Blue Door

Danny B. Head Student 5/20/2010 7:42:10 AM

Love all the texture. #1270596

David Phalen 5/20/2010 7:47:23 AM

Cool find and capture!! Love the colors, comp and textures!! HTD!! #8624158

Jeff W. Robinson 5/20/2010 8:09:40 AM

Excellent color and capture! Jeff #8624207

Tammy M. Anderson 5/20/2010 8:13:14 AM

Excellent textures, colors and capture. Love it! #8624212

Nancyj Hovey 5/20/2010 9:20:53 AM

GORGEOUS blue door, for the blue theme! 8o) #8624381

Bobby Ray Goodman 5/20/2010 10:13:36 AM

Hi Patricia,beautiful door.Gorgeous color and lighting!!! #8624453

Mitch Spence 5/20/2010 10:20:37 AM

What a wall of textures here, Patti, with great framing of the whole. Love the fact that the blue doors are slightly ajar. #8624479

Steve M. Harrington 5/20/2010 2:02:29 PM

An outstanding use of texture to create an intriguing feel, Patti! I want to enter that door.
Steve #8624793

Patricia A. Coblentz 5/20/2010 2:14:23 PM

Hi..thank you for all of your nice comments!

No, Steve, I don't think you would want to. It was an abandoned building in a rather run down area of Peru...who knows what goes on in there.

Patti #8624803

Steve M. Harrington 5/20/2010 2:20:13 PM

Just the kind of place I have never been able to resist exploring. :) #8624807

Patricia A. Coblentz 5/20/2010 2:25:59 PM

Yea, right, Mr.Big Britches! #8624818

Steve M. Harrington 5/20/2010 2:29:41 PM

Hey, there are no guys with machine guns. You would not believe some of the places my britches have been! Besides, blue is my favorite color. :) #8624824

Val Feldman 5/20/2010 3:49:33 PM

I'm with Steve...or would be if we both could hop a plane and do some exploring in #894 of the blue ajar door fame...! Wonderful, wonderful textures and beautiful stand-out color...there's a definite feel of mystery here, tho...that slightly open door is mighty inviting! #8624964

Patricia A. Coblentz 5/20/2010 3:52:16 PM

:) Thanks, Val!

Patti #8624967

John Connolly 5/20/2010 4:02:39 PM

The door really stands out against the textured building Patti! A great find and excellent 101 entry! #8624981

Ann H. Belus 5/20/2010 4:13:42 PM

Awesome capture, Patti; love that great texture in the old buildings and the brilliant blue door. Ah, that really makes me want to see Peru! #8625004

MELODIE C. ROBERTS 5/20/2010 4:26:01 PM

Cover me
I'm Going In With Steve..... #8625015

Patricia A. Coblentz 5/20/2010 4:28:02 PM

Thanks everyone!...
and Mel...LMAO!! No way...I'm running the other way!

Patti #8625017

Carol L. Fowler 5/20/2010 4:30:32 PM

Wow- what a beautiful blue color. Great find. #8625023

Allen O. Howard 5/20/2010 5:31:23 PM

ECHO! Absolutely beautiful Patricia! #8625149

Gord MacEachern 5/20/2010 5:35:54 PM

Fabulous capture Patti, love those colors and textures!!
Maybe just one quick peek! lol... #8625159

Patricia A. Coblentz 5/20/2010 5:38:29 PM

Thanks Carol, Allen, and Gord!

LOL Gord...
you, Steve, Val, and Mel make a pretty formidable possy!!

Patti #8625168

Steve M. Harrington 5/20/2010 5:42:59 PM

I will lead the posse if Val and Mel will hold my hands. You can guard our flank, Gord. :) #8625174

Leslie McLain 5/20/2010 6:14:03 PM

Beautiful colors and textures, Patricia. #8625233

Patricia A. Coblentz 5/20/2010 6:16:11 PM

Thank you, Leslie :)
Patti #8625238

MELODIE C. ROBERTS 5/20/2010 6:46:48 PM

I think Gord is Covering his own A$$ and staying outside #8625292

Usman M. Bajwa 5/20/2010 9:07:37 PM

Beautiful find and love that blue door, Patti! HTD.

