Little Cabin.

© Donna J. Taff

Little Cabin.

Wende Trew 12/8/2005 7:55:40 AM

This is beautiful Donna!!! The leaves are gorgeous!!! #356135

Rakesh Syal 12/8/2005 8:08:47 AM

Outstanding capture and effects, Donna!!! #2165110

Sandy Landon 12/8/2005 8:09:14 AM

Beautiful shot!!! Wonderful color!! #2165111

Goshka G. 12/8/2005 8:56:18 AM

The buss really adds here, Donna!! Gorgeous scene indeed!! #2165236

ADILSON F. FERREIRA 12/8/2005 9:18:15 AM

Terrific image Donna!!!
Wonderful colors and composition!!! #2165347

Judy A. Lawhon 12/8/2005 10:30:09 AM

Wonderful editing, composition and color, Donna! #2165584

Casey A. Hanson 12/8/2005 10:57:44 AM

Beautiful!!! #2165652

Carolyn M. Fletcher 12/8/2005 11:45:03 AM

It's perfect!! Again!! #2165749

Donna J. Taff 12/8/2005 1:28:39 PM

Thanks very much, Wende, Rakesh, Sandy, Goshka, Adilson, Judy, Casey and Carolyn!!!! #2165948

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 12/8/2005 2:47:55 PM

Beautiful Donna, so rustic and charming! Your effects look awesome! #2166264

Jenny Bosmans 12/8/2005 3:07:34 PM

Fantastic work and image, Donna!! Super job done!! #2166359

Judy S. Fung 12/8/2005 3:43:38 PM

Beautiful image and great effects, Donna! #2166490

Linda D. Lester 12/8/2005 3:44:27 PM

Beautiful, Donna! #2166493

Janine Russell 12/8/2005 4:53:00 PM

Donna, awesome colors, detail, composition and effects. #2166709

Donna J. Taff 12/8/2005 5:06:32 PM

Thanks very much for the great comments, Deb, Jenny, Judy, Linda and Janine!!!! #2166757

Theresa Marie Jones 12/8/2005 6:19:06 PM

Wow! Love the big orange colored effects surrounded by the little cabin! #2166916

Jim Kinnunen 12/8/2005 7:48:06 PM

Gorgeous, Donna!!!!! #2167052

Susana Ms Heide 12/8/2005 8:39:58 PM

This is GORGEOUS!!! Fall is my favorite season and I'd be in heaven if I were there among those vibrant hues! #2167116

Donna J. Taff 12/9/2005 3:35:02 AM

Thankyou very much for the great comments Theresa, Jim and Susana!!! #2167593

Linda D. Lester 1/21/2006 4:35:40 AM

Congratulations on your wonderful finalist!!!!!!
Good luck in the next round! #2313619

Cindy Paquette 1/21/2006 5:37:23 AM


Tammy Scott 1/21/2006 9:00:32 AM

Congratulations! #2315785

The Judges at 1/21/2006 12:12:14 PM

Beautiful color and compostion. #2317185

Jeff Robinson 1/21/2006 12:16:16 PM

Congrats Donna on your Finalist! Jeff #2317217

Carla Metzler 1/21/2006 12:56:05 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist, Donna! Good luck in the next round! #2317641

Theresa Marie Jones 1/21/2006 2:42:48 PM

Way to go, Donna! CONGRATULATIONS on this vibrant colorful capture!!! #2318189

Leonard Pierce 1/21/2006 2:56:32 PM

Congratulations on your finalist, Donna!!! #2318250

Claudia Kuhn 1/21/2006 4:26:04 PM

Wonderful Donna, congrats! #2318877

Donna J. Taff 1/21/2006 4:28:48 PM

Thanks to all of you for the congratulations. I am very happy to get finalist. I am sick with strep throat right now and will try to check out all of the finalist's tomorrow. #2318894

ADILSON F. FERREIRA 1/21/2006 6:45:19 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist Donna!!! #2319420

Mary K. Robison 1/22/2006 1:43:09 AM

Gorgeous finalist, Donna! Congratulations, and Get Well Soon!! #2320850

Jenny Bosmans 1/22/2006 4:19:02 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful finalist, Donna!! Hope you get well soon!! :) #2321150

