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I’ve been told that I find beauty in the most common, overlooked, and unappreciated things. My hope is that the viewer stops to take a deep look at the beauty around us that we often disregard or fail to observe in such things as: gears, leaves or reflections in bubbles. Everyday there are surprises around each corner, new things to learn, and new views on life. I hope my photographic images inspire a connection or deepen an appreciation the viewer has with the everyday beauty, both natural and man made, that surrounds them.

I am a California native who has enjoyed a rural Madera lifestyle for the past 26 years. Being a local artist, I am currently working on capturing the unique details I find in my own backyard and in the diverse landscapes of my everyday travels.

I have participated in the annual Quady Winery Reveiller art shows, Madera and Fresno ArtHops, and am a member of Circle Gallery and Spectrum Art Gallery, most recently taking part in “The Best of Spectrum”.

My goal is to have the viewer appreciate the ordinary things in my photographs and think, "Wow! I never saw it like that before".

I hear their whispers..
ethereal, soft and still.
Daughter, if you don't remember us, who will?