

Carla J. Pomroy 9/10/2007 5:29:05 PM

Beautiful and graceful. Nice colors and composition. One to enjoy for many years. This one needs to been seen enlarged to show all of its beauty. It really stands out.

Susan T. Evans 9/10/2007 5:44:52 PM

It's just awesome Susan, I hope you save this one, I just love it. Wow. #4774429

Susan Fox 9/10/2007 5:46:29 PM

Thank you Alexis, Darby, Susie, Jeff, Doc, Tammy, Sharon, Amber, Emily, Michelle, Datha and Carla!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments :-) #4774432

Susan Fox 9/10/2007 5:48:39 PM

Thank you Susan :-) You must have been posting the same time I was. #4774440

Cindy Harter 9/10/2007 5:56:43 PM

It was the blue blue sky and comp that made me stop... look at this beautiful image and then go thru your gallery... What a treat! I enjoyed every image! Thank you for sharing your work with us!! #4774465

Christopher Budny 9/10/2007 6:59:37 PM

What a gorgeous image, Susan! Beautiful sky, great pose, almost has a wistful, or perhaps, turn-of-the-century, feel to it.
I think you should double the model's pay... ;) #4774628

Susan Fox 9/10/2007 7:14:06 PM

I am truly honored by all the praise. Thank you Cindy and Chris!

Chris this photo is my homage to Frank Benson, one of my favorite painters :-) #4774673

Margie Hurwich 9/10/2007 7:55:28 PM

Simply beautiful, Susan! #4774802

Susan M. Hembree 9/10/2007 10:36:29 PM

I just love this, Susan! It's such a beautiful capture--looks very much like a painting! #4775269

Les Rhoades 9/10/2007 10:44:53 PM

Magical....Storybook stuff. We all can see why you win so much. You're good! ;o)

Les #4775291

Pat Gamwell 9/10/2007 10:49:07 PM

A true winner here, Susan! SUPERB! #4775298

Katarina Mansson 9/10/2007 11:18:36 PM

Lovely summer photo Susan! The colors, lighting, composition and detail are amazing. Is it you in the picture?! #4775330

Nikki McDonald 9/11/2007 3:46:05 AM

This is a beautiful composition, Susan. Reread all the above accolades :) It will surely be a winner. #4775986

Joy Rector 9/11/2007 5:42:17 AM

excellent #4776576

Susan Fox 9/11/2007 10:02:39 AM

Thank you Margie, Susan, Les, Pat, Katarina, Nikki and Joy :-)


Betsy Labuschagne 9/11/2007 1:52:01 PM

Outstanding Susan!!! #4778413

Sharon Day 9/11/2007 2:05:05 PM

I totally love this, Susan!!! It's going to be a winner! I just can not imagine it won't! #4778462

Wendy Bristol 9/11/2007 5:31:23 PM

Susan, this is so well done. The colors are gorgeous and the comp is perfect! #4779111

Nikki McDonald 9/12/2007 4:50:09 PM

Well, it's on its way. Congratulations on the EFP :) #4782965

Colleen Farrell 9/12/2007 5:28:42 PM

Beautiful! I can see why this is a favorite of yours! #4783067

Susan Fox 9/12/2007 7:18:23 PM

Thank you Betsy, Sharon, Wendy, Nikki and Colleen :-) #4783532

paola A. Jofre 9/13/2007 6:22:17 AM

Composition is perfect Susan!! Love the colors and the effect. Stunning image!! :) #4785511

Debra R. Harder 9/13/2007 7:23:05 AM

Gosh, Susan...every time I check your gallery you have more amazing captures! This is like ALL your images! Deb #4785875

Ken Ilio 9/13/2007 8:41:02 AM

So dreamy ... beautiful colors! #4786213

Megan p 9/13/2007 7:05:31 PM

WOW!!!!! what Emily Bem said!!:):) #4788121

Susan Fox 9/14/2007 11:15:10 AM

Thank you Cheri, Paola, Deb, Ken and Megan :-) #4791043

Sheri L. Lefty 9/16/2007 3:49:14 AM

Susan...the colors and softness grabbed my attention, what a wonderful piece of art. #4797391

Susan Fox 9/16/2007 12:41:04 PM

Thank you Sheri :-) #4799105

Toni Riggs 9/17/2007 1:09:44 AM

Lovely composition and color. Beautiful image! #4801100

Lisa J. Boulden 9/17/2007 8:21:13 AM


Love this series of your, Susan! I think we'll see this one again!

