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My name is Richard VIner, and I was born and went to school in Kenya. Professionally I am an agronomist.

I have 3 grown up children and one grandson.

Photography is a new hobby, although I have been taking technical photos for my work for a long time- and have a pile of 35mm photos to scan one day!

I started using a digital camera while in Tanzania in 2004, then purchased my own Olympus Stylus 410 upgrading to a 810 in 2006.

I love to take photos of ordinary people and their day to day activities. Working in developing countries enables me to meet some wonderful people, and you can see some of them in the gallery.

My passion is to convert photos using some effects, which has created some interesting results. I do not divulge exactly which effects and programs I use- but I expect that the professionals would guess!

My aim is to raise funds from the sale of photos from my web site:

I have had 3 exhibitions to date.

Proceeds from sales from exhibitions and my web site will be for helping women's groups in developing countries. I will start with one village in Tanzania, then Vietnam, then Ethiopia (if my target village is still accessible!) Rural women do most of the work, but get little help from outside. Sadly the men get most access to information and training!