Rakesh Syal 1/22/2006 6:56:20 AM

Congratulations, Donna!!! This has to be a winner! #2321771

Donna J. Taff 1/22/2006 9:42:37 AM

Thanks soo much for the congratulations, Adilson, Mary, Jenny and Rakesh!!! Rakesh I do hope this is a winner but I feel lucky just to be finalist! #2322256

Goshka G. 1/22/2006 4:14:03 PM

Congrats on this beautiful finalist, Donna!! #2323623

Donna J. Taff 1/22/2006 4:54:25 PM

Thanks soo much for the wonderful comgratulations, Goshka!!! #2323748

Brenda W. LaFleur 1/22/2006 7:13:08 PM

Wowza, Donna! This is it! Congrats! #2324184

Roxanne M. Bubar 1/23/2006 3:58:38 AM

Congrats on this stunning image. #2324970

Donna J. Taff 1/23/2006 7:26:17 AM

Thankyou soo much for the fantastic comments, Brenda and Roxanne!!! I feel very happy that my photo made finalist. #2325869

Donna W. Neal 1/23/2006 9:17:56 AM

Such rich wonderful colors
Congratulations on a wonderful finalist
Donna #2326339

Donna J. Taff 1/23/2006 4:09:23 PM

Thankyou very much for the wonderful congratulations, Donna!!! #2328063

Terry R. Hatfield 1/23/2006 4:19:24 PM

Whhat A Beauty Donna:-)A Big Congratulations On Your Finalist!! #2328132

Judy S. Fung 1/23/2006 4:40:21 PM

Congrats, Donna! #2328282

Donna J. Taff 1/23/2006 5:11:53 PM

Thankyou very much, Terry and Judy for the great congratulations!!! #2328414

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 1/23/2006 5:24:51 PM

Congratulations, Donna, way to go! #2328480

Donna J. Taff 1/23/2006 7:15:25 PM

Thankyou very much for the great congratulations, Deb!!!! #2328937

Stan Kwasniowski 1/24/2006 8:04:29 AM

Donna, Congratulations #2331037

Karen Bacon 1/24/2006 8:28:02 AM

Way to go donna!congratulations! #2331110

Carla Metzler 1/24/2006 8:34:43 AM

Congratulations, Donna!!! #2331152

Goshka G. 1/24/2006 8:40:45 AM

Congrats, Donna! #2331184

Nicole Kessel 1/24/2006 8:42:11 AM

Fantastic win, Donna! Congratulations! #2331192

Claudia Kuhn 1/24/2006 9:18:41 AM

Just so beautiful Donna, big congrats on your win! #2331383

Deb Holmes-Hatfield 1/24/2006 10:16:04 AM

Congratulations Donna, on your wonderful second place win! Way to go! #2331594

ADILSON F. FERREIRA 1/24/2006 10:46:40 AM

Congratulations on your win Donna!!! #2331770

Karen Engelbreth 1/24/2006 12:11:18 PM

Congrats on your win, Donna! #2332155

Kay E. Mahoney 1/24/2006 12:22:26 PM

Congratulations on your second place win Donna. Beautiful photo. Love the effect and colors. #2332213

Deborah Sandidge 1/24/2006 12:32:35 PM

Beautiful work, Donna - congratulations on this winning image!! #2332281

Kathleen Clemons 1/24/2006 1:10:15 PM

Lovely, Donna. Congrats! #2332492

Jonna Bergström 1/24/2006 1:25:28 PM

Congratulations on this great win, Donna!! #2332581

Cathy Gregor 1/24/2006 2:30:45 PM

Congratulations on your win, Donn! #2332834

Sharon Day 1/24/2006 2:52:41 PM

Gorgeous image, Donna!!! Big congratulations on your win!!! #2332969

Theresa Marie Jones 1/24/2006 3:08:11 PM

I would like to express my pleasure to you, Donna, on your achievement! I knew this would win, Congratulations! #2333028

Jenny Bosmans 1/24/2006 4:05:42 PM

Congratulations on this superb winner, Donna!! #2333220

Donna J. Taff 1/24/2006 4:10:11 PM

Thanks to all of you for the congratulations. I am thrilled with getting 2nd place and all the good wishes from my friends. #2333232

