Just My Luck :-)

© Jeff Robinson

Just My Luck :-)

Brett Dolsen 5/27/2010 3:10:24 AM

Great find and capture Jeff!I guess these are slim line or time machines!Wonderfull MT entry! #1272745

Jack Gaskin 5/27/2010 3:12:43 AM

GREAT FIND & CAPTURE for the Mthly.

Know what your saying about LUCK !!!!

Happy Shooting
Jack #8646997

Gord MacEachern 5/27/2010 3:13:45 AM

LOL..good stuff Jeff, well seen and captured!! #8646998

Douglas Perry 5/27/2010 3:24:28 AM

LOL. Priorities have a habit of changing in a hurry sometimes. #8647006

Carolyn M. Fletcher 5/27/2010 3:28:05 AM

Very good! Love it!! #8647014

Linda M. Walker 5/27/2010 3:29:32 AM

Too funny! #8647019

Tiia Vissak 5/27/2010 3:58:16 AM

a cool find! #8647064

Mary K. Robison 5/27/2010 4:00:10 AM

Interesting (or more correctly, appropriate) colors used on those, Jeff... I like the adjustments you made to give this a great perspective. #8647068

Anita Hogue 5/27/2010 4:03:17 AM

This is awesome for the monthly theme! Such a fun find and capture, Jeff! #8647074

Jyri Vissak 5/27/2010 4:43:56 AM

Cool find! Art is everywhere. #8647115

Marilyn Cornwell 5/27/2010 4:58:02 AM

Your title has made this image really great Fun! #8647134

Val Feldman 5/27/2010 5:00:40 AM

Too funny! Gee, they look awfully narrow for the job they've been designed for...claustrophobia, big time! Needed the chuckle today - enjoyed this one, Jeff! :) Great find and capture for the MT! #8647141

Guy D. Biechele 5/27/2010 5:13:06 AM

Great presentation. Well seen. Thanks for making me smile. #8647151

Nancy J. Locke 5/27/2010 5:28:25 AM

ROFL!!! A GREAT capture, Jeff!!!

Cheers, Nancy J Locke #8647172

Jean-Pierre Ducondi 5/27/2010 5:31:37 AM

This is so funny. Great find and perspective. Well done.
JP #8647179

Avril Young 5/27/2010 5:45:58 AM

ha ha, is that for real, how funny...I certainly wish you tons of luck...so cool...may you be a winner Jeff!!!! #8647211

Karen Celella 5/27/2010 6:11:21 AM

Great title and work on this wonderful find and funny MT entry Jeff. #8647261

Jack Ryan 5/27/2010 6:15:57 AM

A great find...particularly when you really need to find one!!! Photo conveys a real sense of relief...nicely done! #8647279

Agnes Fegan 5/27/2010 6:33:05 AM

How funny is this!!! #8647346

frank w. degenhardt 5/27/2010 6:36:18 AM

Jeff- I laughed till I hurt. This is just so dang funny and better be in the running for the gold. The title could'nt be any better and for any of us who have visited a casino, this is so true for us. What a find and what a presentation with gorgeous colors, a beautiful setting, perfect lighting. If anyone can make a Shi#%er look beautiful, its you. What talent.
Have a great day my friend, thanks so much for the laugh. #8647360

Robert R. Goodman 5/27/2010 6:48:30 AM

Hi Jeff,LOL!!At the right time that would be a gold mine.Excellent capture!!!! #8647393

Annie Booth 5/27/2010 7:10:38 AM

Jeff- I was wondering what Frankie was laughing so hard at and then he showed me this. I can see why. Know the feeling to. Fantastic my friend.

Have a wonderful day. #8647447

JO ANN CLEVELAND 5/27/2010 7:37:15 AM

These "out houses" would have to be for men only, they are too narrow to sit down! lol Great mt!

jo ann c. #8647496

Ann H. Belus 5/27/2010 7:39:21 AM

Great find and I,too, love the title, but I also love the photography; you've captured great color and clarity here, Jeff! #8647502

Tammy Espino 5/27/2010 7:46:28 AM

Your luck is like mine :) Fun shot!!! #8647517

David Phalen 5/27/2010 8:36:18 AM

LOL!! Love the colors and clarity!! Perfect for MT!! #8647651

Jeana Clark 5/27/2010 8:43:36 AM

A funny find Jeff!!!
Love your perspective!!!
Although funny...I sometimes think
I should have one of these strapped to my vehichle!!!! LOL!!!!!

