Summer, to Autumn, to Winter

© Claudia Kuhn

Summer, to Autumn, to Winter

Jeff W. Robinson Student 1/26/2006 4:16:55 AM

Very well accomplished Claudia! Outstanding work! Jeff #380761

Kathleen Clemons 1/26/2006 4:20:03 AM

Each one is a beauty, Claudia! #2340170

Mary E. McCabe 1/26/2006 4:21:42 AM

This is lovely! :p #2340179

Claudia Kuhn 1/26/2006 4:23:11 AM

Donna W. Neal
member since: 10/8/2003

Beautiful collage Claudia!!! I love it

Thanks so much, Donna, Jeff, Kathleen and Mary!

Roxanne M. Bubar 1/26/2006 4:30:43 AM

Claudia, this is awesome. Each image is stunning and together in this beautiful collage, a winner. Well done. #2340228

Pamela Shane 1/26/2006 4:43:03 AM

Outstanding Claudia - very beautiful -
I agree a winner indeed!!!! :] #2340268

Carla Metzler 1/26/2006 4:54:30 AM

This is beautiful, Claudia! #2340333

Karen E. Michaels 1/26/2006 5:01:29 AM

Outstanding work Claudia. Very well suited. Peace, karen #2340392

Paul Michko 1/26/2006 5:03:39 AM

Wonderful collage, Claudia. #2340410

Agnes Fegan 1/26/2006 5:06:57 AM

Each one is beautiful individually as well as a collage. Looks like you took them all in the same spot! #2340436

Janet L. Skinner 1/26/2006 5:09:31 AM

Excellent work, Claudia!! Where is this beautiful tree lined road? #2340454

Judith G. Secco 1/26/2006 5:18:54 AM

Great work, Claudia!! Such a pretty place to view the changing of the seasons. #2340512

Joy Rector 1/26/2006 5:29:24 AM

I love this! #2340587

Jenny Bosmans 1/26/2006 5:35:10 AM

Definitely one of my favorites, Claudia! Outstanding!! #2340623

Claudia Kuhn 1/26/2006 5:50:34 AM

Thanks for your comments!
Janet, this is actually a private drive in Rhinebeck. #2340705

Donald K. Cherry 1/26/2006 6:04:29 AM

Lovely panel image, Claudia!! I think I like the winter view the best, but they are all beautiful! #2340789

Darren K. Fisher 1/26/2006 6:06:35 AM

It is amazing how different each one looks. You presented them very well. #2340802

Mary L. Graham 1/26/2006 6:22:42 AM

Very creative Claudia, I love this!! =) #2340851

Shelly A. Van Camp 1/26/2006 8:00:30 AM

Wonderful your work on this! Beautiful to frame and hang!!! #2341149

ADILSON F. FERREIRA 1/26/2006 8:49:37 AM

Fantastic image Claudia!!!
Perfect for the theme!!!

Goshka G. 1/26/2006 9:05:53 AM

What a wonderful panel, Claudia!! My favorite would be the fall but they all work so well together! #2341363

Tammy Scott 1/26/2006 9:44:57 AM

Perfect transformation entry! #2341493

Hendrik Storme 1/26/2006 9:54:35 AM

3 wonderful pictures!That's fantastic! #2341541

Melissa A. Mannon 1/26/2006 11:33:50 AM

beautiful triptych Claudia and perfect for the theme. I especially love the middle image! #2341890

Renee Doyle 1/26/2006 11:51:47 AM

Perfectly done and perfect for this months theme Claudia!!! Three wonderful images!!! They look great!

Murry Grigsby 1/26/2006 12:03:12 PM

YIKES did we miss SPRING? :0) Lovely panel Claudia! I loike fall the best because I like fall the best (LOL). #2342013

Sylvia Rossler 1/26/2006 12:31:01 PM

Awesome work Claudia ! What a great idea taking the same place in different seasons !!! #2342100

Kate Jackson 1/26/2006 12:42:34 PM

Excellent presentation Claudia! There is certainly a vast difference in the colours! Can't wait for Spring! #2342151

Kay E. Mahoney 1/26/2006 12:43:14 PM

Beautiful collage Claudia. Love the colors of each of them. #2342154

Judy S. Fung 1/26/2006 1:03:23 PM

Lovely collage, Claudia! #2342230

Karen Engelbreth 1/26/2006 1:06:57 PM

Beautiful collage Claudia! #2342244

Michelle R. Kovach 1/26/2006 1:29:00 PM

Gorgeous Claudia! #2342335

Ken Smith 1/26/2006 2:33:35 PM

Claudia, beautiful shot. It's fun to see a series of images at different times of the year. #2342585

