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I am a RN working full time from my home (Quality InformationCoordinator/Abstractor) The flexibility of working from my home, gives me more opportunity to go out on Photoshoots.
I started out in Photography over 35 years ago. I learned both B&W and color processing for film photography. I really started getting involved when the digital cameras came out. Between digital cameras, and Photoshop (CS4)I found a hobby that I really love.
My latest photography is HDRI (high dynamic range imaging). I take 7 exposure bracketed photos to make up one photo. I combine them in Photomatix and also tonemap them in Photomatix (convert to a 16 bit image). From there, I usually print them up on my large format printer (Canon IPF 5000 whic prints 16 bit images.
My gear consists of the Canon EOS 1D Mark 3, a Canon 5D M2,Canon 50D and multiple Canon L series lenses. My favorite lens is the Canon f/2.8 14 mm II. My favorite all round lens is the Canon f2.8 70-200mm with image stablization.
And last, but not least, is my tripod. I have a light weight Gitzo combined with a Really Right Stuff ballhead with the quick release on it. My camera has the L mount so I can rotate it to the vertical position rapidly.
For a monopod I use Monostat's monopod (with the big foot). It is almost as stable as a tripod.
I love to travel. I always travel with my photography gear.
I am gearing up for a June Cruise to Alaska and a trip to Victoria, BC.
I have 2 dogs and 3 cats that share my house with me (or I share their house with them:)
My other hobby is quilting and I ride a recumbent trike. The recumbent trike puts be close enough to the ground to get a different perspective on my images.

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