Light Up My Day

Carole Bruckner 7/30/2007 4:20:09 PM


Sandra M. High 7/30/2007 4:31:06 PM

Really beautiful colors! Very nice. #4579876

Phil Cannon 7/30/2007 4:59:28 PM

Donna, nice use of gradient and reflections - I like all these images of the pier - the silhouette works really well against each of the background compositions! #4579980

Mary Timman 7/30/2007 5:00:56 PM

Wow Donna, I don't know how you did all this, but it's awesome work and a gorgeous image. Love all the colors and the composition. #4579986

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 7/30/2007 5:11:05 PM

Very beautiful work, Donna!!!!!! k #4580027

Jessica Jenney 7/30/2007 5:25:32 PM

Gorgeous bold colors, silhouettes and wonderful perspective, Donna! #4580082

Jeff Robinson 7/30/2007 5:29:18 PM

I really like what you have done here Donna! Outstanding composition and use of effects! Jeff #4580092

David Phalen 7/30/2007 5:49:59 PM

Stunning! Fantastic comp, color and effects. #4580159

Kay E. Mahoney 7/30/2007 6:45:33 PM

Nice work, Donna. Beautiful colors. #4580339

Kay E. Mahoney 7/30/2007 6:55:44 PM

Spectacular Donna! The colors are beautiful. Cool reflection. :} #4580393

Melissa G. Meiselman 7/30/2007 7:53:26 PM

You have dazzling colors behind that wonderful silhouette, Donna!! #4580583

Ken Slade 7/30/2007 8:51:15 PM

Stunning colors, outstanding POV and composition. Nice silhouette. #4580748

randy dannheim 7/30/2007 9:46:40 PM

Still on of my favorites. #4580810

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 7/30/2007 9:53:41 PM

A big THANK YOU to all of you!! I'm really GLAD for the positive feedback!!! How AWESOME!!!!


David L. Luchowski 7/30/2007 10:07:52 PM

Beautiful image and effects,Donna. #4580831

Marilyn K. Lincecum 7/30/2007 11:39:02 PM

AWESOME in every way...fantastic colors. Beautifully done, Donna. #4580924

Karen K. Givens 7/31/2007 4:14:07 AM

Beautiful image Donna, love the colors. :) #4581637

Sherri Gorman 7/31/2007 5:04:06 AM

Gorgeous!!!! The colors are AWESOME!!!! Excellent image!!!! #4582019

Cyn Valentine 7/31/2007 8:05:57 AM

That's a stunner Donna..beautiful color and great silhouette!! Awesome image!! #4582696

Karen Engelbreth 7/31/2007 1:32:22 PM

Wonderful colors, Donna! #4583728

John Connolly 7/31/2007 2:19:03 PM

I was impressed with this one first time round Donna, but this re-worked version ia absolutely stunning! A fabulous presentation. #4583914

Shelly A. Van Camp 7/31/2007 4:23:37 PM

Beautiful..Great work and creative! #4584351

Nadine A. Lewis 7/31/2007 6:16:10 PM

WOW!!!! Donna, this is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! <>< #4584677

Sam Britt 8/1/2007 1:45:58 PM

Beautiful, great color effects & composition. #4588039

Dan Holm 8/1/2007 4:03:07 PM

Wow! Magnificent, Donna!! Looks like a Winnner to me! #4588414

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 8/1/2007 8:31:00 PM

Thanks again for your AMAZING comments, I truly appreciate it VERY much!!! #4589162

Dr Silly 8/2/2007 3:02:44 PM

Well it is very easy to see why this is a EP. Beautiful rich colors. :O)

Hector Contreras 8/4/2007 5:58:15 AM

Just stunning Donna!! Great comp and awesome colors.


Donna La Mattino Pagakis 8/4/2007 1:56:46 PM

Thank you Dr. Silly and Hector!! #4601266

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 8/4/2007 11:38:18 PM

Great composition and the colours are awesome. Excellent post processing work. Well done. #4602544

Geraldine E. Lefoe 8/5/2007 1:06:17 PM

Congrats Donna this is a stunning image and so is the earlier version, along with th erest of your gallery. You've obviously started out with an excellent shot to begin with, can you explain what you did to achieve this effect? #4604956

Pat Gamwell 8/5/2007 11:46:12 PM

Splendid work, Donna! OUTSTANDING color choices! #4606520

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 8/7/2007 3:36:28 PM

Thank you Geraldine and Pat.

This was done in Photoshop. I took the original image and desaturated it. Then I made a new layer. I used the gradient tool and adjusted it to the desired colors. Then flattened the image and cleaned it up.

I hope this helps!! I learned to do this on my own, so it is hard to explain. I'm so glad all of you like this effect!!!

