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I've always enjoyed taking photos of nature, animals, flowers, and my pets - I currently have 3 Australian Cattle Dogs and 3 cats. I enjoy spending time outdoors, and I like to take the time to really stop and use my senses to try to discover more about world around me. Since I've become so fascinated with photography, I feel like my eyes have opened to a whole new world, full of wonder and amazement! I see things now that I would have overlooked in the past, and I've really come to appreciate life much more.

I've also started to really take notice of the fine details of a shot. I am learning to pay attention and think about the shot before I shoot. I now think about how I want the shot to look, and then do my best to try to make that happen. I still have alot to learn and a long way to go, but I am having alot of fun with photography and I have a strong desire to learn and improve upon my skills.

Though I still shoot alot with the Auto modes on my cameras right now, I am experimenting more and more with the manual settings, trying to learn how each setting works and how to use them properly.

I got a Canon Rebel Ti 35mm about 3 years ago, and a Kodak DX7590 5.0MP digital last year. Since I got my digital camera, I seem to use it the most, as I can see my results quicker and can experiment more effectively with it. And now I have just upgraded to a Canon Rebel XTi!

I am also just learning the basics of my photo editing softwares. I mostly use ACDSee Pro and Micrografx Picture Publisher, but also have Photoshop Elements 3.0 that I use on occassion.

I welcome your feedback and constructive criticism, as that encourages me and helps me learn. I look forward to sharing my work, viewing yours, and being part of your community.