On The Wings of Love

© Laura E. Swan

On The Wings of Love

Laura E. Swan level-classic 7/28/2012 12:24:49 PM

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Laura E. Swan level-classic 7/28/2012 12:25:18 PM

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Kirsten Kiki Kjaer level-classic 7/28/2012 12:48:31 PM

SSSLala. This is SO touching.
And what amazing artwork and symbolism in this one image.
I also love the other images that you included.
You've got your Mother's smile, don't you?
She was very beautiful as you are for sure.
Now they're together, just like on your photograph of them. #10247914

John Connolly level-classic 7/28/2012 2:44:26 PM

Lots of sadness in these captures Sister Laura! Thanks for sharing these moments with us! It is good to see you posting on BP again #10248060

Laura E. Swan level-classic 7/28/2012 10:46:28 PM

Sister, I miss them both so much...but to imagine them Flying On The Wings of Love brings me peace.

So many people believe our family that has passed away wait for us in the after life. I don't know what the after life holds and if they are free to fly together, but maybe they know each other there now. I hope so. Thank you for all you said. xo Ilove hearing I look like my Mom or my Dad. Usually it's Dad and his side of the family.


Brother John, I know you must know my pain. It's so difficult to lose those we love. I know one thing, I certainly appreciate everyone in my live even more than I did before. Thank you for being in mine. Both of you. All of you.

(The Song I Name This Image After).

My parents were married 30 years when mom passed away too young.



Gord MacEachern level-classic 7/29/2012 3:47:36 AM

Very beautiful show of feelings and talent Laura!! #10248551

Stephen Zacker level-classic 7/29/2012 5:18:30 AM

Really Wonderful. You still have the memories :-) #10248663

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 7/29/2012 8:53:09 AM

Hi Laura,Absolutely beautiful my friend.I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your father.I lost my father 10 years ago!!!! #10248894

Patrick Rouzes level-classic 7/29/2012 10:30:54 AM

A touching & ultra creative image, Swanee Laura! Lovely work & love the symbolism!

Reynaldo D. Reyes level-classic 7/29/2012 11:30:54 AM

So beautiful Laura, love the way you fixed the wings Laura and looks so tender the way you hold this in your hand. And so it is with our loved ones in Heaven, the Lord will fix all that is broken...Take care! #10249081

Terry Cervi level-classic 7/29/2012 7:33:19 PM

Hi Laura. How you doing? It was so nice to hear from you tonight. I haven't visited in a while and it's good to be here. You did a beautiful job with the PS work, it's a wonderful remembrance of your dearly loved parents! #10249589

Laura E. Swan level-classic 7/29/2012 7:46:06 PM

Thank you everyone. :) I love each word here.

xo-Laura #10249596

Shelly A. Van Camp level-classic 7/29/2012 8:03:37 PM

Awww, I am the same way....I hit a butterfly by accident driving and I cried.....I felt so bad. I also have found them and put them in the shade. You are a good hearted person Laura. Beautiful capture....I hope you are doing ok. Hugs to you! Thanks for the nice comments in my gallery. #10249603

Julianne Bradford 7/29/2012 10:01:10 PM

What a beautiful creation and memorial to your dad and your mom. You have immortalized the lovely butterfly forever and you will always carry their memory in your heart. Good to see you creating again :-) #10249713

Ann Coates level-classic 8/3/2012 10:01:06 PM

What a beautiful and touching way to remember your parents, so heartfelt. You know they are both looking down on you, so proudly Laura. This is stunning and comes right from your heart, you can see that and feel it in this image. Always thinking of you Laura. #10261936

Lorna Shutter 8/8/2012 8:38:44 AM

I don't remember seeing this image in your gallery ... You are soooo creative, Sis! Your parents were beautiful ... and so are you! Such a beautiful dedication to two people who still hold a very special place in your heart! Wonderful capture and editing work! I'm sure the butterfly appreciated your act of kindness! :) #10267609

Kim Andelkovic level-classic 8/12/2012 10:52:36 PM

Oh Laura this is just so beautiful......with tears in my eyes and at a loss for words, my heart goes out to you.....but they are together once again.....bless :-) pictures are the beautiful memories that we get to keep of our loved ones that never changes and last forever......they will bring many smiles to you once again......along with beautiful songs with meaningful words that will fill your heart with joy and sadness at the same time. Thinking of you special lady ;-) #10273689

