Poinsettia Passion

© Donna LaMattino Pagakis

Poinsettia Passion

Katarina Mansson level-deluxe 8/10/2011 10:40:36 PM

Love the pattern, comp, SF and colors. Beauty and perfection! HTD Donna! #1400151

Tiia Vissak level-deluxe 8/11/2011 12:18:38 AM

a beautiful shot! #9596512

Usman M. Bajwa level-deluxe 8/11/2011 2:26:43 AM

Gorgeous colors and focus, Donna. HTD!

UB. #9596590

Christopher Budny level-deluxe 8/11/2011 3:47:12 AM

As always, a beautiful shot--but wow, what a flower, too! I like these much better than the traditional Christmastime version. #9596693

Melinda F. Schneider level-deluxe 8/11/2011 3:58:53 AM

Such vibrant color, pattern and beautiful focal point! A true beauty, Donna, well done!! #9596723

Joy Rector level-deluxe 8/11/2011 4:05:17 AM

gorgeous, well done #9596741

Patricia A. Coblentz level-deluxe 8/11/2011 6:35:53 AM

Wonderful sf, Donna...I love the rich colors, lights, and repeating patterns of the petals! HTD! #9597032

Marcie A. Fowler level-deluxe 8/11/2011 7:26:03 AM

Delightfully beautiful. Great colors, comp and light. #9597114

Mitch Spence level-deluxe 8/11/2011 7:56:48 AM

Gorgeous flowers and background. Love their white edges, Donna. #9597176

Daniella Puente level-deluxe 8/11/2011 8:21:39 AM

Great and very beautiful Donna! #9597216

Michele Peterson level-deluxe 8/11/2011 9:12:42 AM

These are gorgeous!! And I love the angle that you shot them at, the front one standing out! Very pretty, and HTD!! #9597296

Nikki McDonald level-deluxe 8/11/2011 9:32:07 AM

One of the prettiest poinsettia shots I have ever seen, Donna, and that's going some as these are such showy flowers! Beautifully composed and the exposure and dof are perfect. #9597336

Kathy Cline level-deluxe 8/11/2011 10:47:30 AM

So beautiful Donna...was this when we were there? I need to go through mine. Have a blessed day. #9597472

Richard B. Hallick level-deluxe 8/11/2011 3:45:29 PM

Beautiful use of SF. I love the 3D feeling you have created with the background. #9597988

Donna LaMattino Pagakis level-deluxe 8/12/2011 2:21:33 PM

Thank you VERY MUCH!! You all inspire!



Michele Peterson level-deluxe 12/14/2011 2:45:08 PM

Congratulations, Donna!! I love this! #9865555

Kim Andelkovic (Kovic) level-deluxe 12/14/2011 3:28:43 PM

Donna, Congrats on your wonderful finalist :-) #9865869

Christopher Budny level-deluxe 12/14/2011 3:31:15 PM

Congratulations, Donna; what a beauty! #9865887

Deborah C. Lewinson level-deluxe 12/14/2011 3:59:02 PM

Stunning finalist, Donna!

Debby #9866105

Monnie Ryan level-deluxe 12/14/2011 4:11:39 PM

WTG, Donna - congratulations! #9866187

Phyllis Burchett level-deluxe 12/14/2011 6:15:12 PM

This is so gorgeous Donna, congrats! #9866692

Leslie McLain level-deluxe 12/14/2011 6:16:00 PM

Congrats on a beautiful finalist, Donna. #9866696

Nadia Paul level-deluxe 12/14/2011 6:40:37 PM

So vibrant and beautiful Donna - congrats on your finalist! #9866847

Julianne Bradford level-deluxe 12/14/2011 8:53:19 PM

Awesome finalist Donna and a beautiful seasonal capture..wtg girlfriend! Hope it gets a gold! #9867354

Debbie E. Payne 12/14/2011 10:46:04 PM

These are just gorgeous, Donna. Well seen and shot! Good luck in the next round. #9867546

Stefania Barbier level-deluxe 12/14/2011 10:47:48 PM

huge congrats on your wonderful finalist!!! #9867556

Naomi Weiser level-deluxe 12/15/2011 2:55:02 AM

i like the pov, congrats! #9867816

Amy M. Wilson level-deluxe 12/15/2011 6:57:02 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful Finalist, Donna!! #9868302

Donna LaMattino Pagakis level-deluxe 12/15/2011 7:34:37 AM

Thank you for all of your congratulatory wishes and very kind comments. Happy Holidays!!

