Which Floor

© Cathy Barrows

Which Floor

Jack Gaskin 6/12/2011 9:14:33 AM


Happy Shooting
Jack #1384659

Jeff Robinson 6/12/2011 9:16:29 AM

Vertigo!! Great perspective, color and clarity! #9456539

Amalia Sylvia Arriaga Salinas 6/12/2011 9:39:24 AM

Fantastic perspective and lighting Cathy!,
Amalia #9456585

Shelly A. Van Camp 6/12/2011 10:11:37 AM

Super! Super! #9456610

Carolyn M. Fletcher 6/12/2011 12:21:24 PM

Super super super super super!!!!!! #9456701

Bonnie C. Lackey 6/12/2011 12:49:28 PM

SUPER!!! #9456730

Ellen Hodges 6/12/2011 1:40:51 PM

Wow! What a beautiful and fantastic capture, Cathy!! #9456775

Alexandra Hankova 6/12/2011 2:23:44 PM

Impressive! :-) #9456818

Carol Eade 6/13/2011 5:16:12 AM

Awesome image...love the perspective, you're so good at these shots! #9457908

JO ANN CLEVELAND 6/13/2011 3:26:23 PM

Love the composition! You excell in these shots girl! And all the others too..lol

jo ann c. #9459012

Judy V. Kennamer 6/14/2011 5:04:13 AM

WOW! What a cool shot! Makes me dizzy! #9459959

Christopher Budny 6/14/2011 8:41:18 AM

Very cool "graphic" kind of image! #9460320

Sabrina Ryan 6/14/2011 8:58:27 AM

So cool, Cathy! #9460345

Mary Beth Aiello 6/14/2011 6:58:16 PM

Super six times over. Truly spectacular,Cathy. #9461062

Phyllis H. Burchett 6/19/2011 6:37:23 AM

Amazing. #9467632

Rona L. Schwarz 6/29/2011 9:57:47 PM

Fabulous, awesome, spectacular! #9495909

Ken Smith 8/26/2011 9:41:13 PM

I like the lay-down of this, Cathy. Nice perspective for sure! #9635908

Michelle Alton 8/30/2011 3:47:09 AM

This is truly unbelievable. POTD is just the beginning for this incredible image. Congratulations Cathy. #9642148

Christopher Budny 8/30/2011 3:55:30 AM

Congratulations on your POTD; such a cool building, from every angle! #9642165

Kathy Cline 8/30/2011 3:58:30 AM

Congrats Cathy, you are truly so creative...I miss you and hope to see you soon.
Have a blessed day. xoxo #9642171

Johnnie Ann Gaskill 8/30/2011 4:02:55 AM

Unique--no doubt about THAT. And great comp, POV, color, sharpness... What's not to like about all that? Congratulations on yet another stunning image!!!! #9642182

Ken Smith 8/30/2011 4:07:18 AM

Excellent perspective on this iconic hotel. Congrats on your POTD! #9642193

Katarina Mansson 8/30/2011 4:07:21 AM

Spectacular color tones, composition, lines, patterns and details. Congratulations on your beautiful POTD Cathy! #9642194

Alexander Decoster 8/30/2011 4:15:02 AM

All superlatives were already used by the other BP members. But truly amazing, breathtaking.
Alex #9642220

Donna R. Moratelli 8/30/2011 4:17:09 AM

Wow! Congrats on POTD #9642226

Gord MacEachern 8/30/2011 4:18:40 AM

Big congratulations on your well deserved POTD Cathy!! #9642230

Mary Timman 8/30/2011 4:25:54 AM

Really neat shot and Congratulations on POTD! #9642238

Lorna Shutter 8/30/2011 4:27:54 AM

Photobucket Wow!!! This is amazing, Cathy!!! I love everything about it! Definitely a fave ... and I'm with Michelle ... Your EFP & POTD Awards are only the beginning of greater things to come!!! Awesome capture and work! :) #9642240

JO ANN CLEVELAND 8/30/2011 4:38:18 AM

Congratulations Cathy, your perspective gives it a look of a "tunnel"....love it!

jo ann c. #9642254

Eivor Kuchta 8/30/2011 4:50:32 AM

Great composition! Congratulations on your POTD, Cathy! #9642290

Anita Hogue 8/30/2011 4:57:43 AM

Fantastic capture, Cathy! Congratulations on your POTD! #9642304

Joy Rector 8/30/2011 5:09:11 AM

congrats on the POTD #9642318

Phyllis H. Burchett 8/30/2011 5:16:34 AM

B I G congrats Cathy on this fabulous POTD!!! #9642325

Marcie A. Fowler 8/30/2011 5:23:34 AM

Congrats on this beautiful image getting POTD!! Well deserved. #9642335

Cathy Barrows 8/30/2011 5:25:54 AM

thanks so much ya'll...this shot has a special memory...Judy, Joann and I paid at a nearby parking lot only to come and have the car booted cuz apparently we paid a homeless man and not the attendant...$75 mistake #9642346

