BetterPhoto Server Status and its related sites are currently offline due to scheduled maintenance.

As I mentioned before, we are doing everything possible to get everything back online as soon as we can... in a new and improved way. All the same, I know that it's not fun being without BetterPhoto, and I apologize for this inconvenience. The sites will be back up shortly.

I am hoping we can do the essentials within a few days, but this is big. Yesterday alone, I re-programmed 214 pages, to give you a sense of the scope of this project. (But that is like saying "I shot 32 rolls of film in one weekend!".... it's easy to shoot lots of photos. Making BETTER photos is what it's all about.) Also what is this "film" stuff he's talking about? I digress. The point is: we're climbing an Everest and appreciate your patience, prayers, and support.

While the server is offline, take a walk on the wild side of creative photography. Get out and feel the breeze. Enjoy that satisfaction of hearing your shutter click!

And here are some suggestions for subjects to shoot. In addition to our usual awesome contest categories, shoot these specific themes for the June contest.

  • Baby Animals (We are revisiting this Animals category because it was so popular last time.)
  • Creative Selfies (photograph yourself in a creative way, with any camera... Show me your true self. I want to get to know you better. )
  • Smartphone Photography (Techniques)
  • Around the House (Details/Macro)
  • Neon (Man-Made)
Of course, you'll also have the Catch-All category for ones that don't fit in these specific themes.

And if the monthly Contest is not your cup of tea, no worries... make new creative photos for your Website! It will thank you when we get back online.

Now, go have fun! There's nothing like being outdoors, making beautiful photos!

Have fun photographing! See you in a few days.
Jim Miotke
Founder of Incorporated