Donna #9868408

Lindley Johnson level-deluxe 12/15/2011 8:29:18 AM

Beautiful composition, color, and details! Congratulations on your terrific finalist, Donna. #9868585

Kathy Salerni level-deluxe 12/15/2011 8:38:05 AM

Huge congrats on this awesome Finalist and good luck in the next round, Donna! #9868618

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 12/15/2011 10:08:59 AM

Beautiful details. Congratulations on your finalist, Donna. #9868870

Emile Abbott level-deluxe 12/15/2011 12:07:50 PM

Beautiful finalist Donna. #9869093

Marijana Fajgl level-deluxe 12/15/2011 12:25:36 PM

Big congratulations on your beautiful finalist, Donna! #9869149

Bob Cournoyer level-deluxe 12/15/2011 1:01:40 PM

Beautiful work, Donna... :-) #9869252

Marcel J. Fernandez level-deluxe 12/15/2011 1:50:29 PM

The composition and shallow DOF are great. Congratulations, Donna. #9869337

Donna LaMattino Pagakis level-deluxe 12/15/2011 1:59:27 PM

Thanks again to each and every one of you!!! I'm deeply honored!!




Ken Smith level-deluxe 12/15/2011 5:49:18 PM

Gorgeous, Donna...congrats on your finalist!! #9869827

Sabrina Ryan 12/15/2011 6:28:48 PM

Congratulations on a beautiful Finalist Donna #9869958

JO ANN CLEVELAND level-deluxe 12/15/2011 6:52:33 PM

Congratulations on this outstanding finalist Dpmma!

jo ann c.

Stan Kwasniowski 12/15/2011 7:15:17 PM

Hi Donna, beautiful, congrat #9870093

Mary Dimitriw level-deluxe 12/15/2011 8:16:24 PM

Wow Donna!! Gorgeous Finalist...just lovely! Congrats. #9870158

Erica Murphy level-deluxe 12/15/2011 8:24:50 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist Donna!! #9870173

Errick L. Cameron level-deluxe 12/15/2011 9:50:22 PM

Well done! Congratulations! #9870300

ALLEN O. HOWARD level-deluxe 12/15/2011 10:58:58 PM

Beautiful! Congratulations Donna! #9870382

Renee Doyle level-deluxe 12/16/2011 12:51:33 AM

Stunning Donna!! Congratulations! #9870489

VISHVAJIT JUIKAR level-deluxe 12/16/2011 8:26:49 AM

Congrats on this beautiful finalist #9871199

Stefania Barbier level-deluxe 12/16/2011 2:37:00 PM

beautiful winner, congratulations!!! #9871789

Monnie Ryan level-deluxe 12/16/2011 2:48:44 PM

Congratulations on a well-deserved win, Donna! #9871857

Janet McNeil level-deluxe 12/16/2011 3:07:11 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful win! #9871954

Kim Andelkovic (Kovic) level-deluxe 12/16/2011 3:07:50 PM

Fantastic Win, Congratulations ;-) #9871959

Jessica Jenney level-deluxe 12/16/2011 3:15:09 PM

Congratulations, Donna on your beautiful winner! #9871991

Terry Cervi level-deluxe 12/16/2011 3:19:16 PM

How beautiful, Donna! Congrats on your win! #9872007

Carolyn McIntosh 12/16/2011 3:36:33 PM

Congratulations Donna . . what a gorgeous photo. #9872064

Daniella Puente level-deluxe 12/16/2011 4:11:24 PM

Congrats Donna! #9872190

Deborah C. Lewinson level-deluxe 12/16/2011 4:25:19 PM

Huge congrats on your win, Donna! #9872235

Michele Peterson level-deluxe 12/16/2011 4:36:50 PM

Congratulations again Donna, on your 2nd place win!!! #9872273

Claudia Kuhn level-deluxe 12/16/2011 4:37:57 PM

Beautiful, congratulations Donna! #9872279

Clyde P. Smith level-deluxe 12/16/2011 4:53:24 PM

Congratulations on a beautiful winner Donna! #9872328

Marcel J. Fernandez level-deluxe 12/16/2011 4:57:03 PM

Donna, A big congratulations to you on your beautiful Winner. #9872345

Christopher Budny level-deluxe 12/16/2011 4:58:48 PM

If it is possible for this image to look any better, I guess the bling of some gold does the trick ;) Congratulations! #9872356

Bob Cournoyer level-deluxe 12/16/2011 5:00:13 PM

What Chris said... :-) #9872363

Sabrina Ryan level-deluxe 12/16/2011 5:29:29 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on your Beautiful Winning image, Donna #9872439

