The Flying Seashell

© Su Sana E. P

The Flying Seashell

Richard D. Cox 11/16/2006 12:07:22 AM

Very unique, imaginative, and creative. The shell does look like it's flying. Nicely done, Susana. #557691

Evy Johansen 11/16/2006 12:11:14 AM

Very unique indeed, Susanne! Beautiful image with great details!! Super job!! #3592408

Janine Russell 11/16/2006 12:11:49 AM

Susan, excellent colors, detail, textures, lighting, composition and effects. #3592410

Donna Roberts 11/16/2006 12:16:13 AM

Brilliant Suzy.....this looks fantastic.
Thank you for sharing your secrets on how you achieved such an amazing result.
:-) ddu

Ray Clarke 11/16/2006 12:23:59 AM

Fantastic shot Susana, very creative, love it #3592430

Paul E. Earl 11/16/2006 12:32:56 AM

Fantastic Susan! Very creative! #3592442

Laurence Saliba 11/16/2006 12:41:33 AM

Super fantastic work Susana!!! #3592460

Raymond Pauly 11/16/2006 12:47:54 AM

Superb work, Susana! Has WINNER written all over! #3592468

Renee Doyle 11/16/2006 12:48:40 AM

What a great job you've done on this Susana!!!! This is wonderfully creative and a real pleasure to view! Excellent concept and beautifully done! Amazing work!

Pat Gamwell 11/16/2006 1:03:59 AM

Awesome work, my friend! It definitely has a suspended, 3D effect! Fabulous clarity and lighting! #3592489

Mary K. Robison 11/16/2006 1:13:31 AM

So glad the Internet finally allowed me on to say how wonderful this is, Susana!
You went to a lot of trouble to get this, but it's definitely worth it. I think the background lighting adds a lot to that 3-D look. Terrific work! #3592502

Paul Michko 11/16/2006 1:52:54 AM

Awesome creativity, Susan. I love it!!! #3592522

Manuel Barrera 11/16/2006 2:11:31 AM

It is great bokah, I have seen flying toasters, flying pigs, I have even seen and elephant fly, but I had never seen a flying sea shell, great creation Susana. #3592545

Glenn E. Urquhart 11/16/2006 2:26:37 AM

Stunning, creative work, Susana!!! Very beautiful abstract, in every respect! Well Done! Cheers, Glenn. #3592579

Alan L. Borror 11/16/2006 2:29:23 AM

Very creative idea and work, Susana! Wonderful effects and color! #3592585

Barbara Waldoch 11/16/2006 2:40:59 AM

Excellent work, Susana! #3592631

Donald K. Cherry 11/16/2006 2:49:03 AM

Very cool and creative image, Susana! #3592667

Carol Sawyer 11/16/2006 2:58:10 AM

Wonderful creative image, Susana!! #3592701

Wally Orlowsky 11/16/2006 3:10:22 AM

Creative work, well executed, Susana. Just the kind of thing I would expect alien sea creatures to be piloting ;) #3592750

Aimee S. McMaster 11/16/2006 3:12:32 AM

....I love this wonderfully creative...Aimee #3592762

Colette M. Metcalf 11/16/2006 3:18:36 AM

NICE image, Susana!! #3592794

William C. Raco 11/16/2006 3:34:07 AM

Outstanding photo, Susana
Love the color, detail and DoF

Bill #3592859

Bridgette B 11/16/2006 3:47:25 AM

Amazing image, Susana!! I love the BG!! #3592932

Tonya R. Boles 11/16/2006 3:56:49 AM

Very cool shot. #3592978

Kay E. Mahoney 11/16/2006 4:11:30 AM

Fantastic work. Love the effect and colors. #3593083

Jeff Robinson 11/16/2006 4:25:38 AM

Wow susana; this is very well done! Excellent creativity and presentation! Jeff #3593163

Johnny Santoso 11/16/2006 4:34:26 AM

Excellent Idea , very creative .. amazing result.. beautiful color and details .. Fantastic..!

rgds, #3593193

Sharon King 11/16/2006 5:00:18 AM

How Creative...WOW! #3593307

Linda D. Lester 11/16/2006 5:35:46 AM

Very that background! #3593431

Tarun Bose 11/16/2006 6:06:26 AM

Wow! Fantastic work. Great three dimensional effect. I am amazed to see your talent which is overflowing with great quality. You have already proved your worth as one of the best Floral photographer. Now your talent is showing fantastic results in other subjects also. Hats off to you my dear Susana. #3593603

