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My Dad was a professional photographer in his youth and had his own professional dark room in the 50's. We had every kind of camera around the house and Dad was happy to show us kids how they worked.

As time passed I seemed to be the only one in the family with any interest in photography that didn't cut off other peoples heads taking their pictures!!! Dad took me under his wing!

My first camera was a KODAK INSTAMATIC then a MINOLTA XG-1 with a Hoya 49mm SKYLIGHT lens and a zoom lens as well. WHAT A THRILL this was!!!

In high school I took Art Photography and learned the basics, including how to develop B&W film.

I've had many "instant" cameras since high school: Kodak Star 810, Smart 2000,etc., and have used up thousands ($$$) in developing just to get that perfect shot. I am sure you might know my pain!


My first digital was an "instant" HP Photosmart 812 with a Pentex Zoom. Then I bought a high end Cannon PowerShot Flat SD800 IS. Great little camera but I needed to upgrade again. I now have a NIKON D90 and I LOVE IT! Still figuring it out.

I purchased an Adobe PSE 7 summer of '09 and plan to take a class or two on BP to really sharpen my skills.

I have been fortunate to learn new things from all of you BP folks out there in these past few years of membership! I love your galleries and am taken back with the talent I see on these pages. I know I can get better at my art and I have already found inspiration here at BP.

In the mean time I hope you will enjoy my little gallery I put together. Yours in photography - Laura Swan