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I've always loved taking photos every since my teenage years. I would take photos of anything and everything. My family would joke about some of the photos I would take such as the Thanksgiving Turkey cooking in the oven. Then of course the Turkey on the table before it was eaten and then after it was eaten. I still laugh to this day when I think about it.

And to this day I still love taking photos of pretty much everything and anything. Right now I am really just beginning to learn more about my digital camera, all its settings, and what it can do. I actually went to the Library and took out some books about photography to help me gain a better understanding of the wonderful world of photographs. They have actually been very helpful in teaching me the basics and helping me to gain a better understanding and knowledge of photography itself. I want to take full advantage and gain as much knowledge about photography as I can so that one day I can take some really wonderful photos.

I look forward to sharing my learning experiences with all of you. Thanks and God Bless.