UB. #8625477

Corinne M. Thompson 5/20/2010 9:07:48 PM

Fabulous capture and find, HTD :) #8625478

Patricia A. Coblentz 5/20/2010 9:12:07 PM

Thank you Usman, and Corinne! I appreciate it :) HTD

Mel...he's playing cowboy...Mel Gibson style. #8625493

Jyri Vissak 5/20/2010 10:30:24 PM

Cool find! Great tones. #8625606

Patricia A. Coblentz 5/20/2010 10:32:37 PM

Thank you, Juri :)

Patti #8625609

Joy Rector 5/21/2010 4:30:56 AM

wow, love it, lots of texture and detail #8626121

Patricia A. Coblentz 5/21/2010 4:47:17 AM

Thanks, Joy!
Patti #8626164

Dr Silly 5/21/2010 6:52:05 AM

Wonderful theme photo, wonderful textures. :O) #8626512

Elida Gutierrez 5/21/2010 9:50:21 AM

Wonderful colors and texture!!! #8626841

Stefania Barbier 5/21/2010 10:14:52 AM

love the textures and splash of blue... beautiful Patti! #8626891

Julianne Bradford 5/21/2010 10:16:08 AM

Fabulous texture and color contrasts Patti :-) #8626895

Bunny Snow 5/21/2010 10:48:56 AM

Wonderful colors and textures. If partially opened, or opened doors invite you in, you'd love Finland where an opened door means that the establishment is open for business...or so we learned.
HTD, Patti. #8626997

Pat and Graham Robards 5/21/2010 12:23:53 PM

Beautiful Patti. HTD. ~Pat #8627153

Patricia A. Coblentz 5/21/2010 3:12:29 PM

Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments...they are always appreciated!

Patti #8627369

Jean-Pierre Ducondi 5/25/2010 4:06:10 AM

Wonderful texture Pat. Great work.
JP #8638891

Laura E. Swan 5/25/2010 10:28:54 AM

I'll help Gord...and bring sandwiches. HA!

This is one cool image, Patti. You have such an amazing eye for interest!

Great job and thanks for the smiles when you came BACK to my finalist! You are so darned sweet! I really value knowing you and enjoy your friendship and talent very much!


Patricia A. Coblentz 5/25/2010 2:29:59 PM

Thank you JP, and Laura!



Thomas E. Hinds 5/25/2010 8:39:17 PM

Wonderful composition and color, Patti! Exceptional tonality/texture. This is really good! Love the framing. #8642716

Patricia A. Coblentz 5/25/2010 8:47:03 PM

Thanks, Tom...I did it lickety split on a deadline for the :blue" theme...glad you like it!

Patti #8642730

Craig W. Myers 6/1/2010 9:08:10 PM

Lovely capture. #8659128

Patricia A. Coblentz 6/1/2010 9:10:28 PM

Thank you very much, Craig. ~ Patti #8659131

Reynaldo D. Reyes 6/2/2010 11:13:30 PM

Wow! It's a very unique shot, amazing colors and the way this is composed and presented is efective. This image gives a sense of mystery. Nice shot! #8661487

Patricia A. Coblentz 6/2/2010 11:18:00 PM

Thank you again, Reynaldo...I'm pleased with your visit to my gallery and interest in these images!! I am partial to this one, too :)


Songbird Cline 6/5/2010 9:17:32 PM

beautiful!! Where is this?? #8668306

Patricia A. Coblentz 6/5/2010 9:20:46 PM

Hi Songbird...thank you!

It is in a small village in the surrounding area of Huancayo, Peru in the Andes.

Patti #8668312

Songbird Cline 6/5/2010 9:23:30 PM

your gallery is beautiful, and I really love the way you capture humor, wind, and other non visibles ie: "feeling" in your images... #8668319

Patricia A. Coblentz 6/5/2010 9:24:26 PM

That is a very nice compliment, Songbird..thank you so much :)

Patti #8668321

Steve M. Harrington 6/7/2010 2:41:41 PM

A blue ribbon for a blue door! :) I am so pleased at your finalist, Patti!
Steve #8672235

Tammy Espino 6/7/2010 2:45:14 PM

Congrats on this wonderful finalist!! :) #8672272

Patrick Rouzes 6/7/2010 3:39:33 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on this superb finalist, Patricia! WTG! #8672728

Lisa B. North 6/7/2010 4:07:56 PM

Wow! That's a stunner! Really eye-catching color with that door! Great tone too! Congrats! #8673070

Nancyj Hovey 6/7/2010 4:21:16 PM

on your very deserving FINALIST! 8o) #8673235

Debra R. Harder 6/7/2010 4:28:14 PM

This has such amazing textures, details and colors...and the composition is perfect, Patti! Huge congratulations on your beautiful finalist! Deb #8673287