Marcel J. Fernandez 9/17/2007 9:49:05 PM

Classic beauty!!!

<>< #4805327

Susan Fox 9/18/2007 4:54:40 PM

Thank you Toni, Lisa and Marcel :-) #4808861

Ronald F. Fischer 9/20/2007 2:31:59 PM

Very beautiful capture! THe lighting, composition, colors and clarity are perfect! #4817492

Dianna Hauf 9/20/2007 10:39:29 PM

Oh my....picture perfect & beautiful!!! #4818633

Jodi Zimmer 9/21/2007 11:54:15 AM

I would have this in a frame on my wall...gorgeous work. #4821638

William C. Raco 9/22/2007 7:10:50 AM

Absolutely beautiful!
What a wonderful photo, Susan
A favorite of mine

Bill #4826981

Susan Fox 9/22/2007 10:51:00 AM

Thank you Ronald, Dianna, Jodi and Bill :-) #4827782

Steven E. Ray 9/23/2007 11:56:15 AM

This is simply stunning Susan! Would expect to find something like this at your finer frame retail centers. Just excellent! ~ #4832917

Daniella Puente 9/24/2007 8:19:05 AM

Beautiful photo, excellent composed and with lovely elements! #4837195

Terri L. Quartucci 9/24/2007 9:00:35 AM

Amazing! Beautiful! Such a talent! #4837396

Susan Fox 9/24/2007 11:35:13 AM

Thank you Steven, Daniella and Terri :-) #4838297

Shelly A. Van Camp 9/26/2007 4:29:12 PM

Very Beautiful! #4850222

Cesar J. La Rosa 10/10/2007 11:47:48 AM

Beautiful Self-Portrait, Susan!!! Excellent composition, colors, PS work and lighting. I came to this photograph after listening to your interview on BP Radio. Congratulations, my friend!!!
Cesar #4908330

Susan Fox 10/11/2007 3:45:33 PM

Thank you Shelly and Cesar :-) #4913523

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 10/19/2007 6:16:23 PM

Pure magic Susan! #4950835

Susan Fox 10/21/2007 1:59:59 PM

Thank you Donna :-) #4957605

Michelle L. Frick 10/24/2007 7:57:25 PM

Congratulations Susan on your beautiful finalist!!! #4974190

Tamera S. Phillips 10/24/2007 8:17:42 PM

Congratulation on this well deserved Finalist. #4974393

Marcel J. Fernandez 10/24/2007 9:12:08 PM

Congratulations Susan on your selection as a Finalist. This image is one of my ALL-Time favorites. I look forward to seeing this work of art the winners circle. #4975113

Susan M. Hembree 10/24/2007 9:23:41 PM

I really think this is Grand Prize material, Susan! Congratulations on such a beautiful finalist! #4975247

Carol Teal 10/24/2007 9:41:29 PM

Definitely one of my favorites Susan, so I can see how it is yours too. Congrats on this beautiful finalist and lovely SP. I love the dreamy look of this one. #4975413

Sylvia Rossler 10/24/2007 9:49:13 PM

Definately a winner in my book !! Big congrats on your beautiful finalist Susan :O) #4975506

Pat Gamwell 10/24/2007 10:01:28 PM

This was a DEFINITE win, Susan! LOVE it! #4975625

Cindy Bendush 10/24/2007 10:53:43 PM

STUNNING Susan - an exeptional image and a winner in my book! Congratulations on your finalist! #4975936

