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Hello All,
I fell in love with photography the first time I saw the magic of a picture coming out of a "plain" piece of paper while it was in the developer. At the time I was eight years old and now I am ...ahem, errr, ummm. Let me just say that it was a long time ago. While in the service I was fortunate enough to travel and because of that I concentrate more on travel and landscape photos. Unfortunately during many moves capped off by a fire in a moving van I have lost all the photos I had taken during my 21 years in the service.
Three years ago I managed to drown my Leicaflex SL and decided that it was time to go to digital. It was like going back to school. Things like composition, ISO, fstops and shutterspeed were about the only things that didn't change. My basic computer skills are almost null but after taking a class in PS Elements here at BP I can generally turn out a nice photo.
Most of my photos are taken for a personal home album or to be used as prints to hang on the wall. I own a 13X19" printer and have them mounted in various sizes with custom mattes. Fortunately I have been able to sell a few and aid in supporting my photo addiction. My new Canon 5D is a step up from the other digitals I have owned and the print results are smooth and clean. Now they are begining to look like I klnow what I am doing.
Please puruse my gallery and feel free with any comments you may have. They are all welcome.