~J~ #8647677

Sheila D. Robertson 5/27/2010 8:51:03 AM

Tooo Funny! Great shot. #8647702

Renata Gusciora 5/27/2010 9:55:14 AM

Ha!:D Cool find and capture,great pov and colors too,Jeff! #8647773

Stephen Zacker 5/27/2010 10:34:12 AM

Made me laugh.. I seem to have the same luck #8647800

Hal Bambrick 5/27/2010 11:07:37 AM

This is Very COOL!!!,Still Laughing!!!!. #8647841

JudyAnn Rector 5/27/2010 11:49:18 AM

SOOOO funny, Jeff... great find AND catch! #8647912

maria Warren 5/27/2010 12:21:31 PM

lol this is way funny lol #8647949

Kerry Hill 5/27/2010 1:17:07 PM

Haha great capture and MT entry Jeff! #8648008

Monnie Ryan 5/27/2010 1:24:18 PM

OMG, what a perfect name for the company! Super find and capture, Jeff! #8648026

Claudia Kuhn 5/27/2010 2:37:58 PM

LOL, great find Jeff... hope you find a more rewarding jackpot one of these days. ;) #8648122

Joanna Madloch 5/27/2010 2:38:37 PM

Nice picture and funny comment, Jeff. #8648124

Steve M. Harrington 5/27/2010 2:40:32 PM

Too bad you were not playing poker, Jeff. You could have a royal flush. :)
Steve #8648127

Lynn M. Whitt 5/27/2010 3:17:20 PM

very cool... #8648147

Heidi Knight 5/27/2010 3:59:04 PM

Great MT entry!!! #8648192

Carol L. Fowler 5/27/2010 4:47:14 PM

Hope theer's something behind the doors- looks like a facade! #8648289

Kathleen Brennan 5/27/2010 4:59:41 PM

Fabulous MT entry! #8648305

Renee Doyle 5/27/2010 5:25:05 PM

Now that is funny :-)
Great capture Jeff!!! #8648322

Nancy L. Green 5/27/2010 5:57:14 PM

This is a TOTAL HOOT Jeff, a perfect MT entry, WTG!!! <>< #8648341

Ray Thoms 5/27/2010 6:38:29 PM

Great shot Jeff!!!!! #8648395

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 5/27/2010 7:04:24 PM


Dick W. Wyatt 5/28/2010 1:11:47 AM

You picked the right category !
Good eye. #8648737

Jeff Robinson 5/28/2010 2:11:07 AM

Thanks Everyone Very Much!! Jeff #8648781

Maria A. Gonzalez 5/28/2010 4:20:26 AM

Very funny,Jeff...Excellent find for sure,never know when you need it and is good to spot it in advance.LOL...Great colors,too..Well captured. #8648987

Ujjwal Mukherjee 5/28/2010 4:53:05 AM

Terrific shot and MT entry,Jeff!! :-) #8649039

Marty Straub 5/28/2010 6:38:42 AM

LOL, even better (funnier) getting the wide angle from your pov view, which gives the illusion there is actually nothing behind the door. #8649257

Eivor Kuchta 5/28/2010 9:59:45 AM

I thought they were fake first, but that's probably just the wide angle, making them look like just fronts. That would be very bad luck otherwise, if you really need one. Nice colors and composition! #8649660

ALLEN O. HOWARD 5/28/2010 12:40:02 PM

Perfect monthly theme entry Jeff! As much traveling as my wife and I have done in and around the U.S., there are times when these are a blessing!!! #8649897

Randy D. Dinkins 5/28/2010 4:20:11 PM

:-)!!!! Hope it paid off :-), at least relieved. Great MT entry. #8650113

Jeff Robinson 5/29/2010 3:41:32 AM

Thanks Everyone :-) #8650725

Alex T. Mizuno 5/29/2010 4:03:59 AM

Seems like you hit a real jackpot in the nature. We all need it when nature calls. LOL! #8650763

Jim Baines 5/29/2010 7:43:19 AM

Spectacular capture and selection for the monthly theme, Jeff!

Jeff Robinson 5/30/2010 3:02:03 AM

Thank You Alex and Jim! Jeff #8652510

Douglas Perry 5/30/2010 6:02:02 AM

When you have to EP you have to EP! #8652786

Murry Grigsby 5/30/2010 10:36:17 AM

Great fun here Jeff! My luck runs about the same :0) #8653265

Patrick Rouzes 5/30/2010 4:54:43 PM

LOL, imagine you had to find another spot,LOL! Perfect title, superb colors, lighting, pov & b/g ,Jeff! Love it all ,my friend! #8653603

Tommy E. Burgess 5/30/2010 8:44:03 PM

LOL what a hillarious capture for the MT Jeff!! #8653964

Jeff Robinson 5/31/2010 1:14:09 PM

Thank You!! Jeff #8655519

Renee Doyle 6/7/2010 2:27:31 PM

WTG Jeff!! Congratulations on this wonderful finalist! #8672079

Ann Coates 6/7/2010 2:31:19 PM

Fantastic Finalist, congratulations Jeff. #8672121

Tammy Espino 6/7/2010 3:06:27 PM

Congrats on a wonderful finalist! :) #8672425

maria Warren 6/7/2010 3:16:30 PM

Big Congrats!!!! this is awesome :) #8672523

Nancy (Peaches) Harker 6/7/2010 3:19:12 PM

HUGE Congrats on your AWSOME finalist
Best of luck in the next round!!! #8672543

Debra R. Harder 6/7/2010 3:49:34 PM

This is too funny, Jeff! Huge congratulations on your brilliant finalist! Deb #8672860

Patti Coblentz 6/7/2010 4:39:06 PM

So hilarious, Jeff!!! Congratulations on your finalist!!

