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I've always seen life in "Kodak moments." For me, that ability to find beauty in everyday surroundings is a profound blessing.
My first camera, a Polaroid, was a gift from my parents for my 10th birthday. Enjoyed a few 35mm 'point-and-shoots' over the years, along with an SLR in high school and college. Like many, I got hooked on the versatility of digital a few years ago. (And, like that old Polaroid, I could then see my images right away!) For my birthday in 2006, my family gave me the ULTIMATE first Nikon DSLR! So much to learn... and I'm continuing to LOVE every moment of the process!
I wear many hats, so to speak: A mom, a ballroom dancer, as well as a registered nurse. My passion for photography adds 'therapeutic' balance to my (wonderfully) busy life!