Jodi Zimmer 3/29/2007 6:45:45 AM

This caught my eye. Very beautiful work Lexi.I would frame it. #628354

Mike D. Perez 3/29/2007 6:50:32 AM

Beautiful image, Lexi! Great colors and effects. #4108735

Jessica Jenney 3/29/2007 7:22:05 AM

Beautiful soft spring color, wonderful composition and Orton effect, Lexi! #4108871

Judy A. Lawhon 3/29/2007 7:26:49 AM

Ahhhhhh...much better than snow!! Lovely composition and effects, Lexi!! #4108893

Mary Timman 3/29/2007 7:50:12 AM

Stunning. The muted colors are just beautiful in this and love how the roads leads you into those wonderful trees. #4108984

Rachel McKinnie 3/29/2007 8:11:13 AM

This is really beautiful :) #4109074

Regina L. Rickert 3/29/2007 8:31:40 AM

Thank you Jodi, Mike, Jessica, Judy, Mary and Rachel. I appreciate your comments. #4109161

Lynn Crawford 3/29/2007 9:12:24 AM

Oh Lexi this is beautiful, I love the pink and your composition :) #4109365

Regina L. Rickert 3/29/2007 9:57:05 AM

Thank you, Lynn. #4109460

Robert Baer 3/29/2007 12:17:30 PM

what a gorgeous image to use the orton effect on. nice job! #4109797

Regina L. Rickert 3/29/2007 1:30:33 PM

Thank you, Justin. #4109944

Datha Y. Thompson 3/29/2007 8:47:36 PM

Gorgeous work Lexi :0) LOVE it #4110905

Regina L. Rickert 3/29/2007 10:23:48 PM

Thanks so much, Datha. #4111028

Anna Diederich 3/30/2007 3:14:02 AM

This is gorgeous Lexi! #4111307

Glenn E. Urquhart 3/30/2007 4:31:59 AM

Magnificent pastel colors, soft lighting, Well Composed and quite beautiful, Regina!!! VERY Well Done! Cheers, Glenn. #4111577

Regina L. Rickert 3/30/2007 4:55:38 AM

Thank you, Anna and Glenn. #4111675

Anne Arthur 3/30/2007 5:14:20 AM

I love this Lexi! Those cherry trees are so beautiful, and the orton effect was a perfect choice to show them off. #4111830

Regina L. Rickert 3/30/2007 7:06:01 AM

Thanks for your comments, Anne. #4112321

Christy Nichols 3/30/2007 12:20:27 PM

This is so gorgeous, Lexi!! Love the soft pink colors.. Beautiful capture! #4113350

Regina L. Rickert 3/30/2007 12:58:13 PM

Thanks so much, Christy. #4113452

Nikki McDonald 4/1/2007 5:04:04 PM

Wow, this is gorgeous, Lexi. We have beautiful flowering trees in the spring, but nothing like this. Love the effect!!
Just saw it in Editor's First Picks, under the Photo tab. This is a new feature at BP. There are 8 photos and, each time you click reload, 8 more. They seem to come up randomly so you may or may not be able to find yours there :) Congratulations. #4119922

Carol Teal 4/1/2007 6:05:13 PM

I love the color and softness of the trees and the Orton worked beautifully on this! Such a beautiful place! #4120047

Regina L. Rickert 4/2/2007 9:51:58 AM

Thank you for your comments Nikki. I appreciate you letting me know. That's really nice! Thanks so much, Carol. #4122153