Donna #4615269

Cindy Wong 8/7/2007 5:38:45 PM

Love the colors and effects! Excellent job, Donna! :) #4615722

Megan p 8/11/2007 4:12:05 PM

WOW, OUTSTANDING!!! Hope to see it again! #4633949

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 8/11/2007 8:30:53 PM

Thank you Cindy and Megan. Your comments are very kind and I appreciate it!!

Philippe Vieux-Jeanton 8/15/2007 11:41:35 PM

Are you from the planet Mars Donna? Stunning work! #4654552

Jim D. Keever 8/27/2007 11:59:21 AM

CONGRATS!! on your Finalist!!
Jim #4704863

Wayne T. Fisk 8/27/2007 12:27:53 PM

Totally Awesome! Congrats!
Wayne #4705036

Marijana Fajgl 8/27/2007 12:34:18 PM

fantastic work, Donna! Congratulations! #4705109

Phillip R. Connolly 8/27/2007 12:36:45 PM

This is a cool finish to the photograph Donna. Congratulations for your finalist...well deserved.

Phil #4705142

Heather 8/27/2007 12:37:47 PM

Congrats Donna!! :) #4705152

Dr Silly 8/27/2007 12:42:38 PM

Congratulations on your finalist, Donna. :O)

Mike D. Perez 8/27/2007 12:55:21 PM

Congratulation on your beautiful DD Finalist, Donna! #4705337

Jill Odice 8/27/2007 1:20:23 PM

A big Congrats Donna! #4705606

Susan T. Evans 8/27/2007 1:31:02 PM


Jessica Jenney 8/27/2007 1:54:17 PM

Congratulations, Donna on this beautiful finalist! #4705920

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 8/27/2007 2:27:14 PM

OH, I KNEW this one HAD to be finalist, NOW off to the WINNER CIRCLE, one of my favorite's, WTG and BIG CONGRAT'S #4706185

Dolly L. Davis 8/27/2007 2:50:36 PM

Congratulations on this finalist! It's awesome, love the colors! #4706427

Jim D. Keever 8/27/2007 3:06:52 PM

Superb Finalist!! #4706578

Nadya Johnson 8/27/2007 3:14:31 PM

Stunning, Donna! Congratulations on your gorgeous finalist! #4706636

Marta J. Baldwin 8/27/2007 3:51:45 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist Donna!!! #4706873

eileen bedford 8/27/2007 4:18:58 PM

Congratulations on your finalist Donna, well done... #4707093

Mary Timman 8/27/2007 5:04:14 PM

I loved this color. Beautifully made. Congratulations. #4707614

Sam Britt 8/27/2007 5:05:49 PM

Congratulations, Donna! #4707625

Angela Azzinnaro 8/27/2007 5:17:50 PM

CONGRATS DONNA!!!!!!! #4707738

Boris Kirpichnikov 8/27/2007 5:22:29 PM

Congratulations on your wonderful finalist,Donna! #4707785

Philippe Vieux-Jeanton 8/27/2007 5:23:48 PM

Bravo Donna! #4707796

Armando -. Arturo 8/27/2007 5:43:53 PM

Big Congrats Donna. Bravissima!!!. #4707959

Deborah C. Lewinson 8/27/2007 5:52:42 PM

Congratulations on this stunning finalist, Donna- I just bookmarked it as a favorite!
-Debby #4708031

Elizabeth A. Marker 8/27/2007 5:53:35 PM

So Very Happy For You!!!! Congrats!! #4708042

Emile Abbott 8/27/2007 5:57:18 PM

Congratulations on another stunning finalist, Donna. #4708072

Graeme yew Chow 8/27/2007 6:02:17 PM

Great colors finalist ! Congratulation Donna. #4708117

Jill Flynn 8/27/2007 6:05:27 PM

Hi Donna! A big congratulations on this stunning finalist. It is one of my favorites of yours. The colors are so dramatic and beautiful against the silhouetted pier. Hope to see it again! #4708151

Terry L. Ellis 8/27/2007 6:06:22 PM

I echo Jill, Donna! It's a gorgeous finalist! #4708161

Linda D. Lester 8/27/2007 6:12:46 PM

Awesome...great job!!! Congratulations! #4708221

Anna Diederich 8/27/2007 7:00:00 PM

Congratulations on your finalist Donna! #4708649

Jennifer L. Alder 8/27/2007 7:11:36 PM

EXCELLENT Finalist image, Donna!!
:) #4708778

Amanda Chapman 8/27/2007 7:18:16 PM


This TOTALLY deserves to be in the running!! Good luck next round :-) #4708838

Niky Sama 8/27/2007 7:18:27 PM

the colors are amazing #4708840

Evy Johansen 8/27/2007 7:35:26 PM

Congratulations on your wonderful finalist, Donna! #4709008

Carolyn J. Connolly 8/27/2007 7:55:33 PM

WOW, Donna - I REALLY loved the original of this image but I'm sorry that SOMEHOW I missed the reworked version!! I have to say that it's absolutely STUNNING - I just L-O-V-E what you've done with it!! The colours are AMAZING, and the details are SUPERB!! Sincerest CONGRATULATIONS on your Finalist accolade, my friend...and I trust that we'll see this image in the next round of results, too!! It SO-O deserves a Placing, Donna!! :o) #4709142

