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A few years ago I started taking photos of my daughter's drill team competitions and gradually got interested in shooting just about all sports. After a while, my photography interests expanded to landscapes, macros, wildlife etc. All the help and encouragement from all the super photographers at Betterphoto have been a great influence in that journey. My latest equipment is a D300S (and a D100 for backup) that I use with my f2.8 telephoto Nikkor lenses needed to do the high speed sports photography and some specialty lenses like my 100mm macro lens.

About three years ago, I have became interested in painting with Corel and that led to my current interest in traditional painting primarily with oils (and some with acrylics). I am definitely in the early stages of the learning process as there is so much to learn but I really enjoy the creative process of painting. I don't spend much time these days doing photography but occassionaly log in to check out the latest from all my favorite Betterphoto photographers and to post an occassional photo of my own.

My website continues to expand and it is now divided into sections for Photos, Digital Art and Traditional paintings (oils and acrylics). Please visit my gallery at Your comments and suggestions are always welcomed.


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