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Let's just say I'm on the back side of the hill ... But, for those of you who've not seen that side yet, what I'm finding is that the "back side" is full of peace and joy, sustained excitement with the world (and the images of life just now being created), and yes - a little wisdom that gets "picked up" along the way ... :-)

I've gladly jumped on the digital revolution "bandwagon", because it simply amazes me ... And, I'll admit that I LOVE instant feedback! I've been an architect for nearly thirty years, and I'm addicted to life's visual images - past, present, and those yet to come...
Most of my images have been shot with Canon digital cameras and lenses. I love nature in all its forms, and this is where my focus tends to be. OK, I'll include "human nature" in there too... I love people, their aspirations and their creativity. I never cease to be amazed at the "good will" that exists in the world - and particularly among "photographers"... because photographers share the world and themselves with others. Who could not love photographers? They all have to be the most generous people in the world!
I have one son and daughter-in-law with one each grandson and granddaughter ... They fill me up with inspiration. The world, my faith, and good friends, take care of the "rest"...

Since I retired in 2003, I've been living in Morrisville, NC (near Raleigh). I travel as much as I can, and my favorite destinations are the nation's National Parks.