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Welcome!!! I am happily married and a mother to three boys, from age seventeen to age two. They keep me very active, and fill my life with so much joy! We live in the beautiful greater Portland area in Oregon. I love being close to the city, as well as Oregon's diverse landscapes.. Beautiful coastal areas, mountains, and lush forests, we enjoy it all! As my 2 year old has grown and is learning what it is to have his own independence, I am able to devote more & more of my time to my growth as a photographer...
If the love of photography is genetic then that might fully explain the passion I have for the art. I come from a family that loves photography and nature and the two go hand in hand. Some of my earliest memories with my grandfather involve watching his masterful slide shows and listening to the wonderful stories that went with each photograph.

I took my first photography class at the age of 12, and with that picked up an SLR camera for the first time. I was hooked from the word go. Learning the different techniques, and tricks at such a young age made taking pictures almost like second nature to me. My grandparents lived on a beautiful ranch outside of Jackson Wyoming, that bordered The Grand Teton National Park, so I was fortunate to have beautiful landscapes, and fantastic wildlife to photograph. As the years went on so did my love of photography, and each year I grew and matured, so did my photographs. My first ever nature shots were of the geysers in Yellowstone National Park, and to this day Yellowstone remains my favorite place to take photographs. You never know what you will see, or what perspective you might see it from.
But that is the limitless art of photography and the reason why I love the it so much. I truly believe photography is an art for the Masses! We all have our own unique eye & what that eye catches makes our art..
The beauty is all around us, everywhere we go, from the world famous National Parks to our own backyards, its waiting to be captured by our lenses. I am enjoying watching the evolution of both my instincts and the photos they lead me to capture..
~I Wish You & Your Camera Many Blessings, And Amazing Photographs!~
A photograph can make a memory last a lifetime, can tell a story after the storyteller has gone, can evoke emotions of joy and feelings of peace. There is something truly magical about that!

In addition to my family and photography, I put together and maintain my three websites. And also oversee the management and (our hands on!) renovations to our beloved, lakeside, rental cabin in the mountains of the Eagle Cap Wilderness.