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I have always enjoyed photography but I started painting three years ago and it was at that point that I decided to take photography more seriously. I use photos to paint from and in taking painting lessons, I was taught how to set up the layout of the painting so there was a focal point. I am trying to bring that knowledge into photography. Our wonderful golden, "Angel" died from cancer July 5th, 2010 but we still have our adorable two Papillons who are one of my favorite subjects for my photography. I also enjoy photographing animals in general, flowers, woods, waterfalls. I just purchased a Can 5D Mark II and a Canon L Series 400 mm lens, which I am really enjoying- I can't believe the difference the new equipment has made in the capture of detail. I am also trying to start my own graphic design company and have been learning Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop CS4. It is really fun to take some of my photos of animals and make vectors out of them in Illustrator. I have been married to my husband, Alex for almost 47 years and we have three lovely daughters, two amazing son-in-laws and five wonderful grandchildren.