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As a photographer, it is my belief that the two essential elements in a photograph are vision and light. Vision pushes the photographer out at different seasons, times and conditions to capture what he wants to convey and light is the primary tool in fulfilling that vision.

My introduction to photography took place at the age of ten when I was given a Kodak 110 instamatic camera and a pack of rotating flash cubes on a family road trip and the interest generated from that introduction took root immediately and has grown in earnest from my early adult years on.

A key moment in my evolution of a photographer was getting past the disappointment of seeing blown out skies on my outdoor prints after returning from a family trip and using that as inspiration to see what I could do different to resolve that issue. That led me on a multi-year quest where I not only studied and resolved that issue but also studied many other aspects of the field from technique and lighting to composition and color. During that time I devoured dozens of books, scouring the library and purchasing magazines and used books. This is still an ongoing process and will always be so as I continuously seek to improve upon my craft.

My main passions in photography are in capturing country landscapes and small towns. As an avid student of history, I also enjoy finding out about the history of the region I am exploring.

The best part of photography is being in a wonderful location and heading out very early in the morning or late in the evening when most people are still sleeping or settling in for the night. At that time there are no crowds and the location is all yours. The lighting is also at its best during those times. In addition, in the early morning there is a freshness in the air and a tranquility in the scene that is typically gone by breakfast time and lost for the rest of the day. There is also the added benefit of witnessing the start of the day unfold from the blackness of the night sky, to the royal blue of twilight and brilliant colors of the sunrise and finally culminating in the golden colors immediately thereafter.

I hope you enjoy my collection of photographs and I would love to hear from you on them.

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