Colleen Farrell 8/27/2007 8:24:16 PM

SOooo well-deserved! Big congrats, Donna! #4709317

Cynthia L. Deters 8/27/2007 8:25:34 PM

This is wonderful. Congrats on your finalist! #4709324

Kathy L. Clark 8/27/2007 8:28:25 PM

Congrats Donna on this magnificent finalist. #4709349

Carol Teal 8/27/2007 9:12:17 PM

Donna, a huge congrats on your finalist for this gorgeous work of art! I love the beautiful, electrifying colors! #4709723

Su Sana E. P 8/27/2007 9:14:18 PM

Congratulations on this outstanding finalist, Donna!! #4709733

Amy JACKSON 8/27/2007 9:49:33 PM

Congratulations, Donna!!! #4709897

Lynne Morris 8/27/2007 10:31:41 PM

Congratulations on this fantastic finalist Donna! #4710044

Kirsten Kiki Kjaer 8/28/2007 5:24:05 AM

Congratulations on this totally awesome finalist, Donna. #4710566

Glenn E. Urquhart 8/28/2007 5:52:34 AM

A Big Congratulations on your award, Donna!!! Well Deserved! Cheers, Glenn. #4710741

Tarun Bose 8/28/2007 6:11:44 AM

Congrats for your finalist, Donna. #4710894

Jeff Robinson 8/28/2007 7:23:11 AM

This is outstanding Donna; congrats on your well deserved Finalist! Jeff #4711506

RC Fritz 8/28/2007 8:09:17 AM

Congratulations on your Finalist! #4711838

Kathleen Roughan 8/28/2007 8:38:52 AM

Congratulations on your wonderful finalist, Donna!! #4711975

Kristi A. Howson 8/28/2007 9:17:34 AM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist and best of luck in the next round Donna. Love the rich colors and contrast! #4712149

Sherri Gorman 8/28/2007 11:02:40 AM

Congratulations on your AWESOME finalist!!!! #4712467

Nikki McDonald 8/28/2007 11:04:19 AM

This is an outstanding finalist that I expect to see with a winner's button in a day or so, Donna. Congratulations. #4712470

Christopher Budny 8/28/2007 12:54:27 PM

Woah, it is a lot of scrolling to get to the Respond on this; for good reason! Congratulations on this eye-catching Finalist! #4712924

ALLEN O. HOWARD 8/28/2007 1:57:12 PM

Beautiful Donna! Congratulations!, Allen #4713223

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 8/28/2007 2:02:36 PM

I can't thank you enough for all of your great comments. I appreciate the support and inspiration you have all shown me over the past few years!!!


Donna #4713253

Bob D. Hall 8/28/2007 3:08:23 PM

Congrats on your Beautiful finalist, Donna!!! #4713676

Karen Slagle 8/28/2007 3:53:24 PM

Big congrats on all your gorgeous finalists, Donna. #4713885

Cyn Valentine 8/28/2007 5:22:11 PM

Beautiful DOnna..congratulations! #4714203

Renee Doyle 8/28/2007 5:33:15 PM

Fantastic finalist Donna - congratulations!!

Dianna Hauf 8/28/2007 7:44:16 PM

I could have sworn I commented on this before!! I must be losing it! It is stunning Donna and I am thrilled or you on your finalists!! All the best!! #4714805

Laurence Saliba 8/28/2007 8:37:19 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist, Donna!!! #4715061

Barbara Waldoch 8/28/2007 9:25:27 PM

Wonderful finalist, Donna! #4715279

Arnie Horwitz 8/28/2007 9:47:44 PM

Congratulations on this great finalist, Donna!


Laurie Daily 8/29/2007 3:26:42 AM

Beautiful Donna...congrats! #4716481

Nadine A. Lewis 8/29/2007 6:09:46 AM

I counted three finalists!!! CONGRATS!!! They are all soooo worthy!!! <>< #4717183

Steve Rice 8/29/2007 7:35:16 AM

Donna, Congratulations on all your finalists. Best of luck to you in the next round. Take care #4717545

Debbie Fleri 9/1/2007 6:16:37 PM

Congratulations...: )

Great Job!!! : ) #4734037

Marilyn K. Lincecum 9/3/2007 10:16:19 AM

Gorgeous colors..congratulations on your finalist !!! #4740828

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 9/3/2007 5:05:10 PM

Your compliments and congratulatory wishes are fantastic and truly appreciated!! #4742135

H. Jeremy Wu 11/1/2007 6:42:12 PM

So water is so quiet and the color is so unreal! Great job!! #5016379

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 11/3/2007 1:02:11 PM

Thank you Jeremy! #5023680

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