Patti #8673385

Randy D. Dinkins 6/7/2010 4:53:59 PM

Ya hit the jackpot here, well done; congratulations! #8673531

JO ANN CLEVELAND 6/7/2010 5:22:26 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist Jeff!

jo ann c. #8673822

Douglas Pignet 6/7/2010 5:33:20 PM

on your very deserving FINALIST! #8673970

Ron McEwan 6/7/2010 5:40:51 PM

Congrats Jeff on your well deserved Silver WTG #8674070

Sabrina Ryan 6/7/2010 6:05:15 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on this Wonderful Finalist, Jeff! #8674323

Dianna Murphy 6/7/2010 6:09:10 PM

A big warm congratulations and High five on your finalist. Wonderful work. Good luck in the quest for the GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!! Dianna #8674371

Robert R. Goodman 6/7/2010 6:43:33 PM

Big Congratulations,Jeff.It turn out to be Silver mine!!!! #8674826

Stacy Lankford 6/7/2010 8:31:23 PM

Very nice image. Congratulations! #8675700

Graeme yew Chow 6/7/2010 8:56:33 PM

Congratulations ! on your finalist, Jeff. #8675860

Stefania Barbier 6/7/2010 10:33:14 PM

huge congrats on your beautiful finalist!!! #8676361

Tommy E. Burgess 6/7/2010 11:51:38 PM

Huge congratulations on your outstanding and well deserved finalist Jeff!! Best of luck in the next round! #8676834

Tiia Vissak 6/8/2010 12:22:18 AM

Congratulations! #8676983

Barbara Waldoch 6/8/2010 2:21:30 AM

Congratulations on your wonderful Finalist!

Marilyn Cornwell 6/8/2010 4:22:35 AM

Such fun, Jeff, that is is a Finalist!!! #8677421

Karen Celella 6/8/2010 5:29:44 AM

Congratulations on your wonderful finalist, Jeff! #8677682

Mary K. Robison 6/8/2010 6:08:04 AM

Congratulations on your amusing finalist, Jeff! Best of luck in the next round!

Eivor Kuchta 6/8/2010 8:16:24 AM

Congratulations on your finalist! #8678407

Mitch Spence 6/8/2010 10:01:11 AM

Funny, funny--well, if you didn't need them right that second. Congratulations, Jeff. #8678853

Kathleen Brennan 6/8/2010 10:58:16 AM

Well deserved , funny finalist! Congratulations! #8679036

Patrick Rouzes 6/8/2010 12:54:08 PM

CONGRATS once again, Jeff! Good luck! #8679394

Courtenay Vanderbilt 6/8/2010 2:26:07 PM

Sooo funny, Jeff! Big Congratulations! #8679793

Phyllis H. Burchett 6/8/2010 3:34:11 PM

Congrats Jeff! #8679927

Tamara K. Walker 6/8/2010 7:20:06 PM


Sam Britt 6/8/2010 9:02:55 PM

Funny find, congrats on this finalist, Jeff. #8681052

Anita Hogue 6/9/2010 5:08:59 AM

Congratulations on this fun capture, Jeff! #8681587

Jeff Robinson 6/10/2010 4:01:01 PM

Thanks Everyone Very Much!! Jeff #8686648

Alex T. Mizuno 6/11/2010 10:48:07 PM

Congratulations on your Finalist Jeff! Your humor deserves recognition! #8690110

Jeff Robinson 6/12/2010 3:13:06 AM

Thank You Alex! Jeff #8690249

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.....This is the only "Jackpot" that I have managed to hit!! The town put these at the picnic area down by the lake.

**Monthly Theme - Humor**

Sigma 10-20 at 10mm. Early Morning, ISO 400, 1/160 @ f8.0, EC -1/3 Adjustments with PSE7 and Topaz Adjust in an attempt to add a little interest!

Exif: F Number: 8, Exposure Bias Value: -0.33, ExposureTime: 1/160 seconds, Flash: did not fire, compulsory flash mode, ISO: 400, FocalLength: 10.00 mm, Model: Canon EOS 50D

Uploaded on 5/27/2010 3:07:10 AM

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