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As a Washington state native and long time resident of Snohomish County, I suppose itís only natural that the local landscape would be one of my favorite subjects. Oddly enough, however, when I began to take a serious interest in photography, I focused almost exclusively on florals. After much persistent ďencouragementĒ from friends and acquaintances to branch out into new areas, I finally did. One of the nicest things about photographing landscapes is that mountains donít flutter so much in the breeze, and of course visiting scenic locations is quite enjoyable as well.

Besides landscapes and florals, my subjects include whatever else I might find interesting, or simply taking an otherwise mundane object or scene and trying to capture it in a way that will make it interesting. Sometimes it seems like work, sometimes it can be a challenge, but in the end, itís rewarding, especially when someone desires to make one of my images a part of their home, which I find to be the greatest compliment of all.