Kitty R. Rodehorst-Hanna 6/7/2010 4:48:43 PM

WTG on your fabulous May finalists!!! :-) k #8673480

Claudia Kuhn 6/7/2010 4:57:15 PM

Wonderful old textures, congrats on your finalist! #8673555

Karen Slagle 6/7/2010 5:12:51 PM

Fantastic colors and textures. Big congrats on your finalist, Patti. #8673714

Wm Nosal 6/7/2010 5:18:32 PM

Cool Shot!
Congratulations #8673771

Thomas E. Hinds 6/7/2010 5:20:29 PM

Big congratulations, Patti! WTG!!! So nicely done and well deserved! #8673795

Val Feldman 6/7/2010 5:28:07 PM

Another one of my favorites of yours - so happy to see it with a Finalist Badge attached! Huge congratulations, Ms. Patti, and all the very best in the upcoming round! ~Val #8673900

Ron McEwan 6/7/2010 6:00:08 PM

Congratulations on your well deserved Silver for the month of May #8674264

Randy D. Dinkins 6/7/2010 6:29:42 PM

Beautiful capture, well deserved finalist, congratulations! #8674638

Leslie McLain 6/7/2010 6:36:01 PM

Congrats on another beutiful finalist. #8674713

Nadia Paul 6/7/2010 6:44:54 PM

Wonderful textures and colours - congrats Patti! #8674845

Sabrina Ryan 6/7/2010 6:46:20 PM

CONGRATULATIONS on this Wonderful Finalist, Patti! #8674864

Jayne Martin 6/7/2010 6:55:09 PM

Awesome colors and textures! CONGRATULATIONS on this fabulous finalist! #8674994

Bobby Ray Goodman 6/7/2010 6:58:39 PM

Big Congratulations,Patrica.WTG my friend!!! #8675045

Danny B. Head 6/7/2010 7:06:44 PM

I love the blue door. Great to see it again! Congrats! #8675141

JO ANN CLEVELAND 6/7/2010 7:16:27 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist Patricia!

jo ann c. #8675237

Kathy Salerni 6/7/2010 7:23:28 PM

Congrats on your beautiful finalist, Patti! #8675304

Songbird Cline 6/7/2010 7:27:15 PM

Congrats!! Terrific! #8675334

Nancy L. Green 6/7/2010 7:38:51 PM

CONGRATULATIONS Patti, this is FANTSTIC!!! <>< #8675416

Cindy Bendush 6/7/2010 8:19:12 PM

Love the color and textures! Congratulations on your Finalist Patti! #8675639

Sherran Andersen 6/7/2010 8:22:06 PM

Congrats Patti! #8675650

Patricia A. Coblentz 6/7/2010 8:36:45 PM

Thank you...I appreciate your comments very much :)

Patti #8675733

Ellen Hodges 6/7/2010 8:36:45 PM

Congrats on your fantastic finalists, Patti!! Best luck in the next round!! #8675735

ROLAN NARMAN 6/7/2010 9:40:06 PM

Big congratulations on this fantastic finalist Patti! #8676098

Patricia A. Coblentz 6/7/2010 9:42:43 PM

Thank you Ellen, and Rolan :)

Patti #8676113

Usman M. Bajwa 6/7/2010 10:40:14 PM

Good to see my favorite among your entries getting the Finalist too. CONGRATZ. on the Award and good luck in the next round, Patti.

UB. #8676409

Stefania Barbier 6/7/2010 10:47:33 PM

wonderful textures and colors... congrats! #8676463

Ujjwal Mukherjee 6/7/2010 10:49:20 PM

Wonderful find,capture and presentation,Patti! Huge congratulations on your finalist!! #8676477

Bojan Bencic 6/7/2010 11:14:54 PM

Congratulations on your finalist, Patricia. #8676631

frank w. degenhardt 6/7/2010 11:21:50 PM

A beautiful blend of color and texture. Congratulations on the Finalist my friend. WTG. #8676669

Patricia A. Coblentz 6/8/2010 12:32:52 AM

Thanks so much UB, Stefania, Ujjwal, Bojan, and Frank...I really appreciate it :)

Patti #8677032

Brett Dolsen 6/8/2010 1:21:15 AM

Wow wonderfull work Patricia!Congratulations! #8677144

Patricia A. Coblentz 6/8/2010 1:23:06 AM

Thank you, Brett! ~ Patti #8677148

Barbara Waldoch 6/8/2010 2:33:00 AM

Congratulations on your wonderful Finalist!

Gord MacEachern 6/8/2010 3:43:35 AM

Congratulations again on this very deserving finalist Patti! #8677338

Jean-Pierre Ducondi 6/8/2010 4:09:28 AM

Congratulations on your finalist Pat - WTG.
JP #8677385

Marilyn Cornwell 6/8/2010 4:31:49 AM

Wonderful finalist, Patti!! Congratulations!! #8677451

R. J. Laudenbacher 6/8/2010 4:33:06 AM

Congrats, Patti on your wonderful finalist. #8677458

Patricia A. Coblentz 6/8/2010 6:43:25 AM

Thanks so much Barbara. JP, Gord, Marilyn, and Becky!!