Terry R. Hatfield 1/24/2006 4:52:24 PM

Hi Donna!!Im Really Glad To See This One Win:-)Congratulations To You!! #2333388

Mary K. Robison 1/24/2006 5:20:11 PM

So happy to see this again!! #2333531

Gail Vitikacs 1/24/2006 5:36:54 PM

WOW WOW WO...this is incredible Donna....CONGRATULATIONS! #2333604

Deborah C. Lewinson 1/24/2006 6:30:13 PM

Congratulations on your wonderful win, Donna!!!
-Debby #2333783

Elisabeth A. Gay 1/24/2006 6:56:10 PM

Congratulations Donna, this is gorgeous!
Ann #2333891

Debra Booth 1/24/2006 7:05:28 PM

Gorgeous, Donna!! Congrats on this winner!! #2333910

Tammy Scott 1/24/2006 7:12:35 PM

Congratulations on glorious winner! #2333937

KHAWLA Haddad 1/24/2006 8:54:47 PM

Big Congratulations on This Wonderful winner, Donna!!! #2334388

Susan T. Evans 1/24/2006 9:33:25 PM

Big congrats Donna on this awesome winner. #2334499

Allan L. Whitehead 1/25/2006 5:04:38 AM

Donna, congratulations on this magnificent win in last month's contest in the 'Digital Darkroom' category. It is truly, richly deserved, my very dear friend - your good friend, Allan #2335631

Donna W. Neal 1/25/2006 5:07:52 AM

Congratulations on this fine winner Donna. Looks like the judges liked it buzzed also...:) #2335657

Murry Grigsby 1/25/2006 6:40:53 AM

Congrats on your win Donna!! #2336144

Alana Ibe 1/25/2006 10:23:00 AM

Absolutely wonderful in every way! Congratulations! #2337012

Donna J. Taff 1/25/2006 6:34:32 PM

Thankyou everyone for the fantastic congratulations!!! I appreciate it very much! #2339005

Rakesh Syal 1/25/2006 11:50:59 PM

Heartiest congratulations, Donna!!! #2339652

Donna J. Taff 1/26/2006 5:25:31 AM

Thankyou very much for the great congratulations Rakesh!!! Congratulations on your win also!! #2340559

Lee Anne French 1/29/2006 12:48:15 PM

Breathtaking! Vivid, emotional. I love it! Superb image. #2352832

Donna J. Taff 1/29/2006 5:39:52 PM

Thankyou very much for the kind and wonderful words, Lee Anne!!! #2353672

Jim Kinnunen 1/29/2006 9:01:05 PM

Terrific winning image, Donna...congratulations!:) #2354095

Donna J. Taff 1/30/2006 7:47:31 AM

Thankyou very much, Jim for the nice comment!!!! #2355836

Shelly A. Van Camp 2/10/2006 7:54:47 AM

I cannot believe I missed this!!! This is just beautiful!!!! I love the cabin and colors!!!!! Great job and so glas that it won!!!!!!!! #2402837

Donna J. Taff 2/10/2006 8:10:23 AM

Thankyou very much for the wonderful comment, Shelly!!! #2402919

Ray Clarke 2/13/2006 12:35:18 AM

Beautiful Donna (Ac) #2412605

Donna J. Taff 2/13/2006 7:05:39 AM

Thankyou soo much for the wonderful comment, Ac!!! #2413899

Cathy M. Gromball 2/13/2006 2:44:11 PM

Congratulations on your Second Place win, Donna!

Cathy :) #2415389

Donna J. Taff 2/13/2006 3:48:01 PM

Thanks very much, Cathy for the wonderful comment!!! #2415568

Niels Sandal 3/16/2006 10:18:05 AM

Congratulations on this beautiful winner! #2539156

Donna J. Taff 3/16/2006 5:04:04 PM

Thankyou very much for the great comment, Niels!!! #2540481

Carolyn J. Connolly 5/10/2006 11:00:51 PM

G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S autumnal image, Donna!! I just LOVE it...AND, the buZZ you've used on it is PERFECT!! I also love the BEAUTIFUL colours, lighting, AND composition here!! This image was *MOST* deserving of it's Second Place win for you early this year!! VERY well done indeed!! :o) #2749466

James E. Coleman 5/11/2006 3:45:24 PM

well as you obviously know by now this and the other cabin shot are real hits. Not much more can be said. Congrats. to you!1

Jim #2752911

Donna J. Taff 5/11/2006 7:21:19 PM

Thankyou, Carolyn and Jim on your wonderful comments on Little Cabin!!!! #2753659

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I entered a photo like this last month but I got to playing with this and buzzed it. I really like the way it turned out.

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