Jessica Jenney 10/25/2007 2:06:29 AM

Congratulations, Susan on this stunning finalist! #4976453

Cyn Valentine 10/25/2007 4:35:50 AM

Super!! Big congratulations Susan!! #4977163

Anna Diederich 10/25/2007 5:57:43 AM

Congrats on your stunning finalist, Susan! #4977754

Vicki Zoller 10/25/2007 6:17:54 AM

Susan...congrats to you on this exquisite shot... #4977977

Michelle Lea Guinn 10/25/2007 7:10:40 AM

Beautiful image!!! Congratulations!! mlg~ #4978599

Megan p 10/25/2007 7:29:29 AM

This is SO beautiful Susan!! Congratulations!! #4978753

Debra R. Harder 10/25/2007 9:27:20 AM

A very BIG CONGRATS, Susan, on this beautiful masterpiece! Deb #4979579

Teresa Norris 10/25/2007 10:45:06 AM

This series is just breathtaking. Congratulations, Susan! #4980109

Susan Fox 10/25/2007 11:53:21 AM

Thank you all so much!!!! #4980509

Colleen Farrell 10/25/2007 12:28:12 PM

WTG, Susan!! Hope to see a gold on this one. Congratulations, and good luck in the next round! #4980696

Colleen Farrell 10/25/2007 4:41:27 PM

Congrats on this masterpiece. One of these will take the prize!! #4982076

Emily E. Bem 10/25/2007 6:27:57 PM

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) #4982636

Betsy Labuschagne 10/26/2007 12:23:56 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist Susan!!! #4983710

Don Chen 10/26/2007 1:17:16 AM

Once again. Congratulations on your finalists! #4983889

Shelly A. Van Camp 10/26/2007 4:54:44 AM

YES! I am so happy to see that this was chosen!!! It is Beautiful and congrats, Susan! #4984465

Susan Fox 10/26/2007 9:08:42 AM

Thank you Colleen, Deborah, Emily, Betsy, Don and Shelly :-) #4985765

John Caruso 10/26/2007 2:13:20 PM

Congrats on your fantastic second place win! #4986696

Sharon Day 10/26/2007 2:21:41 PM

Big congratulations on your win, Susan!!! One of my favorites! I'm glad to see it in the winner's circle! #4986758

Nikki McDonald 10/26/2007 2:21:42 PM

Oh, yes, Susan--we're all cheering. This is such a deserving winner. Congratulations. #4986759

Emily E. Bem 10/26/2007 2:22:48 PM

I want to borrow some of your FIRE, woman!!!!

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #4986768

Susan M. Hembree 10/26/2007 2:32:57 PM

Congratulations, Susan! I just love this one! #4986869

Jane M 10/26/2007 2:35:35 PM

Congrats Susan, very well worked image! #4986893

Michelle L. Frick 10/26/2007 2:37:41 PM

Congratulations on the gold Susan!! #4986906

Cyn Valentine 10/26/2007 2:46:45 PM

wTG..big congratulations Susan!! Beautiful winner! #4986972

Cesar J. La Rosa 10/26/2007 2:53:33 PM

Congratulations on this FABULOUS Winner, Susan!!!
Cesar #4987037

Jessica Jenney 10/26/2007 3:30:50 PM

Congratulations, Susan on this beautiful win! #4987253

Bob Cournoyer 10/26/2007 4:02:27 PM

Oh Yeah!! Way to go, Susan.. :-)

Bob #4987394

Leslie McLain 10/26/2007 4:03:10 PM

Congrats for your great win. #4987399

Debra R. Harder 10/26/2007 5:06:16 PM


Datha Y. Thompson 10/26/2007 7:01:00 PM

CONGRATULATIONS Susan!!!! YOU are AWESOME Girl!!! :0) #4988158

Colleen Farrell 10/26/2007 7:06:52 PM

You're on fire this month, Susan! :) Big congratulations on this terrific winner! #4988206

Susan Fox 10/26/2007 7:10:51 PM

Thank you everyone for all your congrats :-)