Carla Metzler 11/16/2006 6:40:30 AM

Ooh, this is excellent, Susan!! #3593779

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 11/16/2006 6:44:43 AM

Fantastic, Susana!!!! What an artist you are!!!! Wonderful image!!!! ^.^ Kitty #3593803

Chastity Abbott 11/16/2006 6:48:28 AM

O*U*T*S*T*A*N*D*I*N*G! I too love this idea! Great work and soooooo creative you are....:o) #3593825

Melissa G. Meiselman 11/16/2006 6:53:11 AM

Unique and very creative. The shell REALLY stands out above the background...I feel I could reach into the picture and grab it. Great editing job and very good technique as far as setting up the shell so it could be separated from its environment. Terrific, Susana!! #3593856

Marilyn K. Lincecum 11/16/2006 10:21:54 AM

Fantastic work Susana..very creative and unique !!! Does indeed look like it is flying. Wonderful detail in the shell. #3594552

Rakesh Syal 11/16/2006 10:51:08 AM

Creatine work, Susana! A winner for sure!


Sam Britt 11/16/2006 11:01:06 AM

Very creative, Susana. Great job!
Sam #3594688

Donna La Mattino Pagakis 11/16/2006 11:40:14 AM

Creative Susana, nicely seen and captured!! #3594811

Michael Khoury 11/16/2006 11:42:35 AM

~~~Inspirational work Susana !~~~
M #3594823

Bill Wyatt 11/16/2006 12:45:55 PM

Very creative and beautiful! I love the composition and wonderful colors and lighting, Susana!! #3595053

Karen Engelbreth 11/16/2006 1:15:50 PM

Fantastic, creative image, Susan - wow - love it! #3595220

Sergio La Spina 11/16/2006 1:57:12 PM

Creative and fantastic shot !! I love it! #3595409

Terry L. Ellis 11/16/2006 2:00:10 PM

You never cease to amaze me, Susana! Brilliant creativity and execution! #3595419

Nancy L. Green 11/16/2006 7:56:26 PM

Wonderfully creative and beautiful Susana!! The details and texture on the shell are outstanding!! <>< #3596211

Darryl Wilkinson 11/16/2006 10:13:29 PM

Gorgeous and creative, Susan, and very unique to boot! I love your golden bokeh :) #3596556

Hector Contreras 11/16/2006 10:56:02 PM

Very creavite Susan so well captured
Heco #3596584

Swati Gavde 11/17/2006 6:26:34 AM

Fantastic creative work Susana! It looks great #3597672

Jessica Jenney 11/17/2006 7:44:23 AM

SUsana, you are so imaginative! Gorgeous background and vision of delight! #3598027

Satvinder Bhamra 11/17/2006 3:48:39 PM

Susana excellent creative idea and very well executed. Fine details and depth in this pic. #3599344

Arnie Horwitz 11/17/2006 5:39:21 PM

Beautiful and creative composition, Susana! #3599565

eileen bedford 11/17/2006 7:36:34 PM

Beautiful work Susana... #3599733

Graeme yew Chow 11/18/2006 2:00:14 AM

Susan, unique and creative image. I love it and hope to see this again. #3600134

Ken Smith 11/18/2006 7:47:36 PM

Love your colors. So beautiful, Susan! #3602669

Jen M 11/19/2006 11:09:19 AM

Beautiful! Wonderful colors #3604404

ronda chatelle 11/19/2006 8:39:55 PM

WOW! Susana this is SPECTACULAR! Wonderful creative expression! Thanks for sharing how you did this. The details on the shell are just amazing. Love it! #3605915

Dr. Harmeet Singh 11/19/2006 10:22:42 PM

Excellent shot and superb idea.
Well Done

Judyann Plante 11/20/2006 2:59:31 AM

Fantastic image and work, Susana!

Judyann ><> #3606588

Lorraine A. Cook 11/20/2006 6:24:15 AM

COOL! Very creative image and the effects are super, Susana!<:)) #3607615

Tony Gutowski 11/20/2006 1:14:13 PM

Very inventive, Susana. The color and detail set against the out of focus lights is striking. Nice work
Regards Tony #3609131

Noel Baebler 11/20/2006 5:18:16 PM

Neato image, Susana! #3609875

Aimee S. McMaster 12/29/2006 9:20:36 AM

...much congratulations on this beautiful & creative finalist Susana....Aimee #3751352

Paula Dwyer 12/29/2006 9:34:43 AM

Congratulations Susana!! :) #3751556