Leah M. Valenzuela 4/7/2007 5:03:04 PM

wow! spectacular #4141437

Regina L. Rickert 4/8/2007 6:03:43 AM

Thank you, Leah. #4142691

Sylvia Rossler 4/11/2007 12:19:33 PM

Superb shot and effects Lexi !! :o) #4155355

Regina L. Rickert 4/11/2007 12:51:06 PM

Thank you, Sylvia. #4155461

Alan and kellie shulver 4/11/2007 12:59:20 PM

very nice use of effects. love the colors and soft textures! #4155488

Regina L. Rickert 4/11/2007 8:20:12 PM

Thank you, Alan and Kellie. #4156636

Regina L. Rickert 4/11/2007 8:20:13 PM

Thank you, Alan and Kellie. #4156637

Mike D. Perez 4/24/2007 3:04:29 PM

Congratulations on your Finalist selection, Lexi! Well deserved. #4205020

Nikki McDonald 4/24/2007 3:12:50 PM

What a beautiful finalist, Lexi. Congratulations. #4205096

Chastity Abbott 4/24/2007 3:50:42 PM

YGG!!!!! Beautiful congrats to you my friend!!! AWESOME work! #4205462

Datha Y. Thompson 4/24/2007 4:56:22 PM

WOW!! Congratulations on your Gorgeous Finalist Lexi!! Love it :0) #4206074

Joyce Baldassarre 4/24/2007 5:10:34 PM


Kay E. Mahoney 4/24/2007 6:23:47 PM

Congratulations on your finalist. Good luck in the next round. #4206753

Hurk (Steve) Hurkett 4/25/2007 3:43:58 AM

Well Done, Lexi ... Congrats on your finalist ... Hurk #4209194

Laurie Daily 4/25/2007 4:36:11 AM

Gorgeous composition and beautiful effects. Congratulations, Lexi! #4209507

Christy Nichols 4/25/2007 5:02:16 AM

Congratulations on your stunning finalist, Lexi! Gorgeous! #4209797

Anna Diederich 4/25/2007 5:08:47 AM

Congrats on your beautiful finalist Lexi! #4209875

Colleen Farrell 4/25/2007 8:59:01 AM

This is beautiful, Lexi! Congratulations on your finalist! #4211622

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 4/25/2007 10:27:29 AM

Gorgeous technique on this outstanding finalist, congrats Lexi! #4212056

Glenn E. Urquhart 4/25/2007 3:30:09 PM

A Big Congratulations on your Finalist Award!!! Well Deserved, Cheers, Glenn. #4213276

Janine Russell 4/25/2007 9:10:52 PM

Lexi, great colors and composition; congratulations on your First Place Win! #4214351

Datha Y. Thompson 4/25/2007 9:48:04 PM


Sylvia Rossler 4/25/2007 9:51:24 PM

Big congrats on your 1st place win Lexi :o) #4214511

Lynne Morris 4/25/2007 10:08:57 PM

Many congratulations on your beautiful 1st place winner Lexi, this is stunning! #4214569

Colette M. Metcalf 4/26/2007 2:58:37 AM

Big congrats to you on your win, Lexi!!! #4214988

Suchitro Banerjee 4/26/2007 3:11:18 AM

Nice capture Regina !!! Congratulations on your fantastic first place winner.


Jessica Jenney 4/26/2007 3:25:11 AM

Congratulations, Lexi on this beautiful First Place Win! #4215162

Nikki McDonald 4/26/2007 4:11:19 AM

What a beautiful photo--and a first place winner! Gorgeous, Lexi. #4215407

Joan Kocak 4/26/2007 4:35:44 AM

Congrats to you Lexi, BEAUTIFUL! #4215490

Mike D. Perez 4/26/2007 5:37:42 AM

Big congratulations on this 1st Place Winner, Lexi! Terrific! #4215837

Glenn E. Urquhart 4/26/2007 5:59:25 AM

Congratulations on your Outstanding Win, Lexi!!! Well Deserved! Cheers, Glenn. #4216009

Erica Murphy 4/26/2007 7:18:02 AM

OMG!!! BIG HUGE CONGRATS TO YOU!! I loved this when you posted it elsewhere and am so thrilled to see it as a FIRST PLACE WINNER!!!!

Erica #4216408

Sarah Goblot 4/26/2007 7:30:07 AM

Congratulations Lexi!!! Just amazing! :) #4216457

Renee Oakenfull 4/26/2007 7:44:28 AM

Woo Hoo Lexi!!! I'm so happy for you... it's a gorgeous shot, love the Orton on it and the colours are so pretty. :D

Sam Britt 4/26/2007 7:54:58 AM

Congratulations on this wonderful winner, Lexi! #4216602

Cyn Valentine 4/26/2007 7:57:29 AM

Congratulations !! A stunning winner! #4216615

Esther Smith 4/26/2007 8:29:21 AM

Fantastic image! Big congratulations to you Lexi!! #4216749

RC Fritz 4/26/2007 8:32:10 AM

Great job, Lexi. Congratulations on your 1st Place! #4216764

Jeff Robinson 4/26/2007 8:37:38 AM

Congrats Lexi on this Beautiful and well deserved Winner!! Jeff #4216791

Hurk (Steve) Hurkett 4/26/2007 9:44:11 AM

Regina , Congratulations on this Well Deserved WINNER, ... Hurk #4217030

Chastity Abbott 4/26/2007 10:20:19 AM

Oh!!!!!!! Look at you! AWESOME and so happy for you! Such a beautiful portrait!!! Excellent! HUGE congrats! #4217197

Karen L. Sorbello 4/26/2007 11:15:48 AM

AWESOME!!!! I knew this was a winner the minute I first seen it on peas, congrats, you go girl!!!
-Kaz #4217365

Karen L. Sorbello 4/26/2007 11:15:49 AM

AWESOME!!!! I knew this was a winner the minute I first seen it on peas, congrats, you go girl!!!
-Kaz #4217366

Rakesh Syal 4/26/2007 12:05:39 PM

Congratulations !! A stunning winner, Lexi!! #4217539

Heidi Brand 4/26/2007 1:00:11 PM

Congratulations Lexi!!! such a beautiful photo.