Patti #8678075

Hal Bambrick 6/8/2010 6:59:40 AM

Gorgeous Work and CONGRATS Patti!!!!!!. #8678180

Carol Flisak 6/8/2010 7:02:48 AM

This is wonderful, Patti... love the colors and textures! Great capture... Peru has a lot to offer. Big congrats on your well deserved finalist! #8678201

Patricia A. Coblentz 6/8/2010 7:08:11 AM

Thank you Hal, and Carol!!

Patti #8678229

David Phalen 6/8/2010 8:44:40 AM

BIG Congrats on a wonderful Finalist!! #8678546

Mitch Spence 6/8/2010 9:16:41 AM

Love the shot, Patti. Congratulations. #8678672

Nancy L. Green 6/8/2010 1:23:26 PM

CONGRATULATIONS Patrica on this AWESOME finalist, best of luck in the next round!! <>< #8679516

Julie Burnett 6/8/2010 2:16:37 PM

Congratulations on this awesome finalist, Patricia!! #8679756

Courtenay Vanderbilt 6/8/2010 3:59:56 PM

Outstanding, Patti! WTG, Congratulations! #8680031

Cliff & Patti Smith 6/8/2010 4:33:51 PM

Beautiful work...Congratulations! #8680168

Errick L. Cameron 6/8/2010 5:40:05 PM

Congratualtions - Well done! I am happy for you. #8680333

Patricia A. Coblentz 6/8/2010 5:41:24 PM

Thank you all so much...your warm comments are so nice :)

Patti #8680337

Robert K. Bemus 6/8/2010 5:47:37 PM

Beautiful colors, detail and comp-- congratulations on your Finalist and best of luck in the next round!! #8680366

John Anderson 6/8/2010 6:17:18 PM

Stunning work Patti, the color and textures are amazing! John #8680508

Sam Britt 6/8/2010 6:24:06 PM

Congratulations again, Patti! #8680546

Tamara K. Walker 6/8/2010 7:31:32 PM


Sonya L. Hatfield-Hall 6/8/2010 8:08:23 PM

Congratulations! Good Luck! #8680918

Rona L. Schwarz 6/8/2010 10:37:17 PM

Incredible textures and colors, Patti, and a wonderful composition! CONGRATULATIONS on your superb FINALIST and Good luck in the next round! #8681193

John Connolly 6/9/2010 4:59:47 PM

Congratulations on this wonderful finalist Patti, well done! #8683417

Patricia A. Coblentz 6/9/2010 5:01:17 PM

Thanks very much for all of your nice comments...I appreciate them!

Patti #8683424

Amanda D. Austwick 6/9/2010 6:30:39 PM

Patti, I love the textures and the bright blue door. Congratulations on your Finalist Award!!! #8683905

Patricia A. Coblentz 6/9/2010 6:32:41 PM

Thank you so much, Amanda :)

Patti #8683916

Renee Doyle 6/9/2010 7:40:57 PM

Congratulations on this excellent finalist Patti!!! Well seen and so beautifully captured!! #8684215

Patricia A. Coblentz 6/15/2010 4:39:43 PM

Thanks so much, Renee!

Patti #8697369

Kathryn Love 7/7/2010 12:55:29 PM

this image calls to me... thank you for sharing and congrats on the attention and finalist! #8740772

Kathryn Love 7/7/2010 1:03:46 PM

this image calls to me... thank you for sharing and congrats on the attention and finalist! #8740794

Kathryn Love 7/7/2010 1:03:46 PM

this image calls to me... thank you for sharing and congrats on the attention and finalist! #8740795

Kathryn Love 7/7/2010 1:06:55 PM

oops - sorry! but it is a great one! #8740799

Kathryn Love 7/7/2010 1:06:55 PM

oops - sorry! but it is a great one! #8740800

Patricia A. Coblentz 7/7/2010 1:10:03 PM

Thank you very much, Kat...I appreciate it! #8740803

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For the PG 101 "Blue" theme.

Exif: F Number: 4, Exposure Bias Value: 2.33, ExposureTime: 10/5000 seconds, Flash: did not fire., White balance: Auto white balance, FocalLength: 55.00 mm, Model: NIKON D300

Uploaded on 5/20/2010 7:38:56 AM Photo Contest Finalist

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