I'm so happy this one made second place. It will always be one of my favorites. #4988237

eileen bedford 10/26/2007 7:17:21 PM

Congratulations on this AWESOME capture... #4988287

Casey A. Hanson 10/26/2007 7:53:32 PM

Congratulations on this outstanding winner, Susan! :0) #4988411

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 10/26/2007 7:53:51 PM

Congratulations Susan, this really is lovely! #4988412

Anna Diederich 10/26/2007 7:57:59 PM

So happy to see this one win! It's so lovely! Congratulations, Susan!! #4988430

Marie Fields 10/26/2007 7:58:42 PM

simply wonderful!... Congratulations, Susan! :) #4988433

Evy Johansen 10/26/2007 8:31:07 PM

Big congratulations on your very beautiful and well deserved win, Susan!!! #4988523

Lisa J. Boulden 10/26/2007 9:15:28 PM

Congrats, Susan!!!
So glad this one won!!!
--Lisa #4988666

Nadya Johnson 10/26/2007 11:45:01 PM

What a gorgeous image! Congratulations on your very beautiful winner, Susan! #4988921

Tarun Bose 10/27/2007 2:42:15 AM

Big congrats Susan for your second place winner. #4989187

Les Rhoades 10/27/2007 3:05:16 AM

Congratulations on your GOLD medal win! Hat Trick!!
Les #4989234

Jeff Robinson 10/27/2007 5:17:41 AM

Congrats Susan on this Outstanding Win! Jeff #4989550

Wally Orlowsky 10/27/2007 5:26:05 AM

Congratulations on this delightful winner, Susan! #4989594

Donna W. Neal 10/27/2007 6:47:33 AM

Such a beautiful scene.
Congratulations on a well deserved Winner Susan #4990138

Cassie L. Woodlee 10/27/2007 7:36:35 AM

Congratulations, Susan!!!!!!!!! #4990434

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 10/27/2007 7:57:17 AM

BIG Congrats on "ALL" your win's Susan! #4990538

Mick Burkey 10/27/2007 4:37:23 PM

Beautiful, and a winner! Congratulations, Susan. #4992247

Susan Fox 10/27/2007 4:42:26 PM

Thank you everyone :-) #4992274

Susan T. Evans 10/27/2007 9:58:48 PM

Congrats Susan on this awesome winner, but not surprised at all!!!! Whoooo Hooooooooooooooooo, WTG!!!! #4993010

Carol Teal 10/27/2007 11:28:23 PM

So lovely! Congrats on your win Susan! #4993147

Christopher Budny 10/28/2007 8:10:54 AM

Susan, I'm so happy to see your beach images win! Congratulations! Now I KNOW you must double your model's pay! ;) #4994427

Chastity Abbott 10/28/2007 8:44:19 AM

Gorgeous!!!! HUGE congrats!!!!!!! #4994606

Susan Fox 10/28/2007 9:35:10 AM

Thank you Susan, Carol, Chris and Chastity! #4994794

Sylvia Rossler 10/28/2007 10:01:33 AM

Happy to see this one among the winners !! Big congrats Susan :O) #4994873

Megan p 10/28/2007 12:24:37 PM

FABULOUS!!!! I am so please to see this one and your other ones as WINNERS!! :) #4995272

Susan Fox 10/28/2007 1:46:00 PM

Thank you Sylvia and Megan :-) #4995545

Susan Fox 10/28/2007 1:48:41 PM

BIG CONGRATULATIONS on your beautiful winner here! I'm so happy for you. You deserve it. I would put these on my wall! #4995555

Jenny Bosmans 10/29/2007 4:24:58 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful winner, Susan! :) #4998460

Dr Silly 10/30/2007 1:20:53 PM

Congratulations Susan for your Gold on this wonderful photo. :O)

Susan Fox 10/30/2007 1:26:01 PM

Thank you Deborah, Jenny and Doc :-) #5005752

Corinne M. Thompson 11/3/2007 5:24:25 AM

So glad to see that this one captured gold...Congrats! #5022356

James Quantz Jr. 11/5/2007 8:45:21 PM

Congrats Susan! Great Image - JQ #5033302

Susan Fox 11/6/2007 6:30:38 AM

Thank you Corinne and James! #5034853

Ighniades Christelle 10/6/2008 5:13:28 AM

Susan!! I can explain a part of your personality throughout your captures and I can tell you that you have a great soul and pur one evenmore you are a mysterious person is it true??
ighniades #6559315

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