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As a teen (around 11 or 12), I was fast headed toward juvenile delinquency when my father, a local police detective, brought home an old 35mm camera which had been in the police impound for a number of years. He gave me the camera which, of course, came with no instructions, and told me that I could keep the camera if I could figure out how to work it.

I instantly became obsessed with the camera and tried every switch and dial to try and figure out how it worked. I remember so clearly the accomplishment I felt when I finally figured out how the aperature and shutter speed dials worked together.

I got to keep the camera; never got in trouble again because I was so involved in photography and, after 40 years, am still as interested in photography as I was when my father gave me that first camera. After I retired a few years ago, I started a photography business and now photograph weddings, portraits of people and pets. The business is slowly growing and, fortunately for me, it is something that I love doing.

I now use a digital Canon 40D and have completed my certificate from the NY Institue of Photography. Although I continually look for ways to improve my skills and vision, I really don't consider myself the most artistic of individuals and very much admire those individuals to whom it seems to come so naturally. I do, however, truly love the capture of images and work very hard to make them as artistic and original as possible. I love every aspect of photography from the most technical editing work to the truly artistic and, thanks to my father, spend most of my time, energy and thought exploring ways to better my skill.

Thanks Dad for that very first camera but most of all for seeing something in me that I didn't then see in myself.