Carla Metzler 12/29/2006 9:40:28 AM

Congratulations, Susan!! #3751640

Jessica Jenney 12/29/2006 9:43:54 AM

Congratulations, Susana. Very creative! #3751690

eileen bedford 12/29/2006 9:50:51 AM

Congratulations, Susana well done... #3751824

Janine Russell 12/29/2006 10:03:33 AM

Susana, congratulations on your finalist. #3752067

Laurence Saliba 12/29/2006 10:25:55 AM

WTG Susana!!!! Congrats #5 #3752438

RC Fritz 12/29/2006 10:54:40 AM

Congratulation Susana. Great job and Finalist! #3752832

Glenn E. Urquhart 12/29/2006 12:04:35 PM

A big Congratulations on your Finalist Award, Susana!!! Well Deserved! Cheers, Glenn. #3753439

Renee Doyle 12/29/2006 12:26:34 PM

Fantastic Susana!! Congratulations!

Ken Smith 12/29/2006 12:58:39 PM

I knew this would be a finalist! Super job! #3754065

Patricia Ronan 12/29/2006 1:35:13 PM

Congratulations Susnan #3754362

Deborah C. Lewinson 12/29/2006 2:15:14 PM

Wow, congrats on your outstanding finalists Susan!
-Debby #3754597

Cheryl E. Molennor 12/29/2006 2:29:38 PM

So cool Susana. Congratulations #3754725

Bill Wyatt 12/29/2006 2:33:24 PM

Congratulations on your finalist, Susana! #3754759

Chastity Abbott 12/29/2006 3:11:05 PM

Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!!! #3755071

Laurie Daily 12/29/2006 3:45:20 PM

Very, very cool! congrats again to you! #3755286

Barbara Waldoch 12/29/2006 5:31:41 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist, Susana! #3755719

Terry L. Ellis 12/29/2006 5:51:19 PM

Susana, congratulations again on another gorgeous finalist! #3755837

Kay E. Mahoney 12/29/2006 8:05:47 PM

Congratulations on your finalist. Good luck in the next round. #3756702

Graeme yew Chow 12/29/2006 8:09:13 PM

Great macro ! congratulation and hope the best next round. #3756735

Lorraine A. Cook 12/29/2006 8:44:42 PM

Love This! Congratulations, Susana!<:)) #3757039

Evy Johansen 12/29/2006 10:27:40 PM

Congratulations again, Susana!! #3757586

The Judges at 12/29/2006 10:39:50 PM

This one pulls you in from the standpoint of "how the heck did they do this?" #3757630

Kathy Reeves 12/30/2006 8:03:57 AM

Incredible!! Congratulations!!!1 How did you do this? #3759407

Sylvia Rossler 12/30/2006 8:50:14 AM

Loll Kathy, read her notes she wrote it down :O) :o)

Big congrats on this amazing shot Susana ! A winner in my book !! #3759614

Jeff Robinson 12/30/2006 10:37:03 AM

Outstanding work Susana; congrats on this amazing image!! Jeff #3760116

Gail Vitikacs 12/30/2006 2:57:55 PM

It's got my vote! Congratulations AGAIN! LOL! #3760982

Gail Vitikacs 12/30/2006 3:01:26 PM

It's got my vote! Congratulations AGAIN! #3760993

Rakesh Syal 1/1/2007 9:44:42 AM

Congratulations again, Susana!! #3767385

Emile Abbott 1/1/2007 12:17:42 PM

WOW what a month Susana. Congratulations yet again on an outstanding finalist. #3767933

Susan Jane Allen 1/2/2007 10:38:42 AM

Great idea and beautiful work! Congrats! #3772163

Laura E. Swan 2/10/2008 6:22:08 PM

This must have been "The Gift" before it got opened up into a diamond!

Gorgeous Gallery! -Laura Swan #5475394

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My original idea was to capture the details of this shell but when after I attached the extension tubes, I found the bokeh very appealing to my eyes. Then this idea of 'optical illusion' crossed my mind. And here we're with the 'Flying Seashell'. Oh btw, I balanced the shell on a thin chopstick and covered the chopstick (in the background) with X'mas decoration. Picture made me happy but then I faced the most difficult task - Which category. Thanks to a very nice friend of mine at BP who suggested it for Special Effects.

Uploaded on 11/16/2006 12:00:54 AM

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