Terry L. Ellis 1/26/2006 2:37:05 PM

Each one is very beautiful, but this is a gorgeous presentation of all three, Claudia! #2342600

Mary N C. Taitt 1/26/2006 4:33:32 PM

Nice triptych, Claudia, love the series and each shot is separately also very nice. Pretty! Evocative. Mary :-D #2342926

Robert M. Nicholson 1/26/2006 4:44:35 PM

Beautiful presentation! Very creative! #2342968

William C. Raco 1/26/2006 4:56:48 PM

Excellent presentation of 3 beautiful photos
Very well done, Claudia

Bill #2343023

Graeme Chow 1/26/2006 5:13:18 PM

Excellent Transforms of season, Claudia. #2343076

Janine Russell 1/26/2006 5:31:42 PM

Claudia, excellent collection of images with great detail, colors and exposure. #2343153

Stephen Zacker 1/26/2006 7:10:59 PM

Really NICE work #2343319

Deborah Sandidge 1/26/2006 7:18:20 PM

Beautifully accomplished, Claudia - a great presentation of the seasons! #2343352

Kristi A. Howson 1/26/2006 7:51:18 PM

Wonderfully presented Claudia, all three beautiful images. Excellent idea for "Transform". Nice work! #2343468

Darryl Wilkinson 1/26/2006 11:58:35 PM

Superb work, Claudia, fantastic image!!! #2343855

Sergio La Spina 1/27/2006 10:40:28 AM

Fantastic image for my number one !!! great idea!! #2345871

Susie Peek-Swint 1/27/2006 10:58:12 AM

Wonderful collage Claudia ~ gorgeous shots.. I expect you'll be taking something similar in the spring to add to this?? #2345940

Luigi Di Serio 1/27/2006 11:41:05 AM

Fantastic work! Now what happen to spring?! #2346078

Claudia Kuhn 1/27/2006 1:37:03 PM

Thanks so much for all of your comments! I nevered intended to do a panel of seasons, these are just what I had in my files, with the winter shot from last month, the fall from 2 falls ago, and the summer is really early fall before the colors. Spring would just be plain old bare trees, I dont' think too exciting, but I'll check on it this spring, maybe once it has baby leaves on the trees. #2346400

Cathy Barrows 1/27/2006 6:10:10 PM

beautifully done #2347274

Nicole Kessel 1/27/2006 8:55:22 PM

Nice job, Claudia! #2347567

Chris Macer 1/28/2006 12:54:27 AM

Outstanding, Claudia! Hope we will see this again! :) #2348025

Stan J. Contrades 2/11/2006 11:15:08 PM

Fantastic transition of seasons, Claudia!! Outstanding selection and beautifully presented!! Lots of good luck to you with these panels of beauty!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #2409131

Pat Gamwell 2/21/2006 1:01:59 AM

CONGRATS ON YOUR FINALIST for a well deserved image, Claudia! #2443829

Donald K. Cherry 2/21/2006 2:59:16 AM

Congrats on this beautiful finalist, Claudia! #2444129

Darryl Wilkinson 2/21/2006 3:12:46 AM

Congratulations on this very imaginative idea of yours making finalist, Claudia! Bravo!!! #2444155

Linda D. Lester 2/21/2006 4:19:41 AM

WOW! Congratultions on this awesome finalist! Good luck in the next round! #2444353