Millie A. Talarico 8/30/2011 5:27:32 AM

Outstanding capture, Cathy! #9642354

Marilyn Cornwell 8/30/2011 5:34:31 AM

Congratulations on POTD! #9642383

Linda Blair 8/30/2011 5:34:39 AM

Big congrats on this gorgeous POTD!!!! #9642385

Carolyn M. DAlessandro 8/30/2011 5:36:20 AM

I love when an image causes me to hang out a while. Like candy for the brain...outstanding comp,tack sharp and wonderful color...Bravo Cathy on a well deserved POTD! #9642392

Karen Engelbreth 8/30/2011 5:41:50 AM

Big congrats on your wonderful POTD, Cathy... #9642413

Judy V. Kennamer 8/30/2011 5:42:20 AM

Congrats on your beautiful POTD Cathy!!! Yes, this was a fun shoot -- thanks for taking us to this beautiful place - it was great fun - even with the parking lot rip off :o) #9642414

Shelly A. Van Camp 8/30/2011 5:53:34 AM

Beautiful.....love the POV, colors and shapes.....Well done! Bret said he would bring me to Atlanta sometime...I will keep you posted. I don't think it's far to drive.....you should come here for Fall. Congrats on the POTD!!! #9642447

Stephanie Frey 8/30/2011 5:55:48 AM

Congrats on your awesome POTD Cathy!! #9642454

Kathleen S. Bower 8/30/2011 5:57:52 AM

Cathy, this is just spectacular. You do have a great eye for pattern. Stunning!!!
Kathy #9642459

Patti Coblentz 8/30/2011 6:04:51 AM

This is amazing, Kathy!!! Congratulations on your POTD! #9642476

Jessica Jenney 8/30/2011 6:19:09 AM

Congratulations, Cathy on your fabulous POTD! #9642492

Julianne Bradford 8/30/2011 6:22:29 AM

What a fabulous EOD Cathy! Congrats on your POTD! #9642496

Larry L. Redmon 8/30/2011 6:32:08 AM

Outstanding, Cathy! Congratulations! #9642511

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 8/30/2011 6:38:53 AM

WTG on this fabulous POTD, Kathy! :-) k

Shirley A. Kinney 8/30/2011 6:45:44 AM

Awesome shot, Cathy. Congratulations on your POTD! Expensive but well deserved! #9642543

Kathryn Wesserling 8/30/2011 6:59:31 AM

"Awesome" is the only word to use! This is a fabulous optical illusion image. Congratulations on the POTD, Cathy. #9642575

David Phalen 8/30/2011 7:01:18 AM

BIG Congrats on a Stunning POTD!! #9642579

Cathy Barrows 8/30/2011 7:22:33 AM

thanks ya'll #9642626

Bojan Bencic 8/30/2011 8:01:04 AM

Well done, Cathy. Congratulations on your POTD! #9642666

Shawn Jennings 8/30/2011 8:10:15 AM

WTG Cathy! Congrats on your POTD! #9642696

Mary Beth Aiello 8/30/2011 8:17:05 AM

Oh, this is exceptional, Cathy. Huge congrats on your POTD. #9642719

Darryl Wilkinson 8/30/2011 9:49:45 AM

Wow! Great shot, Cathy! Congratulations on the award! #9642886

Rona L. Schwarz 8/30/2011 10:08:07 AM

I feel exactly like Carolyn D., Cathy - each time I see this remarkable image I stop and stare to take it all in. Huge Congrats on this awesome POTD! #9642923

Cesar J. La Rosa 8/30/2011 11:03:59 AM

WOW!!! This is simply AMAZING, Cathy!!!
Beautiful lines, colors, wonderful sharpness and an incredible POV.
Congratulations on your very we--deserved POTD!!!
Cesar #9642992

Sheri Camarda 8/30/2011 12:39:55 PM

Really a great shot Cathy! Love it all but the colors just stand out. A well deserved Congratulations! #9643075

Michael Kelly 8/30/2011 1:21:45 PM

Great architecture - wonderful POV and color. Congratulations!

Now you have a good memory to go with this shot along with the bad one from the parking issue. #9643152

Janice M. Borodezt 8/30/2011 1:51:09 PM


What a spectacular picture.