Laura E. Swan level-classic 8/12/2012 11:16:10 PM

Hi Ladies. You know, for some odd reason when I was making this, I felt like a little girl again. My parents little daughter. Heck, I am only 5 years away from being the age my mother was when she died...but still I am her little girl and Dads, too...It was good therapy for me to make this one and I am so touched that you felt my energy in this. I went through the gambit of emotions making it...with, as you said Kim, memories in my heart. Songs they loved, things they taught me, memories of childhood...all there. :)

I am so grateful to know so many wonderful people on BP. You truly are a wonderful second family that I am very proud and happy to be a part of.

Thanks for celebrating and mourning with me. You're the best.

Love, Laura

P.S. I felt so bad for the butterfly that day...I wish nothing and no one ever had to die. #10273700

Kathy Salerni level-classic 8/28/2012 10:28:59 PM

Oh Laura, this is so beautiful! Congratulations on your well deserved Finalist and good luck in the next round! #10294537

Laura E. Swan level-classic 8/28/2012 10:33:44 PM

Kathy, thank you. How did you get here so fast??? :))) I just got notified at 11:07!!! See?? :) (BetterPhoto.com free.stuff@betterphoto.com
11:07 PM )

You are so sweet. Almost time for bed here. Thanks for the extra smile before I sleep tonight!

-Laura :))


Cindy Bendush level-classic 8/28/2012 10:39:26 PM

Exquisite and heartfelt dedication Laura. Beautifully worked and presented -- a well deserved finalist! #10294555

Mary K. Robison 8/28/2012 10:58:40 PM

Congratulations on your lovely tribute to your Dad and Mom making Finalist, Pom!!!
Best of luck next level with this touching image! #10294610

Laura E. Swan level-classic 8/28/2012 11:31:18 PM

Hi Cindy and Mare. Thank you ladies! So much! :)

This is a very nice way to end this day! :)

Night night...(I think! Hey, Mare??? I mean it when I say it...Lol...). #10294681

Kim Andelkovic level-classic 8/28/2012 11:36:55 PM

Congratulations on this very special, meaningful Finalist......I believe his showing you the sign xx :-) #10294691

Laura E. Swan level-classic 8/28/2012 11:38:25 PM

:))))))) Beaming now, Kimmy. Thank you! :)))))) #10294695

Bojan Bencic level-classic 8/29/2012 12:24:58 AM

Congratulations on your very special finalist, Laura. #10294742

Ann Coates level-classic 8/29/2012 2:40:55 AM

Beautiful Laura, congratulations on your finalist, I know this will mean a lot to you. #10294913

Antonio Amen 8/29/2012 3:37:25 AM

Very interesting work, well done. #10295047

Ellen Hodges level-classic 8/29/2012 4:12:33 AM

Huge congrats and very best luck, Laura, with this very beautiful and touching finalist!! #10295120

Lorna Shutter level-classic 8/29/2012 4:38:56 AM

Woo Hoo!!! I am so happy that this image received a Finalist Award as I know it holds a special meaning for you! CONGRATULATIONS on your well-deserved Finalist Award, Sis!!!!! Good luck in the next round!!! WTG!!! :)
Photobucket #10295204

Stefania Barbier level-classic 8/29/2012 4:54:46 AM

beautiful memory of your parents... and congratulations on your wonderful finalist!!! #10295286

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna level-classic 8/29/2012 6:55:23 AM

WTG NN!! :-) k #10295662

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna level-classic 8/29/2012 6:57:14 AM

OOPS...NL!!! :-) #10295668

Robert R. Goodman level-classic 8/29/2012 7:22:06 AM

Hi Laura,Big Congratulations on this beautiful finalist my friend!!! #10295764

JO ANN CLEVELAND level-classic 8/29/2012 7:49:54 AM

Very touching Laura...

