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Lisa is the owner of a freelance photography business 'Behind Lisa's Lens Photographic Studio' in the Northern California area. She can be found capturing those memories at the local school's varying events; concert choirs, journalistic documenting of specified events or in-class activities, as well as taking pride in her individualized, personal Senior portraitures. She takes natural outdoor and studio portraits and runs around trying to capture the beauty of Nature behind her lens. She also works with those Nature inspired shots with her outdoor photography to create custom designed greeting cards and note cards, its line called 'Nature's Accents' as a branch off of her photographic endeavors. A graduate of the New York Institute of Photography, as well as Better Photo online class work and other educational photographic venues....Her focus, at the time, is getting a hold of and reading the volumous information out there for the photographic world as well as attending seminars and hands-on classwork to refine her skills. Her Canon EOS 10D and 5D are rarely far from her side.
A married, mother of five children, she can be found nestled in the foothills of Northern California. Her interests include photography, writing, reading, cycling and anything that draws her closer to Nature.

Accomplishments: '2004 Photographer of the Year' for FanArtReview.