Regina L. Rickert 4/26/2007 1:30:42 PM

What a wonderful surprise to come home to! Thank you everyone for your kind comments. They are very much appreciated. #4217761

Ron Roberts 4/26/2007 2:06:50 PM


Anna Diederich 4/26/2007 2:30:27 PM

Congrats on your beautiful first prize win Lexi! #4217922

Mick Burkey 4/26/2007 3:50:59 PM

Congratulations on the First Place win, Lexi. Very stunning tones. #4218198

Jenny D 4/26/2007 4:13:56 PM


Kay E. Mahoney 4/26/2007 5:48:30 PM

Lexi,Congratulations on your beautiful first place winner. #4218571

DeLisa Holland 4/26/2007 5:59:29 PM

Congrats, Lexi! ~DeLisa #4218607

Christy Nichols 4/27/2007 9:14:59 AM

BIG congratulations, Lexi, on this Beautiful win!! #4221218

Lisa J. Boulden 4/27/2007 9:31:13 AM

Lovely!!! Well-deserved first-place WIN! Congratulations, Lexi. --Lisa #4221250

Dominick M. Dimacale 4/28/2007 2:49:34 AM

Congratulations Lexi on your win...Dominick #4223530

Robert Baer 4/29/2007 6:16:29 AM

congratulations on this beautiful win!! #4227109

Robert Baer 4/29/2007 3:56:18 PM

Congrats, Lexi. A great capture and wonderful effects. #4228515

Regina L. Rickert 5/1/2007 7:14:29 AM

Thanks again everyone. I love this shot and I am glad so many others have enjoyed it. I appreciate your comments. #4235138

Ronald F. Fischer 5/1/2007 8:41:34 AM

Congratulations on this awesome winner! #4235433

Roxanne M. Bubar 5/1/2007 3:24:49 PM

Spectacular. Congrats. #4236379

AMALIA Veralli 5/3/2007 5:23:54 AM

Big congratulations on your first place win! Great image. #4242087

Jack R. Perry 5/3/2007 6:06:21 AM

Congratulations on your win for this shot, it so very unique and deserved.
So sorry to read that your picture have been stolen, I can see why, they are well done. However, nothing excuses the theft. Have you looked into DIGIMARC. #4242347

Regina L. Rickert 5/3/2007 7:26:26 AM

I really appreciate your kind thoughts. Thank you.

I have not had images stolen personally, but it seems to be happening more and more. I do watermark my photos elsewhere, but never felt the need to here. I guess no place is really safe from theft, unfortunately. #4242677

Wendy Stevenson 5/4/2007 12:51:45 PM

A belated Congratulations on this most beautiful FIRST PLACE WIN - just gorgeous - almost surreal!! #4247615

Raymond Pauly 5/8/2007 9:29:32 PM

Congratulations on your huge win! #4262171

April Riggs 5/22/2007 5:13:50 PM

A stunning picture! #4313937

Regina L. Rickert 5/23/2007 5:21:48 AM

Thank you Wendy, Raymond and April. I never tried the Orton Technique before and usually don't use effects much, but it really made this one come to life. #4315875

Photographer 5/27/2007 2:39:20 AM

Beautiful job Lexi!
Congratulations on your win! #4334757

INCONVENIENT TRUTH MC 5/31/2007 6:09:20 AM

Of course is a BEUTIFUL WINER #4350659

Regina L. Rickert 6/3/2007 1:02:32 AM

Thank you Manuel. #4360021

Jillian Danielson 6/18/2007 8:09:39 PM

Congradulations! I just found your gallery, and this photo is very beautiful! #4410770

Sandy Powers 6/19/2007 8:38:53 PM

Regina!! I know I'm late but I just found this! Wow! What a work of art! A gallery show-piece!

This is such an excellent choice for a winner! One of my favorites ever!


Regina L. Rickert 6/20/2007 5:16:03 AM

Thank you Jullian and Sandy. #4415779

Steven E. Ray 7/27/2007 2:04:04 AM

This is a real show stopper! It is a superior photo with the Orton technic applied. I seen this one before on here but failed to track it down. I finally found it! Excellent photography and editing. #4566242

Lisa J. Boulden 7/27/2007 4:28:31 AM

Such a glorious image, Lexi!
I don't know how I missed this one before, but I'm glad I've stumbled upon it this morning!
A magnificent piece of art in such a lovely gallery!
So very well done!
--lisa #4566625

Deon 8/2/2007 2:40:16 PM

Wow Lexi. This is incredible. Congradulations on your win. It is well deserved. Outstanding.

Deon #4592522

James E. Coleman 9/28/2007 1:04:20 PM

Regina (?), I guess that is what you want to be called?
Anyway this is a very stunning shot. I imagine you have figured out that it is a hit by now!:)

Jim #4858291

Toni Riggs 9/28/2007 1:23:18 PM

This is beautiful, congrats! #4858353

Regina L. Rickert 9/29/2007 3:28:47 AM

Thank you so much everyone. It continues to amaze me how popular this shot is! I appreciate your comments.

And Jim-either is fine. Lexi is a nickname-mostly online. My family knows me by Regina. ;) #4859828

Jim Britt 12/26/2007 3:49:10 PM

Wonderful shot Lexi..and cool effects! #5255781

Philippe Vieux-Jeanton 2/13/2009 9:20:43 AM

Furiously Gorgeous !! #7161293

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ISO 100, 1/500, f/5.6. Taken at the Lexington Cemetery in Spring, 2007. I used the Orton Technique to bring out the fluffy texture of the blossoms.

Uploaded on 3/29/2007 6:34:41 AM

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