Ken Smith level-deluxe 12/16/2011 5:34:37 PM

Way to go, Donna. Outstanding and congrats to you!! #9872461

Carol Eade level-deluxe 12/16/2011 6:04:14 PM

This is beautiful, Donna, congratulations! #9872530

Patricia A. Coblentz level-deluxe 12/16/2011 6:06:12 PM

Congratulations on your winner, Donna...stunning!! #9872538

Phyllis Burchett level-deluxe 12/16/2011 6:53:41 PM

Absolutely gorgeous, stunning and fabulous Donna, big congrats!!! #9872706

Amy M. Wilson level-deluxe 12/16/2011 7:06:23 PM

Congrats on your excellent Gold Winner, Donna!! #9872752

Leslie McLain level-deluxe 12/16/2011 8:15:30 PM

Congrats on a stunning winner, Donna. #9872926

Renee Doyle level-deluxe 12/16/2011 8:21:08 PM

Very well deserved!! Congratulations Donna!! #9872943

Rona L. Schwarz 12/16/2011 8:24:09 PM

WOW! This is one of the most gorgeous poinsettia images I think I've ever seen, Donna! It positively glows! Marvelous color, clarity, and amazing Selective Focus and DOF. And I love the white edges! SUPER CONGRATULATIONS ON THIS OUTSTANDING GOLD WINNER! #9872953

Julianne Bradford 12/16/2011 8:48:14 PM

Congratulations girlfriend! WTG Gold! #9873009

Mary Dimitriw level-deluxe 12/16/2011 9:18:05 PM

Congratulations on this stunning Winner Donna! #9873051

Nadia Paul level-deluxe 12/16/2011 10:21:33 PM

Congrats on your beautiful winner Donna! #9873114

Melinda F. Schneider level-deluxe 12/17/2011 2:48:41 AM

Congratulations, Donna! A true beauty!! #9873360

Michelle Alton level-deluxe 12/17/2011 3:26:52 AM

Magnificent winner, Donna. Congratulations! #9873402

Bojan Bencic level-deluxe 12/17/2011 4:12:02 AM

Great one, Donna. Congratulations on your win! #9873481

Kathy Cline level-deluxe 12/17/2011 6:02:09 AM

Incredible and I cant wait to go back Donna.

glitter-graphics.com #9873704

Usman M. Bajwa level-deluxe 12/17/2011 8:07:08 AM

Happy to see this bring Gold, Donna. Huge CONGRATZ!!!

UB. #9873970

Carla Capra level-deluxe 12/17/2011 9:02:43 AM

Congratulations #9874033

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 12/17/2011 11:06:59 AM

WTG on this wonderful winner, Donna! :-) k #9874156

Lindley Johnson level-deluxe 12/17/2011 2:15:20 PM

Congratulations on your beautiful winner, Donna! #9874386

Marijana Fajgl level-deluxe 12/17/2011 2:59:45 PM

Big congratulations on your fantastic winner, Donna! #9874431

Emile Abbott level-deluxe 12/18/2011 12:16:26 PM

Congratulations on this beautiful gold winner, Donna. #9875982

Patrick Rouzes level-deluxe 12/18/2011 3:49:16 PM

Congratulations on this incredible Winner, Donna! WTG, my friend! #9876380

Cindy Bendush level-deluxe 12/18/2011 9:56:35 PM

Huge congratulations on your extraordinary winner Donna! #9876790

Katarina Mansson level-deluxe 12/20/2011 3:35:13 AM

Perfection and beauty combined in this seasonal image. Loved it from the moment I saw it! Congratulations Donna! #9878700

Melinda B. Shiflet level-deluxe 12/23/2011 4:05:16 AM

This is an absolutley gorgeous captuure, Donna!! HUGE Congrats on your winner!! Very well deserved!! Merry Christmas, my friend! Hope you all have a fabulous holiday! #9883368

Merna L. Nobile level-deluxe 12/23/2011 5:52:35 PM

What could be more important in life than to know in our hearts that in everything we have tried to do, we have done our very best?
Congratulations for your magnificent contribution for the month of November, 2011.
Merna Nobile #9884367

Stan Kwasniowski 12/24/2011 10:34:27 AM

Donna, beutiful

Merry Christmas #9885288

Laura D. Greene level-deluxe 1/14/2012 7:07:25 PM

Congratulations, Donna! #9920489

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My PG 101 Selective Focus Challenge Entry

Captured at the Flower Fields, in a greenhouse. A vibrant variety, grown by Paul Ecke Ranch, designed to bloom in spring.

Carlsbad, California
April 6, 2011

Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L USM Lens
RAW / Aperture Priority / -1/3 EC / 40 mm
F 5 @ 1/160 ISO 200


Exif: F Number: 5, Exposure Bias Value: -0.33, ExposureTime: 1/160 seconds, Flash: did not fire, compulsory flash mode, ISO: 200, White balance: Manual white balance, FocalLength: 40.00 mm, Model: Canon EOS DIGITAL REBEL XSi

Uploaded on 8/10/2011 8:33:20 PM

BetterPhoto.com Photo Contest SECOND PLACE Winner

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