Congratulations on this outstanding finalist!

jo ann c. #10295894

Wm Nosal 8/29/2012 8:13:37 AM

Wonderful Laura!
Congratulations #10296022

Nancy L. Green level-classic 8/29/2012 8:24:13 AM

I see a GRAND PRIZE here Laura, this is one AMAZING piece of DD work, CONGRATULATIONS!!! <>< #10296086

Phyllis A. Houghton level-classic 8/29/2012 8:31:50 AM

Congratulations on a touching finalist, Laura! #10296132

Emile Abbott level-classic 8/29/2012 8:44:44 AM

Congratulation Laura on a wonderful tribute and finalist. #10296203

Nancy Marie Ricketts 8/29/2012 9:50:31 AM

A very special congratulations on your finalist and on this beautiful tribute to your parents. You are such an artist, and an inspiration to us all. You are plentiful in your support to those who know and love you for it. It is only fair that we give our support and love back to you. You are most deserving of the GOLD I know is coming your way.

Connie J. Bagot 8/29/2012 11:28:51 AM

Congratulations Laura---a very special and beautiful image. #10296745

John Connolly level-classic 8/29/2012 1:26:40 PM

Congratulations on your finalist award Laura, you did well with this one! #10297163

Gord MacEachern level-classic 8/29/2012 2:02:18 PM

Big congrats on this well deserved Finalist Laura, good luck next round!! #10297279

Tammy Espino level-classic 8/29/2012 3:58:53 PM

Ya Lora! Good luck next round and congrats!!!!!!!!! #10297552

Randy D. Dinkins level-classic 8/29/2012 4:58:40 PM

Big congrats Laura, great job! #10297721

Patrick Rouzes level-classic 8/29/2012 5:32:11 PM

CONGRATS & good luck on this touching & creative Finalist, Swanee! WTG! #10297850

Neal D. Hatcher level-classic 8/29/2012 5:59:26 PM

------------("CONGRATOLATIONS")--------- #10297964

Heather Loewenhardt level-classic 8/29/2012 6:44:31 PM

What a wonderful sentiment Laura. Congrats on your finalist award. #10298119

Millie A. Talarico level-classic 8/29/2012 6:45:28 PM

Wonderful, meaningful, creation, good luck in final round, Laura!!! #10298123

Lou Taylor level-classic 8/29/2012 7:19:45 PM

Congratulations Laura- this is such a special image. #10298239

Laura E. Swan level-classic 8/29/2012 7:32:23 PM

Hi Everyone!! :) Thank you all so very much. :) What an honor to my parents that you all like what I made them and that the Judges like it, too.

I am so honored. I've enjoyed every comment.


-Laura :) #10298264

Christopher Budny level-classic 8/30/2012 8:41:32 AM

Such a neat concept; congratulations! #10299111

Patricia A. Casey level-classic 8/30/2012 8:42:40 AM

Wow...how truly wonderful Laura! Congratulations....still am catching up after our long trip....I have to say I loved Canada to pieces...Jasper...wow...Banff wow....Have a wonderful day ahead...and again....many congrats on this beauty! Well deserved.....=^..^= #10299118

Melissa G. Meiselman 8/30/2012 8:55:40 AM

Congratulations on the beautiful finalist with expressive thoughts and feeling. #10299170

Carol Flisak level-classic 8/30/2012 11:24:43 AM

Wonderful concept and feelings, beautiful execution! Congratulations of your well deserved finalist, Laura! #10299492

Stan Kwasniowski level-classic 8/30/2012 1:18:09 PM

Laura, congratulations #10299779

Lydia Williams level-classic 8/30/2012 2:32:33 PM

Dear Laura,
I think I got stuck in the time machine and somehow missed this fabulous presentation. This is so touching Laura and brought goosebumps. You've got a masterpiece here and glad to see the finalist award, and look forward to the next round of gold! Hugs, Lydia #10299886

Max Aureli level-classic 8/30/2012 6:46:02 PM

Congratulations Laura for your finalist!! Great work!! #10300506

David M. Montero 8/31/2012 11:53:37 AM

Wonderful tribute Laura. Your parents are looking down, feeling very proud. Congratulations on your Finalist selection! #10301592

Amanda J. Tanner level-classic 8/31/2012 3:45:34 PM

Congratulations Laura on this touching finalist! You are so talented in so many ways. There are times when I view your gallary I shed tears and smiles.
I love the work you do. #10301967

Susan Williams level-classic 8/31/2012 11:02:09 PM

Laura, this is a beautiful work of art in memory of your dear Mom and Dad. May you find comfort in knowing that many of us know the depth of the sorrow you are feeling and share your sadness. Your love of them, and for all things living, is an inspiration to all, and it shines through in your art. Congratulations on your award. Richly deserved. #10302775

