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My Dad was a professional photographer involved in aerial reconnaissance. Somehow my eye responds to this latent family gene albeit in a different photo direction from his. I sometimes wonder what he would think of my digital images as he was a purest, more in love with the optics than the photo. I too have a fondness for film, and sometimes wonder if you can only capture the heart of the soul with film. This is a thought to ponder as I click my digital shutter.

I usually crop with my eye and prided myself on shooting full frame but have now begun to branch out into cropping and altering images in Photoshop. This has opened up a whole new world and I am enjoying it so much. As my shutter snaps, hopefully, it turns a single moment into a small piece of art. I love to travel for images much like we read for images. Both convey a question to the observer or reader. Sun glinting on a small child’s face, a tile roof top, a sailboat at anchor, a gate or pathway winding into a smoky aura of light, each leading our minds to wonder who, where and why.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, beauty abounds. Most photos on this site will be Northwest and marine scenes that surround every corner of my daily life. But it is also sprinkled with travel photos, architecture, wildlife, gardens, my favorite people or strangers who captured my attention along the way. My personal goal is my own artistic satisfaction. It is a passionate joy for me and a quest to become a better photographer with each shot. Hopefully YOU, the voyeur, can come along on this journey with me through my lens.

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