Well done. Congratulations.
Janice #9643177

Danny B. Head 8/30/2011 2:24:07 PM

Congrats Cathy on POTD! Love the colors! #9643230

Sabrina Ryan 8/30/2011 2:42:31 PM

Congrats on your very cool POTD, Cathy! #9643251

Dr Silly 8/30/2011 3:27:58 PM

Congrats Cathy on your POTD. :O) #9643331

Jeff Robinson 8/30/2011 4:09:38 PM

Congrats Cathy on your COOL POTD!! #9643424

Daniella Puente 8/30/2011 4:58:32 PM

Wow Cathy! great capture congrats :) #9643509

Stephen Zacker 8/30/2011 5:27:43 PM

Cool! Congratulations #9643571

Ian M. Hill 8/30/2011 5:46:43 PM

A fab capture Cathy,congrats on your potd. #9643603

Usman M. Bajwa 8/30/2011 6:07:57 PM

Marvelous pov and vista of this utterly amazing inner section of this hotel, Cathy. CONGRATZ on the POTD!!!

UB. #9643633

Amanda D. Austwick 8/30/2011 7:57:23 PM

WOW what a head banger of a view!! Great colors and lines. Congratulations on your POTD!!! #9643795

Evy Johansen 8/30/2011 8:04:41 PM

So cool! Beautiful colors, light at clarity! Congratulations on your POTD, Cathy! #9643799

Stanley C. Sims 8/30/2011 11:46:10 PM

Love the dark bue color Cathy. A very unique image. Congrats on the POTD. Great work. #9643918

Mary K. Robison 8/31/2011 12:44:45 AM

Outstanding capture, Cathy!
Congratulations on your POTD!

Cathy Barrows 8/31/2011 4:06:05 AM

thanks so much ya'll #9644081

Nikki McDonald 8/31/2011 5:27:14 AM

Great colors and lines -- this place makes the most amazing EoD's! Congratulations on your POTD, Cathy. #9644200

Kathy L. Clark 8/31/2011 6:44:41 AM

Very cool Cathy. Congratson your POTD. #9644304

Michael Kroth 9/1/2011 7:49:13 AM

Congratulations on this amazing POTD, Cathy! #9646527

Lori Carlson 9/3/2011 1:26:27 PM

Such a fun shot, Cathy!! Big congrats to you!! =) #9651165

Deborah C. Lewinson 9/3/2011 6:03:41 PM

Wow, awesome image, Cathy! Congrats on your POTD!

Debby #9651430

Cindy Bendush 9/7/2011 11:31:37 AM

Awesome shot Cathy! Big congrats on your POTD! #9658384

Judy V. Kennamer 9/25/2011 3:44:55 PM

Congrats on your beautiful Finalist Cathy!!! I absolutely love this shot! #9690758

The Judges at BetterPhoto.com 9/25/2011 4:18:02 PM

Excellent image! WOW! #9690998

Bojan Bencic 9/26/2011 12:11:00 AM

Congratulations on your beautiful finalist, Cathy. #9693651

Stefania Barbier 9/26/2011 2:37:44 AM

congratulations for your fantastic finalist!!! #9694077

Lisa J. Boulden 9/26/2011 4:43:04 AM

Love the light and color here, Cathy!
A GREAT finalist (with a funny bg story, too!)
Good luck.
Lisa♥ #9694434

Kathy Cline 9/26/2011 4:44:10 AM

Your so creative and I dont know where and how you find this stuff. See you soon Cathy.


Mary Timman 9/26/2011 6:16:37 AM

Congratulations again Cathy on this beautiful finalist! #9694822

Cathy Barrows 9/26/2011 6:20:41 AM

thanks so much ya'll #9694846

Emile Abbott 9/26/2011 9:05:02 AM

WOW I am dizzy. Fantastic finalist and congrats yet again Cathy. #9695489

Amanda D. Austwick 9/26/2011 10:29:24 AM

Congratulations again Cathy. I hope this one goes higher! #9695819

Christopher Budny 9/26/2011 5:45:17 PM

Congratulations again, Cathy! One more stop to make it a trifecta! #9697439

Stefania Barbier 9/26/2011 10:38:36 PM

gorgeous winner, congratulations!!! #9698308

Kathryn Wesserling 9/26/2011 11:31:52 PM

The Thumbnail is so cool to look at (like an ever-moving optical illusion) that I keep forgetting to open the full size! This is such a win-worthy shot, that I'm glad you got a Gold! Congratulations, Cathy. #9698453