Milan Banik 2/21/2006 4:29:07 AM

Claudia Congratultions on this finalists! #2444428

Donna W. Neal 2/21/2006 5:31:40 AM

Woo Hoo! Congratulations on a well deserved finalist Claudia #2444944

Roger Bernabo 2/21/2006 5:49:58 AM

Gorgeous and Congratulations! #2445110

Chris Macer 2/21/2006 5:54:20 AM

Many congrats on this outstanding work, Claudia!! :) #2445144

Melissa A. Mannon 2/21/2006 5:57:37 AM

I'm so glad this one made it Claudia! Congrats again! #2445178

Shelly A. Van Camp 2/21/2006 5:58:59 AM

BEAUTIFUL! Congrats!! #2445196

Kevin Burns 2/21/2006 6:33:00 AM

congrats!! #2445529

Cathy Barrows 2/21/2006 6:41:03 AM

Congrats on your finalists...great work #2445580

Gail Vitikacs 2/21/2006 6:47:29 AM

AWESOME! Congratulations! #2445644

Carla Metzler 2/21/2006 6:56:32 AM

Congratulations, Claudia!! #2445737

Nicole Kessel 2/21/2006 7:01:36 AM

Congratulations on you wonderful finalist, Claudia! #2445775

Life Expressions 2/21/2006 7:21:45 AM

Congratulations on this awesome finalist Claudia!!! #2445956

Alana Ibe 2/21/2006 7:37:55 AM

Congratulations!!! SO beautiful! #2446071

Jamil Saliba 2/21/2006 8:06:56 AM

Congratulations Claudia #2446208

Tony Wilder 2/21/2006 8:43:38 AM

Congrats on a peice that took time and talent. A++ #2446388

Cathy M. Gromball 2/21/2006 8:56:44 AM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist, Claudia!

Cathy :) #2446497

Kate Jackson 2/21/2006 9:12:54 AM

Congratulations Claudia! #2446662

Kristi A. Howson 2/21/2006 9:21:00 AM

Love the way you've presented this Claudia! Congratulations on your finalist and best of luck in the next round! #2446746

Hendrik Storme 2/21/2006 9:46:37 AM

Congratulations on all your finalists and I hope to see some winners, Claudia!!! #2446898

Deborah Sandidge 2/21/2006 9:50:19 AM

Congratulations on your exceptional finalists, Claudia! #2446937

Stan J. Contrades 2/21/2006 11:17:39 AM

CONGRATULATIONS on all of your excellent Finalists, Claudia, and best of luck to you in the next round of judging!!
Much Aloha,
Stan #2447382

Terry L. Ellis 2/21/2006 11:30:35 AM

Congratulations, Claudia, on another fantastic finalist!!! Good luck in the next round! #2447440

Renee Doyle 2/21/2006 11:47:38 AM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist Claudia!!!!!!

Sylvia Rossler 2/21/2006 12:25:47 PM

The great idea got a great finalist Claudia ! Big congrats and good luck for the next round .o) #2447781

Emile Abbott 2/21/2006 2:16:33 PM

How did I miss this one. Congrats on finalist, Claudia all 3 are great. #2448225

Monika Sapek 2/21/2006 2:30:31 PM

Nicely done, Claudia! Many congratulations and good luck!

Daniel M. Bendjy 2/21/2006 3:13:11 PM

Congrats Claudia, great idea and great pics! #2448574

Ken Smith 2/21/2006 5:46:27 PM

Claudia, congratulations. I liked this the first time and still like it. #2449485

Stephen Zacker 2/21/2006 6:40:38 PM

Very creative and super work. Congratulations #2449935

Barbara Helgason 2/21/2006 6:53:41 PM

Congratulations on this fantastic transformation capture Claudia! #2450038

Kay E. Mahoney 2/21/2006 7:00:16 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist Claudia. Best of luck in the next round. #2450074

Paula Showen 2/21/2006 7:17:20 PM

Contratulations on your finalist! Beautiful work, Claudia! #2450203

Corinne M. Thompson 2/21/2006 9:17:11 PM

Well presented and great for the theme...Congrats :) #2450854

John Matthews 2/23/2006 5:05:14 AM

both great photography and theme, this is awesome!

Andrea W. Hedgepeth 2/23/2006 5:19:44 AM

What a great idea and you presented it perfectly. Congrats on your finalist and good luck on the next round. #2456501

Sharon Day 2/23/2006 3:43:58 PM

Great idea and patience, Claudia!! Congratulations again! #2459283

Cindy Paquette 2/24/2006 3:25:24 PM

So very beautiful Claudia! Congrats to you! #2463090

Tammy Scott 2/24/2006 4:11:18 PM

Congratulations on this gorgeous finalist! #2463271

Janet L. Skinner 2/24/2006 8:17:31 PM

Congrats on this wonderful creation!! #2463945

Katherine Kuhn 2/25/2006 11:02:02 AM

Very cool, Claudia! Will you be adding spring in a few months? Congrats on great work & good luck on the next round! #2466057

Dennis Flanagan 3/2/2006 9:42:13 AM

Great persistance to see this project through. Wonderful idea and photos. #2488137

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