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I have always been our family photographer - you know - the one who never gets into the pictures! I simply captured the event or the moment and never really knew or thought about photography as photography. I didn't want to get a digital camera because I liked printing out all of my photos and putting them into my albums. For some reason I thought I couldn't or wouldn't print as many if I got a digital camera. Finally my children talked me into it and that was the beginning of all of the learning and fun!! My first was a Canon PowerShot A80 and then I moved up to the Canon Rebel XT (SLR). I have taken several classes, but am strictly a beginner. I love to photograph nature, animals, birds, my grandchildren and my pets. I am a charter member of a photography club in our small town and enjoy the fellowship and the learning there.
I love BetterPhoto because it exposes me to other photographers and their style and creativity. Several of our photography club are members and we enjoy looking at each other's photos each day.
For Christmas last year my husband gave me a telephoto lens and I enjoy photographing birds especially with that lens. I love gardening, so that is another focus in my photographs - anything from flowers to vegetables!
My goal is to continue to learn something new every day. I confess that I love my digital camera and cannot imagine enjoying photography as much with my old film camera. The sheer numbers of photos that I take enable me to get more good ones. Using the simple photo editing program Picasa is so much fun and is so helpful. I enjoy cropping and enhancing the color. I am hoping that I get Photoshop Elements 6 for Christmas this year. I hope Santa reads this bio!