Darryl Wilkinson 9/26/2011 11:32:54 PM

Congratulations on your win, Cathy! #9698457

Danny B. Head 9/27/2011 3:12:22 AM

Great win! Congrats, Cathy! #9698862

Christopher Budny 9/27/2011 3:33:45 AM

Woohoo! Congratulations once more! #9698919

Amy M. Wilson 9/27/2011 4:08:46 AM

Huge congratulations on your EXCELLENT Gold winner, Cathy!!! #9699032

Carolyn M. Fletcher 9/27/2011 4:15:36 AM

Super job! Big congrats!! #9699074

Cathy Barrows 9/27/2011 4:19:35 AM

thanks so much ya'll #9699094

Lorna Shutter 9/27/2011 4:45:01 AM

CONGRATULATIONS on your 2nd Place Win, Cathy!!!!! WTG!!! :) #9699199

Mary Timman 9/27/2011 4:46:20 AM

Fantastic winner! Congratulations Cathy! #9699205

R. J. Laudenbacher 9/27/2011 5:35:10 AM

Fabulous shot! A big congratulations to you Cathy on your 2nd place win! #9699348

JO ANN CLEVELAND 9/27/2011 5:42:03 AM

Congrats on this wonderful 2nd Place winner Cathy! Love it..

jo ann c. #9699374

Jessica Jenney 9/27/2011 5:56:22 AM

Congratulations, Cathy on your fantastic winner! #9699439

Boyd L. Alexander 9/27/2011 6:46:22 AM

Congratulations on your well deserved POTD and 2nd place Gold win Cathy...WTG!!! #9699679

Judy V. Kennamer 9/27/2011 6:55:14 AM

CONGRATS Cathy!!! I'm happy to see this beauty in the WINNER'S circle!!!!! #9699723

Sabrina Ryan 9/27/2011 7:09:20 AM

CONGRATULATIONS on your Awesome Winning image, Cathy! #9699780

Carla Capra 9/27/2011 8:14:12 AM

Wonderful winning image.
;) CC #9700071

Debra R. Harder 9/27/2011 8:27:46 AM

This is STUNNING, Cathy! Huge congratulations on your OUTSTANDING GOLD WINNER! Deb #9700134

Bojan Bencic 9/27/2011 8:50:34 AM

Congratulations, Cathy! #9700262

Joannie Bertucci 9/27/2011 12:41:38 PM

Wow, talk about an optical illusion! Congrats on this stunning gold badge win Cathy! #9700690

Marijana Fajgl 9/27/2011 12:58:42 PM

Big congratulations on your fantastic winner, Cathy! #9700738

Emile Abbott 9/27/2011 2:38:36 PM

A Texas congratulation on your great gold winner Cathy #9700957

Carol Flisak 9/27/2011 3:51:33 PM

Great image, Cathy... love the perspective and colors. Congrats on your winner! #9701110

Patti Coblentz 9/27/2011 3:53:47 PM

Congratulations on your amazing winner, Cathy!! #9701118

Carol Eade 9/27/2011 5:18:36 PM

Congratulations, Cathy, beautiful EOD winner! #9701325

Ken Smith 9/27/2011 6:23:03 PM

Awesome, Cathy. I like the tilt in this...definitely a cool place to photograph. Congrats on your gold!! #9701452

Evy Johansen 9/27/2011 9:13:25 PM

BIG congratulations on this beautiful win, Cathy! #9701765

Cindy Bendush 9/27/2011 10:44:21 PM

Beautiful win Cathy - congratulations! #9701900

Usman M. Bajwa 9/28/2011 12:20:27 AM

Good to see this again, Cathy. Huge CONGRATZ on the double Gold Winner!!!

UB. #9702007

Dominick M. Dimacale 9/28/2011 3:22:29 AM

Congratulations Cathy on your Win!!!

Dominick #9702243

Mary Beth Aiello 9/28/2011 7:18:46 AM

Simply beautiful, Cathy. Huge congrats. #9702869

Kerry Penn 9/28/2011 3:08:41 PM

What a great shot, but it makes me dizzy. :) Congratulations!

Cathy Barrows 9/28/2011 3:11:08 PM

Thanks y'all...just back with London from two whirlwind days with my great nephew and niece...what fun #9703592

David M. Montero 9/30/2011 6:59:45 AM

Congratulations on your second place selection of this wonderful and beautiful image Cathy! #9707033

Kathy Cline 9/30/2011 1:16:27 PM


glitter-graphics.com #9707691

Merna L. Nobile 10/1/2011 2:29:13 PM

Hello Cathy: Congratulations!
You’re the kind of person who makes the world a better, brighter place…You worked hard for this, you made it happen, and you have a right to be proud. So enjoy these satisfying moments; you deserve every one! Merna

Phyllis H. Burchett 10/2/2011 7:52:38 PM

HUGE congrats Cathy on this awesome winner!!! (Sorry I'm late) #9712132

Rona L. Schwarz 10/3/2011 9:41:52 PM

Sorry I'm so late as well, but HUGE CONGRATS on this most marvelous winner,Cathy! It is superb! #9714666

Linda Blair 10/5/2011 9:51:56 AM

Big congrats on your awesome win...totally cool shot!!! #9718179

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