Thomas E. Hinds 9/1/2012 6:10:32 AM

Wonderful work, Laura! A well deserved Finalist that touches the heart! #10303278

Julianne Bradford 9/1/2012 10:11:08 AM

Congrats on your wonderful finalist Laura! #10303708

Carolyn J. Connolly level-classic 9/1/2012 10:48:21 PM

Laura, this is S-U-C-H a beautiful image...that, as Thomas said above, "touches the heart"!! :-)

Warm CONGRATULATIONS, my friend...and I hope that your heart feels just a *little* less broken now!! :-) #10304751

Nancyj E. Hovey level-classic 9/2/2012 7:44:16 PM

Your creativity is outstanding with showing so much love from within...

on your very deserving FINALSIT....

hugs...8o) #10305943

Karen Kessler 9/2/2012 8:46:37 PM

I'm finally getting around to seeing this on BP & commenting! CONGRATULATIONS on your FINALIST, Sis! This is beautiful! Such a sweet dedication to your parents! #10306011

Laura E. Swan level-classic 9/3/2012 9:43:43 AM

So Very Much Everyone!!! You tender and kind comments mean the world to me. This has been a rough time for me. I know that so many of you know just what this is like.

Death is so final for the people left behind. But for my parents they are now in the Lords care, and what could be better than that?! :)

Thank you again! :) You guys are the best.



Laura L. Gonzales level-classic 9/6/2012 1:21:30 AM

Congratulations Emmy on this beautiful and touching finalist. I too know your pain, but you have captured a treasured memory of the two of them. I know they would be proud of their little Laura Emmy! Well done my sweet friend. Such a touching image. Brought tears to my eyes. Big hugs, love Laura #10310783

Pamela K. Barrett 9/17/2012 6:10:34 AM

Very nice tribute to your parents, Laura. I've been looking through your gallery & see how much talent and creativity you have. Both my parents are gone also. Lost my mother when she was only 63 back in 2000 and my dad who was 76 has been gone 2 1/2 years now. It's always nice to make something in honor of them and to help remember them. My way was to write about them. I can always go back & read what I wrote, just as you can go back & look at these beautiful images you have created. #10326271

Laura E. Swan level-classic 1/25/2013 12:30:51 AM

Thank you all so much. Your comments have helped get me through some very hard times.

Pamela, I so agree with you. It was excellent therapy for me to make dedications to my folks in some way and especially my Dad, who we just lost. Mom passed nearly 30 years ago.

Very sorry to hear your folks are gone from you now. I know how much it can hurt...and we always and forever miss them.

Thank you Laura Lee, my sweet friend and sister, and thanks to all of you who came here to show your care and support. Thank you for sharing your stories, too. :) xo

Much love,

Amanda D. Austwick level-classic 10/27/2013 4:38:27 PM

Oh Laura, such a moving story behind this image. Yes "On the wings of Love" is the best way to describe 2 beloved souls meeting again in heaven.
Congratulations on your Finalist! #10882274

Laura E. Swan level-classic 10/27/2013 7:19:22 PM

Thank you dear Amanda. :) Your comments mean a lot to me. I was just thinking about Dad again tonight and how I got to talk to him only minutes (about 15 or 20) before he passed...and from 2,000 miles away.

What a thing. The Telephone. My Daddy was holding my Moms hand when she took her last breath. Nearly 30 years ago.

Thanks very much again,
Laura :) #10882383

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My Daddy Passed Away One Month Ago Today.
My Mom Passed Away in 1985.

They Have Now Both Been Set Free.

* * *
(Note: I found this butterfly in a parking lot in the Canadian Rockies in June.
7 Days before my Dad Passed Away. It had a broken wing and was missing part of an antenna.
I set him in the shade in a safe place after holding him a while...
(I fixed both things in PSE7 while doing other touch ups.)

f 7.1, 1/320
July 28th, 2012
* * *
(Re-Submitted 1/15/13 - Details and Macro)

Exif: F Number: 7.1, Exposure Bias Value: 0.00, ExposureTime: 1/320 seconds, Flash: did not fire, auto mode, FocalLength: 4.60 mm, Model: Canon PowerShot SD800 IS

Uploaded on 7/28/2012 12:24:07 PM

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